Hyderabad dentist who was kidnapped dies two weeks after dramatic rescue

Behjath Hussain, the Hyderabad dentist who was rescued from an elaborately planned kidnap two weeks ago, passed away on Wednesday. Hussain, who was 56, was abducted on October 27 in the afternoon. The kidnappers had worn burqas, and were brandishing what were later found to be toy pistols. Demanding a ransom of Rs 10 crore in bitcoin, the accused were escorting Hussain to a location in Karnataka to wait until they received the amount. They were intercepted by police in Andhra’s Raptadu town in the early hours of October 28, and Hussain was rescued. In less than two weeks, however, he died after suffering a heart attack. 

“Hussain’s family informed us yesterday that he had passed away, and that he had suffered a heart attack on Tuesday night,” Rajendranagar Inspector of Police G Suresh told TNM. Hussain was kidnapped from his hospital in Bandlaguda, located in the Rajendranagar police station limits. According to reports, other than the trauma he suffered, he had also been upset that a family member was behind the kidnap plot.

The police personnel who rescued him had said that the doctor was made to sit on the floor of the car, and could have easily been mistaken for a bag of luggage. The kidnappers had tied up Hussain’s wrists, and a long piece of cloth was found rotated around his neck along with a lot of packing tape. Covered with a sheet, Hussain was found writhing in pain with his fingers and legs bruised. Narrating the events, Hussain had said that the kidnappers beat him as he tried to resist, before carrying him away from his hospital. 

The Cyberabad police nabbed seven of the 12 accused, all of them in the age group of 18 to 28 years. The prime accused was found to be a relative of the dentist’s wife, who had been living in Australia and planned the kidnapping for money. The 12 accused had been split into two teams, one to carry out the abduction and one to escort Hussain to Karnataka to a safe location, where they would wait until the ransom was received. Three of the accused  are from Udupi in Karnataka, and some of them were from Pune in Maharashtra while the others were from Hyderabad.  

Read: Kidnapped Hyderabad dentist rescued, kidnappers demanded Rs 10 crore in bitcoins

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City dentist dies of heart attack weeks after rescue | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: A city-based dentist, Dr Behjat Hussain, who was abducted for ransom, and later rescued by Cyberabad police on October 28 in a dramatic operation, died of cardiac arrest on Wednesday morning.
“The dentist was suffering from shock and trauma since he came back and wasn’t being able to get over that a family member was behind it. he was in shock,” said a police officer probing the case.
While the cops arrested 12 suspects within 24 hours, but the kingpin of the kidnapping racket identified as the brother-in-law of the dentist, is still at large and reportedly hiding in Maharashtra.
The kidnappers demanded a ransom of Rs 1 crore but the police foiled the plan.
Behjat Hussain suffered a heart attack on Wednesday morning upon which he was rushed to the hospital and later he died. The family members performed his funeral at a local graveyard in Hussaini Alam area in the old city.
On October 26, a team of 13 inter-state kidnappers abducted the dentist for ransom from his clinic at Qismatpur village, Bandlaguda Jagir under Rajendra Nagar police station limits and while the victim was being shifted to Bengaluru, a police team from Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh intercepted the car and rescued the doctor.

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Day after kidnap of Telangana dentist, police rescue him, arrest 7

Rangareddy (Telangana) [India], October 29 (ANI): A day after a dentist was kidnapped from his clinic in Bandlaguda Jagir village of Rangareddy district in the wee hours of October 27, Telangana Police rescued him and arrested seven people on Wednesday.

They also seized three cars, seven cell phones, toy pistols, rope bundles, cellophane tapes, and burkhas from the possession of the alleged kidnappers, including a relative of victim Behjath Hussain’s wife

Cyberabad Commissioner of Police V C Sajjanar said the alleged kidnappers had demanded a ransom of Rs 10 crore for the release of 56-year-old Hussain.

