Woman Killed In Road Accident In Delhi, Dentist Arrested: Police

Those residing in quarantined urban flats in Colombo Municipal Council area are requested to submit their dispensary/hospital medicine prescription if suffering from long term, chronic health conditions, Director General of Health Services Dr. Asela Gunawardena has requested.

Residents of Muwadora Uyana, Sirimuthu Uyana, Sirisanda Sevana, Randiya Uyana, Methsada Sevana, Minijaya Sevana, Ranmit Sevana, Sathhiru Sevana, N.H.S. Maligawatte in Colombo city who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, wheezing, high blood cholesterol, kidney disease and cancer are requested to inform the police officer or the person from the Urban Development Authority in charge of their floors about such illnesses and the need to get medicine.

They will be required to submit their name, age, address and name of the dispensary or hospital they usually get medicine from.

Dr. Gunawardena said the monthly medicine pack will be delivered by the officers and requested the residents to avoid leaving their houses.

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Syracuse police chief to serve in ‘civilian capacity’ because he can’t pass state fitness test

Syracuse, N.Y. — Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner said Friday that he will serve in a “civilian capacity” atop the police department because he cannot pass a stringent physical fitness test required of sworn officers.

Buckner, who became chief in December 2018, said he is unable to run 1.5 miles in about 13 minutes.

“While I have improved my fitness and can complete the majority of the physical requirements, I am unable to finish the 1.5 mile run in the required time,” Buckner said in a statement. “With the next deadline approaching early December, I have decided at this time not to continue to pursue state certification.”

The lack of state certification does not impact the chief’s ability to serve, Buckner said in the statement.

But “out of respect for the certification process and all those who have completed it,” Buckner will not wear a police uniform while serving as chief.

Buckner, who was hired from his previous position as chief of police in Little Rock, Ark., came here on a provisional basis until he was able to get certified as a New York officer. In the meantime, he’s been afforded all the rights of a standard cop, including carrying a gun and badge.

The state’s Department of Criminal Justice Services allows one year for an out-of-state transfer to get certified here. That certification, for Buckner, included 386 hours of training as well as a physical fitness exam.

In November 2019, he was given a one-year extension to pass the certification requirements, but he announced Friday he would no longer seek the certification.

Buckner will no longer have arrest powers or be allowed to carry a gun, but he stressed that he will carry out all his administrative duties in charge of the department as before.

“I had my own private disappointment moments, but I thought it was important enough given my position in the city to be transparent,” he said of the decision not to seek the certification and why he announced it Friday. “… Everyone knows how tough it is to get in shape.”

Mayor Ben Walsh, at a news conference, praised Buckner’s performance as chief and said the lack of certification should not make the public doubt his ability to run the department.

“His ability or lack thereof to run a mile and a half in under 13 minutes has absolutely no bearing on his ability to do the job,” Walsh said.

The Syracuse police union has made an issue of Buckner’s certification. The union clashed with Buckner in early 2019 over public comments the chief made about officer behavior, among other things. Many officers refused to march in the annual St. Patrick’s Parade in a public display of discord with the chief.

Buckner’s full statement is below:

Today, Syracuse Police Chief Kenton Buckner announced he would not continue to pursue New York State police officer certification. Under local and state law, the Chief is not required to be a sworn officer. Chief Buckner is able to

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‘If Democrats Run On Medicare For All, Defund The Police, Socialized Medicine, We Won’t Win’

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) issued a warning to Democrats on a caucus call on Thursday, urging them to stay away from progressive positions as the Party potentially faces pivotal run-off races in the battleground state of Georgia, Politico reports.

If “we are going to run on Medicare for All, defund the police, socialized medicine, we’re not going to win,” Clyburn said to people on the call..

Speaker Nancy Pelosi also urged the caucus to focus on an “agenda of lowering health care, better paychecks, building infrastructure.” 

“This has been a life or death fight for the very fate of our democracy. We did not win every battle, but we did win the war,” Pelosi reportedly said. “We held the House. Joe Biden is on a clear path to be the next president of the United States.”

While the Democratic Party managed to hold on to the House, control of the Senate could come down to two Georgia races—GOP Sen. David Perdue facing off against Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff and GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler against Democratic candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock, senior pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Read more at Politico.com.

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Police bust New York City party on Halloween; England to enter 4-week lockdown; virus top campaign issue

Multiple countries in Europe are again entering lockdowns as cases surge in the United States, propelling COVID-19 as a central campaign issue yet again in the presidential race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden says President Donald Trump has been unable to control the pandemic: “We’re gonna beat this virus and get it under control and the first step to doing that is beating Donald Trump,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to minimize the virus’ impact. Trump told Pennsylvania voters that his administration has done “an incredible job” dealing with the pandemic. He repeated a months-old promise that the mass distribution of a vaccine was “just weeks away.”

Daily infections are at an all-time high in the U.S. heading into Tuesday’s election, according to Johns Hopkins University.

