The Benefits Of Drinking Artesian Water

Many people simply can’t understand why choosing Artesian water instead of other premium bottled water is important. You can come up with several reasons including taste, but the most important reason is that it is healthy for you.

Even though premium bottled water may be actual spring water, Artesian water actually has things that no other bottled water has. It does not have the contaminants found in tap water or other types of bottled water. It also has a higher mineral content — minerals your body needs to function properly.

– Some brands of bottled water are simply purified tap water. The purification process actually removes all of the good minerals from the water as well as any contaminants that it may have.

– Some brands are bottled tap water, which may not have a good flavor and lacks the minerals your body needs.

– Bottled spring water tastes good, but it may come from a contaminated source. Contaminates come from the ground as the water passes over the rock, and include acid rain, ground contaminants, toxins from factories and farms, and bacteria.

What Makes Artesian Water So Different?

Artesian water comes from an artesian well — a source that is deep in the earth. The water is compressed between layers or rocks. This means that bacteria, acid rain and other toxins can’t penetrate the rock and contaminate the water so the water only has minerals in it. When the will is drilled, a pipe is installed so that when the water is pumped out, it doesn’t touch anything that could contaminate it.

What Minerals Are in Artesian Water?

The minerals and electrolytes contained in artesian water are very good for the body. Electrolytes are potassium and sodium, which keep the body’s chemistry balanced. Other minerals and electrolytes include:

– Bicarbonate: Bicarbonate is an electrolyte that balances the blood’s pH. Without the right level of bicarbonate in the body, the blood will become acidic making a person feel tired consistently. Energy levels are also low in people with acidic blood.

– Calcium: Calcium is a mineral that keeps the bones strong, the nerve functioning properly, and helps with muscle growth and tone.

– Fluoride: Fluoride is a mineral that protects tooth enamel and prevents cavities and tooth decay. This is one of the minerals that is added to other water, but is found naturally in artesian water.

– Silica: Silica is another mineral that the body requires. Without enough silica, the joints could become problematic and bones can become deformed. The silica that is naturally found in artesian water is what gives it its taste and body.

There are other health benefits you can get from artesian water as well including making you feel less hungry so you eat healthier. If you drink the right amount of water daily, and it is good artesian water, you won’t have to worry about getting those important minerals and electrolytes your body requires.