“The victim is a resident of Kismathpur village. Recently, he constructed a building in Bandlaguda Jagir wherein he started a clinic on the ground floor. Prime accused Musthafa, a close relative of the victim’s wife, hatched the conspiracy to kidnap him and extort money, seeing his financial affluence,” said the police commissioner.

He added Musthafa has returned from Australia after becoming bankrupt and started a real estate business in Pune and Hyderabad. “He, along with his business partner from Australia, Mubashir Ahmed alias Khaled, hatched the plan to kidnap him and extort money by threatening him and his family members,” he said.

The police said both the business partners contacted other people and kidnapped the victim from his clinic around 1.15 am on October 27.

“The Cyberabad police deployed 12 teams across the state and within hours of the incident and started apprehending the accused from various locations — Falaknuma, Red Hills, Kukatpally and Anantapur (neighbouring Andhra Pradesh). The victim has also been rescued without any harm,” said the police commissioner. (ANI)

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Andhra police rescue kidnapped Hyderabad dentist, 3 kidnappers escape – india news

Police in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district rescued a Hyderabad-based dentist from kidnappers while they were taking him to Karnataka in a vehicle in the early hours of Wednesday.

Anantapur’s superintendent of police Dr Satya Yesubabu said when the kidnappers’ vehicle was intercepted at Rapthadu village the driver tried to divert the vehicle towards Kanaganapalli.

“But the police surrounded it from all sides. While they overpowered Sanjay, who was driving the vehicle, three others managed to escape into the fields. They could rescue the doctor – B Hussain (57), who was lying in the back seat with his hands and legs tied,” the SP said.

Hussain was kidnapped by five burqa-clad men from his clinic at Bandlaguda Jagir under Rajendranagar police station limits on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Tuesday afternoon when he was getting ready to go home for lunch.

The kidnappers, who were conversing in Marathi, beat up Hussain’s assistant Syed Salman and dumped him in the washroom. They later dragged the doctor into his Toyota Innova vehicle and proceeded towards Shankarpalli.

The SP said the kidnappers first detained Hussain in an undisclosed place till evening. Later, the gang leader handed him to four members of the gang and asked them to take him to Shimoga or Bengaluru in a Mahindra Bolero vehicle.

Meanwhile, Salman, who managed to escape from the clinic, informed Hussain’s family. The dentist’s wife then complained to Rajendranagar police.

“Since Hussain is also into real estate business and made big money, the kidnappers targeted him. They reportedly demanded a ransom of Rs 10 crore through Bitcoins,” Yesubabu said.

Based on the evidence collected, the Rajendranagar police came to the conclusion that the kidnappers had taken Hussain towards Bengaluru. They immediately alerted Anantapur police.

“We deployed special police teams on the national highway and kept a watch on the movements of vehicles coming from Hyderabad. In the early hours, Rapthadu police managed to intercept the vehicle and take it into their possession,” the SP said.

He said Hussain was rescued and was safe. “We have seized the vehicle and a pistol from the accused. We have launched a manhunt for other kidnappers. Investigation is on,” he said.

Andhra Pradesh Director General of Police Gautam Sawang complimented the Anantapur police for their quick action in rescuing the dentist from the kidnappers.

