Black Friday Fitbit deals: fitness tracker discounts and smartwatch sales galore

New Fitbit Black Friday deals make this the perfect time to buy a fitness tracker or smartwatch from across the company’s health-focused wearable portfolio.

We’re seeing discounts on everything from the new Fitbit Sense to older fitness trackers and the kid-oriented Fitbit Ace 2 too. So whether you’re looking for a new premium fitness companion or just something to count your steps, these Black Friday deals should cater to you.

These definitely aren’t the only Black Friday smartwatch deals out there right now, but Fitbit has created a community of dedicated fans who will only consider a wearable from the company. If that’s you, or you’re buying a gift for someone it applies to, these Fitbit deals in the US and UK should cover what you need.

Not in the US or UK? Scroll down to find Black Friday Fitbit prices in your region.

The top Black Friday Fitbit deals

Big reduction

Fitbit Versa 2 40mm smartwatch: $199.95 $129 at Walmart
Pick up a Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch (40mm) at a $70 off discount with this Black Friday deal. The Fitbit Versa 2 packs an AMOLED display, sleep, and fitness tracking, and up to 5 days of battery life at a compelling price.View Deal

Rare deal

Fitbit Sense: £299.99 £269 at Amazon (save £31)
The Fitbit Sense is a smart, feature-packed smartwatch that not only offers all-day heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, smartphone notifications, contactless payments and sleep tracking, but also tracks your stress levels by measuring changes in your skin’s conductivity. UK deals are sparse on this but Amazon has a £31-odd saving.
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Black Friday Fitbit deals in the US

Fitbit Sense: $329.95 $279.95 at (save $50)
The Fitbit Sense is a smart, feature-packed smartwatch that not only offers all-day heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, smartphone notifications, contactless payments and sleep tracking, but also tracks your stress levels by measuring changes in your skin’s conductivity. It’s clever stuff, and can really help you keep track of how different factors affect your mood.
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Fitbit Charge 4: $149.95 $99.95 at (save $50)
The Fitbit Charge 4 is an excellent fitness tracker for causal runners and cyclists thanks to its on-board GPS, which allows you to track runs and rides without carrying your phone. The data will sync with the Fitbit app, and can even be uploaded automatically to Strava. At under $100, it’s a steal.
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Fitbit Versa 3: $229.95 $199.95 at (save $30)
The first watch in the Versa line to offer built-in GPS, the Fitbit Versa 3 is stylish and versatile, offering most of the same features as the flagship Fitbit Sense (above) minus the stress-tracking sensor. It’s a brilliant smartwatch for anyone fitness-minded, and looks great too. This is a great Black Friday deal at – especially since the Versa 3 only launched a few months ago.
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Fitbit Versa 2 40mm smartwatch: $199.95 $129 at Walmart
Pick up a Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch (40mm) at a $70

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Black Friday Vitamin Sales Worth Shopping, From a Doctor

The supplements aisle contains a dizzying amount of products. (Valerian root? Horny goat weed?) Come Black Friday, you’ll be able to shop plenty of these dietary supplements at a major price cut. To help you sort through what’s worth your dollars—and what simply is not—I consulted Matthew Kohler, MD, and Rajivan Maniam, MD, functional medicine doctors and co-founders of Ospina Medical in New York City.

Despite the countless options on the shelf, Dr. Kohler and Dr. Maniam say the average person really only needs to consider five supplements. As always, you should consult your own doctor before adding new supplements to your diet.

The vitamins and supplements to buy on Black Friday

1. Vitamin D

black friday vitamin sales
Photo: Swanson Vitamins

“Vitamin D, the ‘sunshine vitamin,’ has long been pinned as one of the most common vitamin deficiencies that many of us suffer from,” says Dr. Maniam. “While seemingly benign, deficiency in Vitamin D may in fact be propagating pain. To date, there are several observational studies showing an association between vitamin D deficiency and different pain conditions including low back pain, menstrual cramps, and chronic pain.” Dr. Maniam adds that taking vitamin D supplements has the possibility of offering many positives with no known negative side effects, so hey, it’s worth a shot!

