What Motivates a Woman to Want Sex and What Is It About Sex and Her Partner That Turns Her On?

(1) What is ‘female sex drive’ given a woman gets pregnant regardless of orgasm?

A woman has no biological reason for having casual sex. A woman has a biological drive to desire companionship and support to raise a family.

(2) A woman cannot oblige a man to have sex, so what is ‘female sex drive’?

A woman does not have a biological and hormonal sex drive to orgasm with a partner. There is no reason for women to orgasm at all.

(3) Why do women not compare notes on sexual pleasure?

Women are not aroused by discussions of sex. Women engage in sex as part of a loving relationship rather than directly for the erotic rewards of arousal and orgasm.

In the film ‘Good luck Chuck’ (2007), Dane Cook stars in this movie as Charlie a dentist who is under a magic spell that means that any woman who has sex with him will meet the man she’s going to marry. Women line up in his waiting room to have sex with him and naturally he obliges by having intercourse with a stream of women. Most make little effort to hide their disinterest and one even reads a bridal magazine while Charlie is doing his business!

(1) Why do so few women masturbate?

Women associate sex with a relationship and male sex drive. Relatively few are motivated to enjoy their own sexual arousal and orgasm by themselves.

(2) How can women be aroused by sex when they object to portrayals of sex?

Women are not turned on by images of explicit sexual activity or by male genitals – in fact often the reverse. Many women view sex solely in terms of a loving relationship.

(3) If women are not aroused as men are, how are they aroused?

Men are aroused by erotic IMAGES and women by erotic SCENARIOS. Women need to consciously focus on fantasy scenarios that lead to orgasm only when she is alone.

In the film ‘The Proposal’ (2009), Sandra Bullock plays a woman pretending to be engaged to a younger man. She asks him to sleep on the floor while they share a bedroom and is unenthusiastic about his early morning erection. The hen party involves attending a farcical striptease show where the women laugh at the intentionally unattractive older male stripper.