UNC partners with fitness nonprofit to support youth sports

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina is partnering with the National Fitness Foundation in its work to raise awareness and funding for youth sports and physical-education programs.

Foundation executive director Clay Walker said the partnership announced Wednesday is the first for an NCAA institution. The congressionally chartered nonprofit offers grants and training with the goal of improving youth health through fitness and sports.

Athletics director Bubba Cunningham said UNC is still developing plans, such as possibly having coaches running instructional clinics – virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic or eventually in-person — for adults coaching local youth teams.

“They’ll show up if the assistant basketball coach shows up or the assistant baseball coach goes and works with the little league coaches,” said Cunningham, adding that UNC will partner with a local fundraising group benefitting youth sports programs in areas with limited resources.

Walker said the UNC partnership is a “pilot model” with the goal of expanding to other NCAA schools for “direct local impact.” The foundation’s partnerships include the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers, AAU and private companies.

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What’s New in iOS 14.3: ProRAW Support for iPhone 12 Pro, Cardio Fitness Features, and More

Apple this afternoon briefly released the first betas of iOS and iPadOS 14.3 before pulling the updates again, but during the time the software was available, some people were still able to download it and have been digging into the features.

ProRAW Support

As noted on the MacRumors forums, iOS 14.3 introduces the ProRAW format for the iPhone 12 Pro and ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ Max. Apple introduced ProRAW when announcing the new iPhone 12 lineup, but said that it would be coming at a later date.

ProRAW is designed for those who prefer to shoot in RAW but also want to take advantage of the Apple image pipeline data like noise reduction and multiframe exposure adjustments.

The ProRAW feature can be enabled in the Camera section of the Settings app for those who have installed the iOS 14.3 beta on a new ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ or Pro Max. When enabled, there’s a RAW toggle in the upper right side of the camera app that can be tapped to turn it off or on.

Photos taken with ProRAW are approximately 25MB in size, so photographers may want to use the feature sparingly if iPhone storage space is an issue.

Third-Party App Suggestions

Along with ProRAW support, the update also appears to add suggested third-party apps. According to 9to5Mac, there’s code in iOS 14.3 that indicates Apple will show third-party app options to those who are updating to the software.

These app suggestions will be provided only in some countries where required by local laws, so users in the United States may not see the third-party app menu. It’s not entirely clear which countries will see the app suggestions, but those that do will see this message: “In compliance with regional legal requirements, continue to view available apps to download.”

Health App

The Health app appears to have a new section on Pregnancy .

App Clips

According to Apple’s release notes, App Clips can be launched by scanning App Clip Codes using Camera or from Control Center.

Default Search Engine

Ecosia can now be set as the default search engine as an alternative to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Ecosia lets users fund the planting of trees when searches are conducted.

Home App

The Home app appears to have new notifications for when accessories have updates available, which suggests that some HomeKit accessories might be able to be updated through the Home app in the future.

Cardio Fitness

Code in iOS 14.3 confirms a new Cardio Fitness feature for Apple Watch. “Apple Watch can access your cardio fitness, a strong indicator of overall health. To enable estimates outside of a workout, turn on Wrist Detection.”

Cardio Fitness levels are available for users age 20 and above, and are estimated by age. Apple will send Cardio Fitness Notifications to the ‌iPhone‌ from the Apple Watch.


Air quality health recommendations are provided at specific air quality levels in the U.S., UK, Germany, India, and Mexico, with air quality data provided by Breezometer.

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Oculus Quest update adds 90Hz support for games, built-in fitness tracker

The platform-wide 90Hz refresh rate support the Oculus team promised for the Quest 2 has arrived. Oculus has rolled out a major software upgrade for the Quest, and it’ll enable Home, Guardian and Passthrough to run at 90Hz by default. It also means 90Hz gaming on the VR headset— in fact, the Facebook-owned subsidiary is now allowing developers to start shipping Quest titles with native 90Hz support. Existing VR games like SUPERHOT, Echo VR, Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, Job Simulator, Racket: Nx and Space Pirate Trainer will also be updated with 90Hz capability in the near future.