Shop Black Friday sale: Vitamin D, $10 (originally $12)

2. Vitamin B12

Photo: HUM

Vitamin B12 is like catnip for the brain—and Dr. Kohler recommends it for anyone who wants some extra cognitive sharpness. “Vitamin B12 is essential for many biological functions and offers numerous known benefits including energy production and assisting in more efficient cellular reproduction,” he says.  B12 is also credited with improving your mood, supporting fetal development, and improving memory—so yeah, it’s worth adding to your medicine cabinet with your doc’s okay.

Shop Black Friday sale: Vitamin B12, up to 50 percent off $10

3. Vitamin C

black friday vitamin sales
Photo: Ancient Nutrition

Vitamin C may be best known for its immune system-boosting abilities, but Dr. Kohler recommends it for another reason. “Vitamin C is a critical nutrient for patients with pain or recent injuries—not only for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain-relieving abilities but also for its role in tissue repair and regeneration,” says Dr. Kohler. “Vitamin C helps accelerate the healing process and protects the body from free radical damage. This becomes especially important in patients who have sports injuries such as tendonitis or ligament sprains.” Athletes, this supplement’s for you.

Shop Black Friday sale: Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C + Probiotics, $14 (originally $19)

4. Vitamin K

Photo: Swanson

“Vitamin K works as an enzyme cofactor that has been implicated in inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and osteoarthritis,” says Dr. Maniam. “Inflammation is recognized as a crucial component of many chronic aging diseases and evidence suggests vitamin K has an anti-inflammatory action.”

Shop Black Friday sale: Swanson K-2, Buy one at $10 and get one free

4. Vitamin E

black friday vitamin sales
Photo: HUM

Dr. Maniam says vitamin C is another one that’s essential for anyone who takes their workout

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The Best Amazon Fitness Black Friday Sales and Deals | 2020

We’re all geared up and ready for Black Friday shopping. This year, the deals have started early, and we are already browsing and filling up our carts. We’re already major Amazon shoppers, and so it’s no surprise we’re turning to the megaretailer for all kinds of Black Friday deals. If you’re leading an active liftstyle, or are looking for some fitness gifts, there’s no better place to shop this friday.

Whether you’re looking to add equipment to your home gym, invest in a new fitness tracker, or maybe even take up a new sport, there’s something for everyone at Amazon. Plus, we’re eyeing all the headphones, because no great workout is complete without a perfect playlist. Keep on reading to shop our selects!

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The Best Cyber Monday Fitness Sales and Deals | 2020

There are so many good sales going on right now, it’s difficult to keep track. We know that Cyber Monday historically has all the best deals for online shopping, and since, at the moment, all we’re doing is online shopping, to say we’re excited is an understatement. The nice thing is that this year, all the incredible deals aren’t limited to just Monday; they’re happening all week long. If you are obsessed with fitness or really need some new leggings (don’t we all), this is the place to start shopping.

These 69 Cyber Monday deals are almost too good to be true. All your favorite brands are discounting their top-selling styles, and frankly, they’re all worth stocking up on. Whether you’re a Lululemon-lover or curious about trying Girlfriend Collective, there are styles you’ll love here. Keep reading to shop our picks!

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Samsung Watch Black Friday Deals 2020: Best Early Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches & Fitness Trackers Sales Ranked by Retail Fuse

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Early Black Friday Samsung Watch deals are underway. Find the best savings on 40mm, 42mm & 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch models. Links to the top deals are listed below.

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Deals:

