Wild Peppermint, the Plant or Medicine?

Mint (Mentha piperita) is one of the most popular herbs used for centuries in folk medicine. In modern medicine, the Mint used against many pains, aches, infection and infection, for making tea, preparing essential oils, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Types: Among the basic types of mint, the difference between: wild mint, mint tame, the English mint …

Mint is often used in discharged up state, generally tree, blossom and leaf. It's utilized like a flavoring, to save the herbal tea, for inhalation, the preparation of essential herbal oils, bath, making lining and in addition to beauty products. Not recommended cooking mint, just overflowing with warm water.

Peppermint tea could be consumed like a refreshing drink, both in wintertime and summer season.

Pepper mint can be used like a pleasant, mild and harmless cure for relaxing, anti-gas, stomach ache and cramping pains, serious against digestive function, like a stomachic, mint herbal tea became the main treatment of bile. Mint essential oil has a weak pain relievers properties and nice fragrance that refreshes, which is the reason why it's used against disgust and vomiting. Essential oil solution in alcohol use away from pain of neuralgia, rheumatism and cold. Menthol, specifically, neural stimuli to the pores and skin, easily evaporate and therefore relax. Peppermint can be used for soothing nerves, neural disarrangement, head ache, ringing in the ears, anxiety and hypochondria, a fever, weakness and foot sweating. It removes the winds, belching, vomiting, stomach cramps and uterus, improves blood circulation, cures colds, hoarseness and cough. Distillation of the mint to produce essential oil is a multi-use value in the treatment of various diseases.

Mint is available in almost every store, pharmacy or herbal pharmacy (tea bags or in bulk).