Oculus shipped the Quest 2 headset with 72Hz refresh rates. Before this update, you could only opt into the 90Hz mode for the Home Environment, Explore, Store, Browser and Oculus TV through the platform’s Experimental Features pane. Now that 90Hz is officially here, you can expect smoother VR experiences throughout, which could also mean lesser chances and fewer instances of motion sickness.

The team is also bringing 90Hz support to the Oculus Link, allowing you to toggle between 72Hz, 80Hz and 90Hz from the Oculus PC App. Oculus launched Link in 2019 to give you a way to connect a Quest headset to gaming PCs with a cable. By connecting to a PC, you’ll be able to access Rift experiences on the standalone VR headset. The feature has now moved out of beta and will be available more broadly.

In addition to enabling 90Hz gaming, the software update also brings Oculus Move to the Quest and Quest 2. Oculus Move, which Facebook first revealed in September, is a built-in fitness tracker for the platform that can help you track how may calories you’ve burned and how long you’ve been active while playing VR games like Beat Saber. It’ll roll out gradually, though, so you may need to wait a bit before it hits your device.


Finally, Oculus will release App Gifting later this month, letting you purchase games or experiences from the Oculus Store and then send them to a friend. To take advantage of the new feature, just look for the “Buy for a Friend” button on the website or find it in the more menu on the mobile app.

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Thousands of Local Gyms Urge Congress to Include Direct Support for Fitness Industry in Any Post-Election Relief Package

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Community Gyms Coalition (CGC), a group representing more than 15,000 community gyms in the US, today urged Congress to include direct support for the fitness industry in any post-election relief legislation, in order to help gyms survive the financial impact of mandatory closures and operating restrictions from the COVD-19 pandemic. Leaders in the fitness industry rallying behind the relief effort include CrossFit, Mindbody, Orangetheory Fitness, Self Esteem Brands, Xponential Fitness, and Zumba Fitness. 

“Community gyms keep America healthy, but they are struggling to survive due to local closures and operating restrictions, which have been among the most stringent for any industry,” said Jordan Holland, owner of Riot Athletics CrossFit in Seattle, Washington. “Many gyms have been forced to close for six months or longer or operate with a fraction of the customers they need to break even. Debt continues to climb, and cash reserves are long gone. Without direct support, thousands of gyms will close their doors, never to reopen, and tens of millions of Americans will face the long-term health consequences, as our current health crisis leads to a new surge in obesity, depression, and chronic disease. We urge Congress to pass legislation with direct support to help thousands of small to midsize community gyms survive.”

A recent analysis by fitness industry association IHRSA found that up to one-quarter of all fitness facilities, or 10,000 gyms, could close by the end of 2020, absent federal relief. According to data released by Yelp, the nation’s gyms and fitness facilities currently face higher closure rates than nearly any other industry, including restaurants and bars. As of August 31, Yelp data showed 6,024 closed fitness facilities, with 57 percent temporary closures and 43 percent permanent closures. 

“This is an important opportunity to join my colleagues in the fitness industry to bring our voices together to support small business owners across the country who need help,” said Andy Gundlach, owner of several Anytime Fitness and Basecamp Fitness locations across Wisconsin. “Fitness and helping people find ways to be healthy and well is important during the pandemic. The relief we need will help restore our industry to continue to make sure people have access to our clubs at such an important time for our country.”

Based on the number of US fitness facilities, the Yelp data implies a gym closure rate nearly five times the restaurant industry and one-third higher than the bar/nightclub industry, using comparative data around industry sizes. Like restaurants, gyms have been unable to fully participate in other federal relief programs due to limitations on the use of funds for standard costs incurred by small and mid-sized gyms. To address those issues, the House passed $120 billion in similar industry-specific support for restaurants as part of the updated HEROES Act. 

“The fitness industry plays a critical role in improving the physical and mental health of millions of Americans, said Adam Krell, OrangeTheory Fitness franchisee in New

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Optum Ireland announces Healthcare Scholars and support for Ulster’s new School of Medicine

Optum Ireland has announced its annual Optum Healthcare Scholars and a commitment to funding two dedicated scholarships for the new graduate entry School of Medicine at Ulster University.

Optum Healthcare Scholars benefit from annual financial assistance, as well as other support they may require, to complete their undergraduate studies. The program, established in 2018, is designed to support students in County Donegal from less advantaged backgrounds who may face additional challenges.