  • Save up to 36% on Samsung Galaxy smartwatches & fitness trackers at Walmart – check for live prices on top-rated Samsung watches with GPS and Bluetooth like the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch and Gear S3 Frontier
  • Save up to 68% on Samsung Galaxy Watches at – check the link for the latest deals on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & more
  • Save with multiple offers on Samsung Galaxy smartwatches at – check out the latest savings on Galaxy Watch3 & Active2
  • Save up to $200 off Samsung Galaxy smartwatches at AT& – Get $200 off your purchase of Galaxy Watch3 & Active2 models
  • Save up to 35% on Samsung Galaxy smartwatches at Amazon – check for prices on popular 40mm, 42mm, 46mm models with GPS and Bluetooth at Amazon
  • Save on Samsung Gear smartwatches at Amazon – click the link for the latest deals on top-rated Samsung Gear S3 Classic and S3 Frontier smartwatches
  • Save up to $120 on Samsung Galaxy Watches at Walmart – featuring the latest discounts on Galaxy Watch 2 & 3 models in 42mm, 44mm, 45mm, 46mm & more sizes
  • Save up to $150 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 at – Verizon offers different ways to save on the Galaxy Watch3, including trade-ins and significant discounts on phone and watch bundles
  • Up to $200 off Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatches at AT& – Get $200 off your purchase of Galaxy Watch3 & Active2 models
  • Save up to 40% on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 at Walmart – check the latest deals on 41mm, 40mm, 44mm & 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Save up to $130 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 at Walmart – click the link for the latest prices on 40mm, 41mm, 44mm & 45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 2
  • Save up to $100 on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active smartwatches at Walmart – check out the latest deals on Galaxy Active & Active 2 smartwatches in a variety of sizes (40mm, 42mm & more)
  • Save up to $150 on the Galaxy Watch Active2 at – get discounts with eligible phone and Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch bundles, trade-ins, and more
  • Save up to $62 on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & more at – get the hottest deals on Samsung smartwatches
  • Up to $200 off Samsung Galaxy Active2 smartwatches at AT& – Get $200 off your purchase of Galaxy Watch3 & Active2 models
  • Save up to 40% on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 at Walmart – check the latest deals on 40mm and 44mm Galaxy Watch Active 2

Searching for more deals? Click here to access the entire range of deals at Walmart’s Black Friday sale and click here to check out Amazon’s latest Black Friday-worthy deals. Retail

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Fitness product sales rising in smaller cities: Abhishek Ganguly

German retailer Puma reported a recovery in sales and profitability in its third quarter earnings as demand for fitness and comfort wear surged the world over. In India, where the brand has 375 owned and franchised stores, besides an online presence, the category stoked consumer interest as they picked comfort and sportswear over formal and occasion wear, said Abhishek Ganguly, managing director, Puma India and Southeast Asia, in an interview, adding that recovery is faster in smaller cities. In 2019, Puma India reported income of 1,413.26 crore, up 22% from a year ago, making it the top retailer of sports apparel and footwear. Edited excerpts:

In fashion, we have seen alliances between large e-commerce and offline retailers. Is Puma doing anything to leverage growth in e-commerce?

We are, at this stage, launching—going on and will only become stronger—an exclusive approach with our online partners. We do have consumer data from them, so you will see us do exclusive partnerships on a range of products.

This was reserved for stores. So, why change it now?

We are also doing that for our online partners. There are definitely products exclusively available in stores. But with e-commerce, we are also realizing that the earlier online-offline differentiation is actually becoming more focused. Within online, we are realizing that Myntra, for example, has a very different set of customers, with different expectations and behaviour. So, it’s not just an online-offline differentiation, we are doing a platform-based differentiation.

Globally, Puma reported a 13% jump in September quarter sales. Is India mirroring similar trends?

So, third quarter onwards, we have seen the momentum really picking up. Just to step back a bit—in March, April and May things were very tough. There was hardly any business in April since no channel was open. The reopening started in June and July. In August, September, October and the initial days of November, we have grown over last year. We have seen good traction and the traction has only been improving. September has been better than August, October has been better than September, and November seems to be better than October.

What did you do differently?

We have had a very clear multi-channel strategy, which helped us. During the reopening and, even in August, we were getting a lot of business from online sales. Over a period of time, things started opening up. First the high streets came back—we have a healthy mix of high street and mall stores. And I think our category is probably in demand right now, both on the performance side as well as on the athleisure side. We ensured we have the right product and we distributed it in the most optimized manner. Lastly, we continued to invest in marketing.

Will you report growth this year?

