The history of the ROLSONE brand: from a small company to a major corporation

The increased focus on health and beauty is one of the long-term trends of our time. The demand for laser equipment for rejuvenation, body shaping, facial and body treatments is steadily increasing.

ROLSONE meets the needs of today’s clinics and beauty salons, even in a crowded market. The ROLSONE (РОЛСОН) brand is amongst the leaders in laser and massage equipment.

ROLSONE (РОЛСОН) equipment combines perfectionism and pragmatism to the highest degree, good taste and chic. Feel the ecstasy, the confidence, and the restraint of owning an innovative product of high quality.

A bit of history

ALPHA-POISK, which owns the ROLSONE (РОЛСОН) brand, was founded in 1993 as a small medical equipment company. At that time it consisted of a few talented employees and was based in small premises.

In 2011, ALPHA-POISK began to develop and grow into an innovative and multifunctional company. At that time negotiations were held with the European side and the company became the owner of the Swiss technology “Liposphere Therapy”.

In 2020 the company ALPHA-POISK became the owner of the symbiosis of two effective methods in hardware cosmetology: lymph drainage massager with integrated 1064 nm laser.

The ROLSONE equipment is assembled at the Melsytech (мелситек) plant (Nizhny Novgorod), the most powerful and the only enterprise in Russia which produces diodes and laser systems.


ROLSONE has a large range of strategically important equipment used in aesthetic medicine for every significant salon or clinic.

We manufacture and supply the beauty market with premium laser and massage equipment.

Our product range includes:

  • fractional laser rejuvenation equipment;
  • Cryolipolysis machines;
  • High-power diode lasers for hair removal;
  • vacuum-roller equipment;
  • innovative apparatus for massage LAZER SPHERE (лазерсфера).

It is the LAZER SPHERE device, which is used for liposuction procedures, that has become the flagship and innovative development of the ROLSONE brand.

Compared with other methods, liposphere therapy is the most effective tool for body correction. The essence of the technology lies in the targeted effect of laser radiation on adipose tissue, which leads to a change in the permeability of the adipocyte membrane.

During the procedure, there is a complex effect on fat cells, which contributes to their breakdown and the elimination of cellulite. This effect is achieved due to the following factors: exposure of tissues to a wavelength of 1064 nm, the thermal effect of the manipulator on the body, lymphatic drainage, and mechanical impact on tissues (massage).

Liposphere therapy uses special diodes with controlled depth and proven efficacy.

Advanced IT developments

The equipment we have developed is fitted with unique software that is unparalleled on the market today.

Innovative technologies make it possible to monitor operating time and all settings of each appliance in the network, follow technical parameters, detect malfunctions in time, and eradicate cases of inappropriate use of the equipment.

Our customers

During our 10 years in business, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner, supplier, and healthcare innovator. To date, we have produced over 2000 units for various purposes.

We are trusted by many Russian and foreign companies, operating in the field of medicine and cosmetology. We cooperate with such manufacturers as Alma Lazers and Bison Medical, our customers are medical clinics, beauty salons, health centers, sanatoriums.

Well-established trust

We are renowned for the continuous improvement of our technology and for never lowering our standards for ourselves and our know-how. We are constantly aware of the needs and requirements of society and the decision-makers in the cosmetics industry. This has enabled us to live up to the trust of our partners for decades and raise the quality of our products to unprecedented heights.