The newly appointed Healthcare Scholars are:

Moya McCloskey (Crana College)
Caitlín Gillespie (St Columba’s Stranorlar)
Saoirse Bonner (Rosses Community School)
Artur Kryszkowski (St Eunan’s College)
Siobhán Griffin (St Columba’s Stranorlar)

The scholars join the existing cohort of Healthcare Scholars from County Donegal. All scholars selected for the program are studying healthcare and innovative technology programs in Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ulster University and National University of Ireland, Galway.

CEO of Optum Ireland, Padraig Monaghan said:

“Optum has a presence in the North West for more than 20 years. Our scholarship program is designed to meet the needs and realities of this cross-border region and support the local healthcare system. We are delighted that our contribution comes at a time when there is an acute focus on the healthcare service and an increased level of application to third level healthcare courses in Ireland”.

The establishment of a new, graduate entry School of Medicine in Ulster University’s Magee campus in Derry city is a significant development for the North West City region. Optum has announced that the scholarship program will support two graduate medical students when the School of Medicine opens in 2021.

The Foundation Dean of the School of Medicine, Professor Louise Dubras, has welcomed the funding announcement for prospective students:

‘Ulster University is a proud partner of Optum Ireland and their commitment to fund postgraduate scholarships comes at a critical time for the School of Medicine and is most welcome. Our new medical provision will provide much-needed doctors for the North West’

Sophie Carlin, a third year Personalised Medicine student at Ulster University, received an Optum Healthcare Scholarship in 2018. She is now being supported by Optum during her placement year.

Sophie was selected by Dr. Kyle Matchett, Lecturer in Molecular Immunobiology, to be a member of his research team focusing on an aggressive childhood leukaemia. The research aims to better understand how childhood leukaemia develops including the role of the key altered gene and to create more effective, kinder treatments.

Sophie hopes to become a Doctor in Cancer Research and help people who have been affected by cancer,

“Optum Ireland has made us a part of their family and I will be forever grateful to them for giving me this scholarship and allowing me to pursue my dreams.”

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Protests in Brazil support president in anti-vaccine stance

SAO PAULO (AP) — Small groups of protesters gathered in Brazil’s two biggest cities Sunday to demonstrate against any mandate for the taking of a coronavirus vaccine, supporting a rejection campaign encouraged by President Jair Bolsonaro.

People assembled in downtown Sao Paulo calling for the removal of Sao Paulo state Gov. Joao Doria, who has said state residents will be required to take a vaccine, likely the one being developed by Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac and the local Butantan Institute.

“Doria will fall!” the protestors chanted. “Out with Doria!”

The CoronaVac, as it is being called, has been a prime target for skepticism from Bolsonaro and others, with the president saying Brazilians will not be guinea pigs to the Chinese. The issue has become a talking point in mayoral and city council campaigns for elections later this month, and as most health professions support vaccination, social media campaigns have raised questions about possible perils of vaccines.

Demonstrators supporting Bolsonaro on the question also protested on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

A PoderData poll said this week the percentage of Brazilians who say they would take a coronavirus vaccine dropped to 63% in October from 85% four months earlier. The percentage rejecting the idea of taking a vaccine rose to 22% from 8% in July.

The Getulio Vargas Foundation think tank said an analysis of 2 million Twitter postings found that 24% of profiles identified as pro-Bolsonaro and they accounted for 56% of mentions against the vaccine. On the other side, 47% of profiles identified as pro-vaccine and represented 32% of the postings.

In October, Doria said vaccination would be mandatory in his state, and Bolsonaro’s health minister, Eduardo Pazuello, announced that the country had agreed to purchase CoronaVac doses produced locally.

The president quickly responded that he would not allow the import of vaccines from China. Though the health regulator later gave permission for Butantan to import 6 million doses, on Thursday the president said on his weekly live program that he would not buy the vaccine and that the governor should “find someone else to buy your vaccine.”

On Friday, Vice President Hamilton Mourao told the magazine Veja that “of course” the country will buy the Butantan-Sinovac vaccine. Bolsonaro immediately responded that he is the one with the power and he won’t spend on any vaccine that is not approved by the Brazilian health regulator.