It’s still early days. If you take January-December sales, almost two months were completely wiped out due to the covid lockdown—that’s about one-sixth of the period. Even in June and July, we had a lot of restrictions in the

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The Editas Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ:EDIT) Analysts Have Been Trimming Their Sales Forecasts

Market forces rained on the parade of Editas Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ:EDIT) shareholders today, when the analysts downgraded their forecasts for next year. This report focused on revenue estimates, and it looks as though the consensus view of the business has become substantially more conservative. At US$30.41, shares are up 7.4% in the past 7 days. It will be interesting to see if this downgrade motivates investors to start selling their holdings.

Following the latest downgrade, the current consensus, from the nine analysts covering Editas Medicine, is for revenues of US$19m in 2021, which would reflect a disturbing 79% reduction in Editas Medicine’s sales over the past 12 months. Losses are supposed to balloon 113% to US$3.47 per share. However, before this estimates update, the consensus had been expecting revenues of US$24m and US$3.39 per share in losses. So there’s been quite a change-up of views after the recent consensus updates, with the analysts making a serious cut to their revenue forecasts while also expecting losses per share to increase.

earnings-and-revenue-growthNasdaqGS:EDIT Earnings and Revenue Growth November 10th 2020

The consensus price target fell 8.7% to US$38.11, implicitly signalling that lower earnings per share are a leading indicator for Editas Medicine’s valuation. That’s not the only conclusion we can draw from this data however, as some investors also like to consider the spread in estimates when evaluating analyst price targets. Currently, the most bullish analyst values Editas Medicine at US$60.00 per share, while the most bearish prices it at US$14.00. So we wouldn’t be assigning too much credibility to analyst price targets in this case, because there are clearly some widely differing views on what kind of performance this business can generate. With this in mind, we wouldn’t rely too heavily on the consensus price target, as it is just an average and analysts clearly have some deeply divergent views on the business.

Looking at the bigger picture now, one of the ways we can make sense of these forecasts is to see how they measure up against both past performance and industry growth estimates. These estimates imply that sales are expected to slow, with a forecast revenue decline of 79%, a significant reduction from annual growth of 50% over the last five years. Compare this with our data, which suggests that other companies in the same industry are, in aggregate, expected to see their revenue grow 21% next year. It’s pretty clear that Editas Medicine’s revenues are expected to perform substantially worse than the wider industry.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing to take away is that analysts increased their loss per share estimates for next year. Regrettably, they also downgraded their revenue estimates, and the latest forecasts imply the business will grow sales slower than the wider market. The consensus price target fell measurably, with analysts seemingly not reassured by recent business developments, leading to a lower estimate of Editas Medicine’s future valuation. Given the stark change in sentiment, we’d understand if investors became more cautious on Editas Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Market Share, Size 2020 Opportunities, Demands, Size, Share, Trends, Industry Sales Area and Its Competitors by 2025

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Nov 04, 2020 (The Expresswire) —
Global Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Market (2020-2025) status and position of worldwide and key regions, with perspectives of manufacturers, regions, product types and end industries. This report also states import/export consumption, supply and demand Figures, cost, price, revenue and gross margins. this report analyses the topmost companies in worldwide and main regions, and splits the Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes market by product type and applications/end industries. Global Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Market Report 2020 provides exclusive vital statistics, data, information, trends and competitive landscape details in this niche sector.

Get a sample PDF of the report at–

Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Market 2020 Research report contains a qualified and in-depth examination of Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Market. At first, the report provides the current business situation along with a valid assessment of the Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Industry. This report is partitioned based on driving Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes players, application and regions. The progressing Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes economic situations are additionally discovered in the report.

Based on the Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes market development status, competitive landscape and development model in different regions of the world, this report is dedicated to providing niche markets, potential risks and comprehensive competitive strategy analysis in different fields. From the competitive advantages of different types of products and services, the development opportunities and consumption characteristics and structure analysis of the downstream application fields are all analyzed in detail. To Boost Growth during the epidemic era, this report analyzes in detail for the potential risks and opportunities which can be focused on.

Global Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Market Report 2020 provides exclusive vital statistics, data, information, trends and competitive landscape details in this niche sector.