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AP police rescue Hyderabad dentist from kidnappers | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh police on Wednesday rescued a dentist at Anantapur from kidnappers after a hot pursuit.
Following the alert by the Telangana police regarding the movement of kidnappers’ vehicle with the victim dentist, Behjaat Hussain, who was abducted from his house in Rajendra Nagar police station limits of Telangana, was rescued. The Ananthapuram police intercepted the kidnappers’ vehicle, saved the victim and took two kidnappers into custody, whereas the other two kidnappers managed to escape.
According to Anantapur police, Dr Behjaat Hussain, a resident of Kismatpur, was kidnapped from his hospital at Kismatpur on Tuesday at 1pm by five unknown persons who were burqa clad.
Initially, the kidnappers confined him in an unidentified location in Hyderabad. The kidnappers spoke in Marathi.
However, after kidnapping Hussain, who was a faculty at a Dental college in Hyderabad and also runs a small clinic from his home at Prestige Royal Villas in Kismatpur of Rajendranagar, the offenders called his family and demanded Rs 10 crore ransom in Bitcoins.
“Hussain has inherited properties and the offenders knew it. One of the accused is a relative of Hussain,” Cyberabad police said.
“The dentist was selected as a target as he is financially sound. Kidnappers demanded 10 crore through Bitcoins. Upon intimation from Hyderabad police, while we tried to intercept them at Anantpur, they escaped towards Kanaganapalli. After surrounding from all sides, the vehicle alongwith one accused, by name Sanjay, was caught on hot pursuit, while other three ran towards nearby fields. The victim’s hands and legs were tied. He was kept in car and later rescued,” said Anantapur SP Yesubabu.
Dr Hussain said, “I resisted kidnappers at my clinic and they inflicted injuries on my hand. They took my Innova. Later, they took me to a hideout. They asked me to cooperate. They gave me water and bed to sleep. Around 2am they put me in Bolera car and tied me up.”

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She was suffering on the streets of Santa Monica. Here’s what it took to rescue her

VENICE, CA - OCTOBER 14: Dr. Coley King, director of homeless health care at Venice Family Clinic, right, visits Suzanna, left, one of his clients on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020 in Venice, CA. Dr. King helped treat Suzanna when she was living on the street and now she is housed. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)
Dr. Coley King, director of homeless health care at Venice Family Clinic, right, visits his client Suzanna, who now has temporary housing and will be moving into an apartment soon. (Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times)

Coley King, who practices street medicine for the Venice Family Clinic, wasn’t frightened by the angry and disoriented woman at Wilshire and Lincoln boulevards in Santa Monica, who was chucking her belongings in all directions.

“My usual approach is to give some distance,” said King, who studied the homeless woman’s behavior from afar before approaching.

She was limping badly and teetering on the curb, and King feared she might tumble into the path of speeding cars. The doctor conferred with his traveling companion, outreach worker Katie Holz, and moved closer. He recalls the woman continuing “to throw a fit” for a while, tossing a flashlight and backpack in his direction, but then the anger began to melt away.

“At some point I said, ‘Hey, can I buy you a cup of coffee?’ and she said yes,” said King.

Her name was Suzanna, and she was in her mid-50s, living on the streets with a combination of mental health and addiction issues. Over coffee and doughnuts, Suzanna told King about the hip surgery she’d recently had and a bit about her mental health history.

Suzanna also told King that he appeared to her to be spinning about, as if trapped in a tornado.

King is a physician, not a psychiatrist, but more than a decade of visiting homeless encampments offers an education you can’t get in school, and he has learned that it’s often better to provide help as soon as someone agrees to it than to write a prescription that may never get filled. He carries anti-psychotic drugs with him, and after a series of questions about her medical history, he asked Suzanna if she’d like him to administer an injection, right then and there, that might help relieve her hallucinations and other symptoms.

Suzanna said yes.

That was in late June. A week later, he returned with another, longer-lasting dose of the same medication, and again she agreed to the treatment.

When I met with Suzanna a few days ago, it was at a Venice hotel, where she has been given temporary housing. She is living a new life, filled with dreams rather than despair. She said she feels “immensely” better and would be moving soon into her own apartment.

I’m sharing Suzanna’s story because in a county with 60,000 homeless people, three or four of whom die each day on average, it’s just so good to hear about a successful intervention.

Last week I wrote about a homeless woman after Silver Lake residents alerted me that she was often naked and disoriented, and that she had been seen crawling across Sunset Boulevard, in grave danger. After the column ran, I heard from readers, as I often do on this topic, who said that if she was known to be using

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