Three Minutes a Day to a Better Life

Would you like a restful night of sleep? I mean sleeping like a baby, no insomnia, or waking up in the middle of the night. What about mood elevation, reduced feelings of depression, and stress reduction? What if I told you, that you can reduce chronic pain without medication? A holistic approach to a better quality of life, feel good look good kind of thing. The treatment I am talking about is called Whole Body Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote natural healing and wellness that dates back to ancient civilizations. Reaching temperatures as low as -120 Celsius (-184ºF), whole body cryotherapy is a fast and effective alternative to traditional ice baths. The treatment has been used for over thirty years in Europe and has made its way to the USA. Athletes use it for faster recovery, muscle soreness alleviation, and overall better performance. Celebrities use it for weight loss and for younger looking skin, due to the increased collagen production after regular use of Cryotherapy.

Allow me to tell you my story how I came across cryotherapy. I have been a fitness trainer for the past ten years. I lift weights regularly and live an active lifestyle. The heavy lifting took a toll on my body and I started suffering from lower back pain. At times, I could hardly bend and performing daily activities became a struggle for me. My sleep was interrupted each time I change a position, and I would feel a sudden lower back spasm. I had to learn how to sleep on my back. I did not like living a limited life, and I went to see a medical doctor. She assured me that it’s just inflammation and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication and muscle relaxers for the course of one month. As I was taking the medication, my pain gradually decreased, and I started feeling normal again. Woohoo, no pain! I was so delighted, but not for long. After some time, the back pain returned. I wasn’t happy. Overly I am a healthy person. I take care of myself by eating wholesome organic diet, I practice mindfulness, do yoga, all the things a health conscientious person does to keep herself at the top performance. Therefore, taking medication for the rest of my life to relieve my lower back pain was not a good solution for me. So, I started researching non traditional ways of alleviating my pain. That’s when I came across an article in a health magazine about cryotherapy. The author was pouring about the benefits of cryotherapy and one of them was inflammation reduction! Inflammation! That is what I have, an inflammation!! Being curious and would try anything at least once, kind of person, I dived into the idea. The closest cryotherapy spa to me was 30 min away. The next day I found myself driving there. I have to be honest, the unknown gets me a little nervous, and the thought of me being in such cold temperatures was not making it any easier. (Oh, by the way, did I mention I am not a stranger to cold? I grew up in Siberia.)

I made it there. As nervous as one can be. The friendly staff assured me that the treatment can be stopped at any minute and the door is not locked, which gave me comfort. I had to strip to my undergarments. I was given two sets of gloves, socks and slippers, a towel to wrap myself in.When I walked out of the fitting room, there was a cryochamber cooled with nitrogen gas and the vapors that were coming from the top made it look like something from a sci-fi movie. Since I have a curious nature, I got a little excited. The cryotherapy technician opened the door and I walked in. The floor in the chamber was raised to where my head was above the chamber. I learned that inhaling too much nitrogen will make you feel dizzy and is not advisable. I handed the towel to the attendant. The cold vapor surrounded my body but I did not feel the cold shock one will experience when being submerged in ice bath. Since the temperature in the chamber drops gradually, you get acclimated to the changes. The whole treatment takes only 3 minutes. The first time ever you can cut down to two. As I was in the chamber I kept my mind off being cold by talking to the cryotherapy technician all the time. The fact that she was there through the whole time closely supervising me made me feel very comfortable. The chamber cuts off after three minutes, because going longer is not advisable. I was handed back my towel and helped out of the chamber. I walked back to the fitting room to get dressed.

You probably want to know how I felt afterwards. I felt great! Rejuvenated, energized, my mood alleviated and most importantly my back pain was not there! I called my skeptical friend right away and started pouring on how great I am feeling and told him that he needs to try it for sure!

Needless to say, I got hooked on cryotherapy! I signed up for monthly unlimited membership and started going there four to five times a week, despite the long drive. Because cryotherapy is the only therapy that helps me live a pain-free life, I became a strong believer and advocate for it. After seven months of starting cryotherapy treatments, I have my own cryotherapy spa now. Better sleep, elevated mood, and stress reduction are just icing on the cake. Plus, I can splurge on dessert without fearing the weight-gain because doing cryotherapy daily helps me keep my metabolism high and I burn some calories while my body is trying to keep warm in the chamber. Doing cryotherapy became a part of my daily regimen along with working out and practicing yoga. Our body is an amazing machine; it’s designed to heal itself, if you give it a chance.