To Understand How COVID-19 Impact is Covered in This Report. Get Sample copy of the report at –

List Of TOP KEY PLAYERS in Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Market Report are –

● Ge Healthcare ● Medx Inc ● Bracco S.p.A ● Segami Corporation ● Naviscan Inc ● NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd ● Agfa-Gevaert N.V. ● Digirad Corporation ● Nordion (Canada) Inc. ● Gamma Medica Inc ● Curium ● Positron Corporation ● Hologic Inc. ● Siemens Healthcare ● Cardiarc Ltd ● CMR Naviscan (Gamma Medica Inc.) ● Cardinal Health Inc.

Years considered for this report:

Historical Years: 2015-2019

Base Year: 2019

Estimated Year: 2020

Forecast Period: 2020-2025

With tables and figures helping analyze worldwide Global Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes Market Forecast provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

Enquire before purchasing this report-

on the basis of types, the Nuclear Medicine Radioisotopes market from 2015 to 2025 is primarily split into

● Rubidium-82 (Rb-82) ● Actinium-225 (Ac-225) ● Radium-223 (Ra-223) and Alpharadin ● Technetium-99m (Tc-99m) ● Thallium-201 (Tl-201) ● Iodine (I-123) ● Fluorine-18 ● Iodine-131 (I-131) ● Lutetium-177 (Lu-177) ● Others

on the basis of applications, the Nuclear

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Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty To Criminal Charges Over Opioid Sales

US drugmaker Purdue Pharma pleaded guilty to three criminal charges over its intense drive to push sales of the prescription opioid OxyContin, which stoked a nationwide addiction crisis, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.

Purdue also agreed to $8.3 billion in fines, damages and forfeitures to settle the criminal case against it, the department said.

In a separate agreement, the billionaire Sackler family, which built Purdue to a pharmaceutical giant on the back of lucrative sales of OxyContin, agreed to pay $225 million to resolve civil liability charges filed by the Justice Department.

“Purdue, through greed and violation of the law, prioritized money over the health and well-being of patients,” said FBI assistant director Steven D’Antuono.

Purdue, which filed for bankruptcy protection last year, pleaded guilty to one count of fraud and two counts of violating kickback laws over its marketing and sales of OxyContin and two other hydrocodone-based treatments, which involved encouraging distributors and doctors to aggressively push the highly addictive drugs to consumers.

Headquarters of Purdue Pharma LP, the maker of the painkiller OxyContin, in Stamford, Connecticut Headquarters of Purdue Pharma LP, the maker of the painkiller OxyContin, in Stamford, Connecticut Photo: AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY

Even after paying $600 million for falsely marketing the painkiller as “less addictive,” the Justice Department said, Purdue ratched up its sales drive and developed new addictive applications which it marketed through a network of 100,000 prescribing doctors and nurse practitioners.

Among them were thousands of hyper-prescribers that Purdue “knew or should have known were prescribing opioids for uses many of which were not for a medically accepted indication, were unsafe, ineffective, and medically unnecessary,” or which were resold on the black market, the charges said.

To encourage them Purdue had a program dubbed “Evolve to Excellence” which offered financial and other incentives, particularly offering doctors lucrative speaking gigs, which amounted to kickbacks for pumping out more prescriptions of the company’s drugs.

Its activities, combined with those of other prescription opioid producers and distributors, fed an epidemic of addiction. Millions of Americans became dependent on the painkillers while the drugmakers reaped billions of dollars in profits.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 500,000 Americans have died of opioid overdoses — both prescription and non-prescription — since 1999.

In a statement, Steven Miller, Purdue’s chairman since 2018, said the company “deeply regrets and accepts responsibility for the misconduct detailed by the Department of Justice.”

Deputy US Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen(C) announces that Purdue Pharma has agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges over its sales of the addictive prescription opioid OxyContin, which fed a national addiction epidemic Deputy US Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen(C) announces that Purdue Pharma has agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges over its sales of the addictive prescription opioid OxyContin, which fed a national addiction epidemic Photo: POOL / YURI GRIPAS

“Purdue today is a very different company. We have made significant changes to our leadership, operations, governance, and oversight,” he added.

Purdue also faces billions of dollars in claims from state and local authorities around the country, and in September 2019 filed for bankruptcy to fend off more legal claims against it.

Because of the bankruptcy and competing claims from litigants and creditors, the Justice Department admitted it might not

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