This desi food plate can help you lose weight

The secret to losing weight lies in eating the right kind of food, instead of solely depending on diet fads and fasting.

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If you are wondering where to begin, know that some dietary tweaks can help you, along with maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle that includes exercising every day and getting sufficient sleep.

According to nutritionist Azra Khan, “you can eat your desi food with regular ingredients and still lose weight”. She took to Instagram to explain that desi, home-cooked meals can do the trick for you, provided you know exactly what it is that you have to put on the plate.

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“Weight loss is not dependent on exotic things…,” she said.

In an accompanying video, the expert explained that an ideal weight lossthali‘ can include a portion of rice, a bowl of dal, a bowl of curd, some achaar (pickle), and a sabji of your choice.

While rice is rich in carbs and fibre, dal can give you protein, carbs and fat. Additionally, the sabji is rich in fibre and carbs, the achaar is a probiotic, and the bowl of rice is full of protein and is also probiotic.

All in all, it is about getting most nutrients into your body, while also doing portion control.

Would you like to try this trick?

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