Why All the Focus On Medical Packaging?

Increases in incidences of illness and injury to patients that trace back to medical packaging problems have stepped up the diligence of watchfulness by the FDA. Investing in distribution tests by medical packaging experts can save you the stress of having products rejected, or possible litigation from damages due to ineffective packaging.

FDA Medical Package Scrutiny

The US Food and Drug Administration has increased the level of checks done to determine whether manufacturers are validating the worthiness of their packaging materials and design since 2015. The stricter adherence to guidelines required places a new emphasis on the essential tools available with distribution tests. Hiring experts in the field of medical packaging provide the balance needed to stay within budgeted costs and produce durable packaging to protect products as they go to market.

Patient Safety

Patients are often unaware that the packaging of their medical item has not made to them fully intact. A broken seal on a bottle of pills is more noticeable than a small hole in the container for a medical device. Any tears, rips, breaks, and damage to a sealed item can affect the quality. Using devices and medical items that need to be sterile can cause severe infections if they are not. Broken seals on ingestible items can cause digestive illness.

Medical Product Quality

No one wants to use a medical product that looks like they came off of a dusty shelf. Boxed items that reach their destination squashed and torn are not an attractive package to present to the customer.

Retaining Sterile Nature

The guidelines for packaging and handling sterile items are strict for a good reason. Surgery and other medical procedures use many of these products. People need the reassurance that products listed as sterile are in that condition when used.

Reducing Manufacturer Product Loss

Getting a bunch of medical products returned cost the manufacturer tons of money in lost profits. It also means they have to take a loss in the merchandise. It is better to spend the extra money needed to get the packaging up to par. Distribution tests can demonstrate right where the problems reside.

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