The Benefits of Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

Hibernation is finally over, and it’s time to put on your gym attire and start sweating off those excess pounds. There are options you can choose from to exercise your body like watching fitness videos, join fitness boot camps, jogging, Crossfit, or sign up for a health center likeLifeclub Avignon. The decision you make can change your life, and deciding to take care of your own body is a good start. Now here comes the bad news. At least 70% of people who chooses to be fit and get in shape failed to reach their initial goal. The reason is they choose the wrong place to get fit. No matter how motivated you are, doing an at-home workout is unlikely to succeed compared to signing in a fitness center. That’s why joining a health club will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Listed below are the reason why joining a fitness club will get you to your intended target faster than watching a fitness DVD and doing at home fitness regimen.

Motivation is everywhere

Doing a home-based fitness program is stressful and full of distraction. Kids are everywhere, the phone keeps on ringing, friends coming over and the computer. That’s the reason why people can’t maintain a proper workout plan at home. Fitness centers and gyms can provide you with a peaceful and appropriate place of workout. Going to a fitness gym can give you the proper motivation, switch off all the distractions in the world and switch on to your body. And being surrounded by individuals with the same goal as you who pushes themselves to the limit is a lot more encouraging than staring at a pile of soiled garments at your home.

The commitment

Going to fitness health clubs cost money, but you can use that to be more aggressive in shedding that extra pounds. According to a study conducted by Consumer News and Business Channel or commonly known as CNBC, an average cost for membership in a fitness center is around $40-$60, that’s a lot of money to get fit. Knowing that you are paying a lot to join the club is a good incentive to use and utilize all the club’s service and facility. During rainy season or “bed” weather, The high price of fitness clubs will give you the motivation to go out in the rain, workout in the gym and sweat off that extra fat.

They have fitness experts

For beginners, doing a full workout without the help of fitness instructors is dangerous. If you are doing home exercise without proper supervision, you can get injured and probably do more harm to your body than good. Local gyms and fitness centers have certified instructors and trainers available who can help you at every step, from your first assessment of your first attack on the fitness center’s floor. Instructors and trainers will be hands-on to encourage you, motivate you and to ensure that you are safe and your form is on point.

Group class

Research indicates that to get your goal faster, you need to interact with people who have the same purpose as you. Fitness gyms have categories depending on the programs you enrolled in like yoga, boxing,Pilates or aerobics. And being with people that have the same interest as you, will be more fun and motivating.

The equipment

The reason why fitness gyms are popular because they have all the stuff needed to achieve everyone’s fitness goals. The key to a successful exercise regimen is the use of continuous resistance equipment. As your body gets adjusted and becomes leaner and stronger, you need to increase the resistance to get better. If you are in a gym, you only need to grab a bigger plate or reduce the pin on the stack. If you’re at home, you can’t do that because you only have limited equipment available. Not only that, fitness clubs have a wide variety of equipment available to give you options, not just that rusty dumbbell you have in your garage.


Gyms are not just weighted training and thread mill. They also provide fitness facilities for group yoga, aerobics or Pilates, sports facilities for boxing andMMA, spa, steam bath, swimming pools, relaxation lounges and sauna baths. Most fitness centers, if not all, have their very own cafeteria, juice stations and snack bars to replenish your energy after a grueling workout.

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It helps you release your stress

Exercise is an excellent way to release not only your excess fat, but also your stress. Training in a fitness club with other people with the same goal as you will enhance that effect. When you are anxious, in a lot of stress or things are not going right, there’s a chance that instead of lifting weights or running on a treadmill, you’ll be ditching your exercise routine and go straight to the fridge for that well deserve tub of ice cream or a plate of chocolate cake. If you are enrolled in a gym, the urge of eating those sweet treats will minimize, and once you entered the gym’s premise, you’ll get pumped up, endorphins rise, and you’ll start sweating those fats. So, why join fitness clubs? It will be the smartest, most effective way to obtain your fitness goal. But before you decide to enroll, it is better to pay a visit and make sure you choose the right gym.