Brazil has reported more than 5.5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus infections, and about 160,000 people have died from COVID-19, the disease that can be caused by the virus. While the spread of the virus has begun slowing, public health experts warn people not to let their guard down.

Health professionals are also speaking out in an effort to shore up support for vaccines.

“Vaccination en masse with high coverage would be the only mechanism we have to control the epidemic, at least in the medium-term,” Jesem Orellana, an epidemiology researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, a scientific research institution, said in a

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GoodLife Fitness defends email asking for re-opening support

A chain of gyms in Ontario is facing a flood of feedback after asking its members to “stand up for fitness” by contacting their MPPs about the current strict limitations to indoor fitness as a result of COVID-19.

GoodLife Fitness sent an email to about 200,000 of its employees and members in the province, encouraging them to contact their local MPPs to push to reopen gyms. 

“Between mandated shutdowns, capacity restrictions, and ongoing questions about the safety of fitness facilities, our industry is facing the most difficult time in its history,” the email reads.

The email, which was sent on Monday, included links to a downloadable template for the letter, as well as a website that helps identify your local MPP.

Some people took to social media to criticize — and defend — the email campaign.

Currently gyms located in hotspots across Ontario, like Toronto and Peel, are not allowed to operate under Stage 2 restrictions. As of October 10, fitness centres like indoor gyms and yoga studios were ordered to close for 28 days. 

Jason Sheridan, senior vice-president of operations with GoodLife Fitness, says the idea of the email blast originally came as an initiative from the Fitness Industry Council of Canada. He says that the email was sent out after hearing from staff and members who wanted to know what they could do to make a difference.

“They wanted to know how to advocate on the behalf of the work they do, or the need that people have to have that space to exercise,” he tells Yahoo Canada. “When the Fitness Industry Council of Canada suggested it, we thought this was a great place to go. We want to provide this service of physical and mental health for people who want to get back to the gym.”

When GoodLife Fitness reopened locations in July, lineups of patrons eager to get back in the gym could be seen stretching down the street. (Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Two-thirds of GoodLife club members had returned to the gym prior to the

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Fauci voices support for national mask mandate

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and a member of the White House coronavirus task force, has recently voiced support for a national mask mandate. In interviews, Fauci has said that masks are effective, and that Americans should do basic things like wear masks if they don’t want to shut down. 

When pushed by CNBC’s Shepard Smith on Wednesday about whether or not we need a national mask mandate, Fauci said, “We do.”

“If we don’t get one, then I would hope that the governors and the mayors do it locally, if it’s not done nationally,” Fauci said during the televised interview.

Smith again pressed Fauci, asking: “Are you still in the president’s ear, or no? And if not, who is?” 

Fauci said he hasn’t “spoken to the president in quite a while about the situation with regard to the outbreak.” 

“But I can tell you right now, regardless of that, what we do need is adherence to – mandate or not – if mandate is needed, let’s do a [mask] mandate,” Fauci continued, before Smith interrupted him to say: “You’re the one who decides what’s needed, Dr. Fauci.” 

“It’s pretty urgent, doc,” Smith said.

“No, it is very urgent. And that’s the reason why I have been urgently saying every day that we have got to do things that have not been done uniformly and consistently throughout the country,” Fauci said. 

“This is gonna get worse, because we’re going more into a colder season, as we get through the fall and into the winter. With the holiday season going, we’ve got to do something different. We can’t just let this happen,” Fauci continued, adding that we will have “many more” hospitalizations, which will inevitably lead to more deaths. 

“You’re using the word ‘mandating masks.’ Yes, if that works, let’s do it. I don’t think it’s gonna happen nationally,” he said. 

When asked why it won’t happen nationally, Fauci said: “It may not come from the White House to do it and if it doesn’t, then I think that the mayors and the governors should do it.”

Smith pointed out that other countries, including Russia, have masks mandates. 

In another interview with JAMA Network, live-streamed on YouTube on Wednesday, Fauci also expressed support for a mask mandate. Howard Bauchner, editor and chief of JAMA, said Fauci has recently become more outspoken about a national mask mandate. “Do we really need to get masking to 90-95% of the population?” Bauchnar asked.

“I think we do,” Fauci said. He and his colleagues recently published a paper in JAMA titled, Preventing the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 With Masks and Other “Low-tech” Interventions.

