TMJ Dentist LA is Rated Top Among TMJ Dentists in Los Angeles – Press Release

TMJ Dentist LA is Rated Top Among TMJ Dentists in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA – Temporomandibular disorder is one that causes pain and discomfort for those who suffer it. Patients with TMJ in and around Los Angeles, California do not have to live with the condition for long since TMJ Dentist LA offers the highest quality of compassionate care in a warm and friendly environment. With TMJ Dentist LA, TMJ patients will find a team that is dedicated to their patients and professionals and will strive to deliver the best results for a positive difference.

Boasting over three decades of experience treating neuromuscular dentistry patients, Dr. Sid Solomon of TMJ Dentist LA has seen it all. The lead dental professional has attended to the TMJ treatment needs of patients from all over the world and continues to expand on the use of the latest technology and best practices, to achieve the desired result and remedy the problem.

“Our objective at TMJ Dentist LA is to correct the bite and realign the jaw. In short, Dr. Sid Solomon DDS first determines the optimal position of the jaw by measuring the relaxed position of the head and neck muscles. Then, he repositions the jaw to achieve those exact measurements. A few procedures and treatment options include adjusting the bite, orthotics, orthodontics, or full mouth reconstruction to restore the teeth to their correct positions. Dr. Sid Solomon DDS will provide you with more information on the treatment options best suited for your unique case,” said the lead dentist and TMJ treatment specialist at the clinic.

The Los Angeles TMJ Dentist at TMJ Dentist LA offers a wide range of treatment procedures that have been designed to address the condition suffered by patients who present themselves at the clinic. One of the procedures offered is orthotics. The dental team at TMJ Dentist LA has developed the most effective and enjoyable process for obtaining a natural bite. The process takes about two hours and can be as enjoyable and relaxing as possible for each patient.

Using a wide range of treatment procedures and approaches, TMJ Dentist LA and its team have been able to find a lasting solution to common problems that are presented by TMJ patients. Some additional conditions addressed at the clinic include headaches, migraines, ringing in the ear or diminished hearing, ear congestion, vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbances, insomnia, sleep apnea, as well as neck, back, shoulder, and arm muscle pain.

The team at TMJ Dentist LA also address other common problems like, forward head posture, loss of balance, tingling of the fingertips, restless leg syndrome, facial pain, pain around or behind the eyes, jaw pain, limited jaw movement, clicking and popping of the jaw, clenching and grinding, changes in bite, worn or cracked teeth, sensitive teeth, and more.

Take a step towards a pain-free and healthy life by visiting the TMJ Specialists at 1618 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90024, or call 855-327-2923 to set up an appointment. For more information, send an email to [email protected] or visit their website.

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