Three Natural Ways to Enlarge Your Penis – Indonesian Style

China and India may be known for their great methods to improve the length and girth of the male vital organ, but how about the other parts of the world? Surely, other countries also have their own distinct methods to enlarge one’s penis size naturally. One country that has a unique way to do this is Indonesia. This country has distinguished methods that are hard to find in other places. Here are a few of methods used by Indonesians to enhance male vital organs.

1. Leech Oil

The leech (Hirudo medicinalis) is one nasty animal. It sticks its fang-like sucker to your skin and feeds on your blood until it is finally full. While sucking, leeches produces hirudin, a protein that prevents your blood from coagulating. This blood-sucking animal turns out to have a useful advantage towards the human body. In Indian Ayurvedic and Ancient Greek literature, the anticoagulant enzyme found in these hermaphrodite animals was used for bloodletting therapy to balance the four humors in the body (blood, phlegm, black, and yellow), thus promoting health. Meanwhile in Indonesia, especially in Java, leech oil is commonly used for enlarging the size of a male vital organ. It is believed that massaging your penis using warm leech oil for around 10 minutes daily will increase penis size permanently. Leech oil is made by cooking the leech and other herbs inside fresh green coconuts that are boiled over charcoals. While there are many types of leeches (most of them don’t feed on human’s blood, surprisingly), similar to Greek and Indian therapy, the Javanese only use the Hirudo medicinalis over other species.

2. Daun Bungkus Papua

Daun Bungkus Papua (meaning “Papuan wrapping leaf”) is a plant indigenous to Papua, an Indonesian province at the border between Indonesia and its neighboring country Papua New Guinea. The leaves contain trachoma, which can trigger itching of the skin during contact. Wrapping the penis with the leaf is believed to be able to increase its length and girth in significant amounts and in a relatively short time. No massage or additional apparatus is required. The method of this treatment is easy. Make a thin film of coconut oil on the leaf’s surface, wrap the penis with the leaf and cover it with a bandage. To avoid irritation, the bandage should be immediately removed if any hotness or itchiness occurs. The treatment should not be done every day. Do this once every two days at the most to give the penis chance to adjust to the change. With regular practice, Daun Bungkus Papua produces a larger penis, but it will also make the penile skin turn darker. In Indonesia itself, there have been no medical studies to prove the property of the leaf. Even experts are having problems to determine its Latin name. If not used carefully, Daun Bungkus Papua can irritate and trigger an infection of the penis.

2. Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia)

Eurycoma longifolia has different names in different parts of the country including bidara laut, babi kurus, and tongkat ali. It is a flowering plant indigenous to South East Asia, especially Indonesia and Malaysia. Pasak Bumi is a small evergreen tree that can grow up to 15 m (50 feet) in height. All parts of the plant taste bitter but have great medicinal properties. Although it functions as an anti-malarial and anti-diabetic herb as well, pasak bumi is mostly famous for its ability to enhance libido and enlarge the male vital organ. The plant’s root is used in traditional herbal supplements to increase testosterone levels in men. The herb contains ethalonic essence, which improves the work of chorionic gonadotropin, which in turn helps increasing testosterone levels. Higher testosterone in the male body triggers an increase of muscle mass, stronger bones, better sexual performance, lesser body fat, increased body metabolism, lessened stress, and improved brain function and memory.