In his interview with Bauchner, Fauci

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Fauci expresses support for national mask mandate

The nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony FauciAnthony FauciOvernight Health Care: White House seeks to clarify press release claiming pandemic over | Fauci: COVID vaccine likely not available until next year Fauci: COVID-19 vaccine likely not available until next year Kushner told Woodward in April Trump was ‘getting the country back from the doctors’ MORE, expressed support for a national mask mandate in an interview late Wednesday with CNBC.

Fauci explained that the U.S. rate of new coronavirus infections is trending in the wrong direction, adding that mask mandates are likely the only option to slow the spread.

“You know, yes,” he said when asked if a national mandate is needed. “If we don’t get one, then I would hope that the governors and the mayors do it locally, if it’s not done nationally.”

“This is going to get worse because we’re going more into a colder season, as we get through the fall and into the winter with the holiday season going, we’ve got to do something different. We can’t just let this happen,” Fauci continued.

Fauci also said, however, that he did not think the Trump White House would issue a national mask mandate.

“You’re using the word ‘mandating masks’ – yes if that works, let’s do it. I don’t think it’s going to happen nationally,” he said. “It may not come from the White House to do it and if it doesn’t, then I think that the mayors and the governors should do it.”

President Trump has resisted the idea of national mandates and criticized Fauci personally in recent weeks, telling supporters that his opponent, Democratic nominee Joe BidenJoe BidenHillary Clinton responds to Chrissy Teigen tweet: ‘I love you back’ Supreme Court rejects Trump effort to shorten North Carolina mail-ballot deadline Overnight Defense: Trump campaign’s use of military helicopter raises ethics concerns | Air Force jets intercept aircraft over Trump rally | Senators introduce bill to expand visa screenings MORE, would follow the doctor’s advice.

“He wants to listen to Dr. Fauci,” Trump said at a rally this month. “He’ll listen to the scientists. If I listened totally to the scientists we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression.”

Biden responded to the story on Twitter with a simple tweet: “…yes.”

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Fauci expresses support for national mask mandate for the first time amid record-setting coronavirus infections

Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, said for the first time Wednesday that the United States needs a nationwide mask mandate to combat the rising tide of coronavirus infections. In interviews with CNBC and the Journal of the American Medical Association, Fauci expressed regret that masks haven’t been adopted more widely and suggested that doing so would be key to avoiding another round of shutdowns.

Anthony S. Fauci wearing a suit and tie: Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, testifies during a Senate hearing in September.

© Graeme Jennings/AP
Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, testifies during a Senate hearing in September.

Here are some significant developments:

  • With five days to go before Election Day on Nov. 3, President Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have crystallized opposing messages on a pandemic that has affected most aspects of American life, including voting.
  • Germany and France announced month-long lockdowns on Wednesday, saying that the resurgence of infections had spiraled out of control.
  • Health officials say the White House called off an investigation into its coronavirus outbreak, while failing to notify people who may have been exposed.
  • The United States has seen a steady increase in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations for almost the entire month of October, with record-high numbers of cases reported in the past week, according to data tracked by The Washington Post. More than 80,000 new cases were recorded on Wednesday, pushing the total number of infections past 8.8 million. At least 227,000 fatalities have been linked to the virus since February.
  • A federal government briefing document obtained by The Washington Post suggests that a traveler could theoretically drive all the way from the Canadian border to northern Mississippi without ever leaving a “hot-spot” county.

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1:31 AM: Fauci expresses support for national mandate for the first time, says he hasn’t spoken to Trump in ‘quite a while’

Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, appeared to call for a nationwide mask mandate for the first time on Wednesday in a series of interviews with the CNBC and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has historically been reluctant to advocate for such a sweeping policy, telling reporters last month that a national mandate “probably would not work.” But in a Friday interview with CNN, he suggested that the federal government should “maybe” consider instituting one.

Questioned about his apparent hesitation on Wednesday by CNBC’s Shepard Smith, Fauci said that he had hoped “we could pull together as a country” and recognize the importance of mask-wearing without the government getting involved. “We haven’t,” Smith interrupted, before going on to ask Fauci if it was time for a national mandate.

“You know, yes,” Fauci replied. “If we don’t

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