Trump Claims California Wants You To Eat ‘Through’ A Face Mask, Here Is What They Said

Well, isn’t that special.

During a campaign rally in Arizona, U.S. President Donald Trump said that “In California, you have a special mask. You cannot, under any circumstances, take it off. You have to eat through the mask.”

A special face mask? Really? What exactly did Trump mean by special, which incidentally is also the name of a song by the musical group Garbage.

Well, take a look at what Trump said in this AP News video of his campaign speech:

As you can see, Trump didn’t clarify what he meant by “special.” But he did add that eating spaghetti and meat sauce with a face mask on can make you look like you got into a fight with Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Of course, eating while wearing a face mask over your nose and mouth is not a good idea. Not only could it make you look like an axe murderer, which is not a great look on a date, getting your mask soiled with sauce and other food items could end up degrading the mask, thus reducing its protective effect. After all, as experience has probably taught you, ladling gravy into your swimsuit can make it more see-through, whether it’s your bikini or your Borat slingshot thong. That’s why all ladling of gravy on your body should be done in the privacy of your own home, regardless of whether mashed potatoes are involved.

In fact, in most cases, eating through your mask would not even be feasible, assuming that you don’t want to eat your face mask as well. That’s because you tend to eat through your mouth and not though another part of your body like your ear or belly button. And a barrier is a barrier. If a mask is supposed to block respiratory droplets, certainly a hot dog can’t make its way through either, unless you have somehow managed to get your hands on an inter-dimensional hot dog.

So who exactly has said that you should eat through your face mask? What public health experts actually recommended doing so? Why did Trump even claim that California doesn’t want you to ever take off your face mask?

Perhaps Trump was referring to the following October 3 tweet from the Office of the Governor of California:

Hmm. “Keep your mask on in between bites” is not the same as “eat through the mask.” That would like saying that “you can urinate when you can get breaks during a date” would be the same as “you can urinate throughout the date.” Doing the latter may not get you a second date and could get you thrown out of the restaurant.

That doesn’t mean that the tweet was perfect. Saying “keep your mask on in between bites” may not be the most practical advice. Imagine trying to eat popcorn or trail mix while flipping up and down your mask as if it were a subway turnstile. That could get a little confusing and require a little too much planning in order to minimize the number of times that you’d have to shovel food into your mouth. This could lead you to view each food item in term of the number of bites required to finish it. Oh, rack of lamb? Could that could be a thirty-biter? Maybe twenty if you are willing to look like a blowfish? How about a slice of pizza if you fold it? Choking versus having to pull up and down your face mask is not a good trade-off to have to consider.

Plus, you want to minimize how often you touch your face mask. Pulling up and down your face mask could end up contaminating your face or you mask and even damaging the mask. After all, how many times in a hour do you pull up and down your underwear? If your answer is more than 10, something’s not quite right.

So how do you minimize how long your nose and mouth remain uncovered while eating out in public? With the exception of avocado toast, moderation is the key to everything in life. Try to keep your face covering on as long as possible. Keep it on before the food has been served and after you are done eating as well as during any long stretches when you aren’t putting anything in your mouth. For example, if you are spending time telling your date how beautiful his or her eyes are, how splendid his or her eyebrows appear, and how wonderful his or her forehead looks, you may want to keep your nose and mouth covered. If you are taking a break from your tacos to text or read about Kim Kardashian’s private island getaway, pull up the face covering.

Also, remember, a face covering does not overcome lack of social distancing. Restaurants, trains, airplanes, and other eating venues should still keep people at least six feet or one Denzel apart (Denzel Washington is about six feet tall) at all times, regardless of whether people are wearing face masks.

Before you eat up what a politician may be telling you in a campaign speech, do your own research. Check the official state, county, or city websites. It doesn’t look like California has any “special face mask” unless you are talking about something like this:

Regardless, neither of these are official state of California sanctioned face masks. In the end, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that California is telling people to never take off their masks or to eat through their masks. When it comes to any claims that California has a special face mask that you can’t ever take off, think of the name of the musical group that sang the song “Special.” Think of garbage.

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