📈 Today’s numbers: The U.S. has reported more than 9 million cases and more than 230,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The global totals: 45 million cases and 1.19 million deaths.

🗺️ Mapping coronavirus: Track the U.S. outbreak in your state.

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Police bust New York City party with nearly 400 people on Halloween

Police charged nine organizers in a bust of an “illegal bar/party” that had nearly 400 people in attendance in New York City, the NYC sheriff announced Saturday.

Police shut down the gathering held inside a Brooklyn warehouse early in the morning on Halloween.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Saturday warned against Halloween gatherings that increase the risk of transmitting COVID-19, tweeting “Halloween should be spooky, not scary.”

The guidelines tweeted by Cuomo say parties are particularly risky because they can bring together people from different areas for a long period of time.

— Joel Shannon

British PM announces new, four-week lockdown in England

British prime minister Boris Johnson announced plans Saturday for a four-week national lockdown in England starting this week that will shut pubs, restaurants, entertainment facilities and nonessential businesses.

Schools, universities and manufacturing facilities will remain open during the period from Thursday until Dec. 2.

“Unless we act, we could see deaths in this country running at several thousand a day,” Johnson said.

Johnson said that individuals will only be allowed to leave their homes for specific reasons like medical appointments, shopping for essentials, education and work that cannot be done from their residence.

“No one wants to be imposing these kinds of measures anywhere,” the prime minister said, but added that “no responsible prime minister can ignore” the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

Professor Chris Whitty, chief medical officer for England, told reporters at a news conference that England is experiencing 50,000 new cases daily and that the figure is rising.

Doctors groups rip Trump for touting baseless conspiracy over virus death count

Medical groups are slamming President Donald Trump for resurfacing a baseless conspiracy on campaign stops that doctors are inflating the number of COVID-19 deaths in the USA in order to drive

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Day after kidnap of Telangana dentist, police rescue him, arrest 7

Rangareddy (Telangana) [India], October 29 (ANI): A day after a dentist was kidnapped from his clinic in Bandlaguda Jagir village of Rangareddy district in the wee hours of October 27, Telangana Police rescued him and arrested seven people on Wednesday.

They also seized three cars, seven cell phones, toy pistols, rope bundles, cellophane tapes, and burkhas from the possession of the alleged kidnappers, including a relative of victim Behjath Hussain’s wife

Cyberabad Commissioner of Police V C Sajjanar said the alleged kidnappers had demanded a ransom of Rs 10 crore for the release of 56-year-old Hussain.

“The victim is a resident of Kismathpur village. Recently, he constructed a building in Bandlaguda Jagir wherein he started a clinic on the ground floor. Prime accused Musthafa, a close relative of the victim’s wife, hatched the conspiracy to kidnap him and extort money, seeing his financial affluence,” said the police commissioner.

He added Musthafa has returned from Australia after becoming bankrupt and started a real estate business in Pune and Hyderabad. “He, along with his business partner from Australia, Mubashir Ahmed alias Khaled, hatched the plan to kidnap him and extort money by threatening him and his family members,” he said.

The police said both the business partners contacted other people and kidnapped the victim from his clinic around 1.15 am on October 27.

“The Cyberabad police deployed 12 teams across the state and within hours of the incident and started apprehending the accused from various locations — Falaknuma, Red Hills, Kukatpally and Anantapur (neighbouring Andhra Pradesh). The victim has also been rescued without any harm,” said the police commissioner. (ANI)

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‘Medicated’ Halloween edibles resembling name-brand candy prompt Indiana State Police warning

Parents in Indiana have been warned to be extra vigilant with any Halloween candy given to their young trick-or-treaters this year.

In a recent Facebook post, the Indiana State Police shared photos of seized holiday edibles featuring packaging that resembles that of actual name brands — but with the word “medicated” printed on the wrapper along with cannabis symbols. 

“Parents, here is an example of what to look for in your child’s Halloween candy this year,” the post reads. “These were seized just this past weekend by one of our Troopers from the Lowell post. While they are packaged and marketed to look like candy, they are not.”


“Please thoroughly check all candy and don’t assume it’s ‘OK’ just because it looks ‘OK,’” the post continued. “Thank you to Sgt. Glen Fifield, PIO for the ISP post in Lowell for this information.”

“The post was made as a reminder for parents to take an extra moment to carefully check their children’s Halloween candy because sometimes things aren’t always as they seem,” Capt. Ron Galaviz, chief public information officer for the Indiana State Police, told Fox News, 

Another cause for concern: It remains unclear where these fraudulently branded edibles are manufactured considering neither are legitimate Starburst Gummies or Skittles, which are owned by Mars Wrigley.


“These are not official Mars products as they were not created nor supported by the company,” a company spokesperson confirmed for Fox News. “We’re taking action to protect our consumers and are looking into the entity that is utilizing our brand names on these products.“

In a separate edible-related incident from last year, two children were given THC-infused gummies while trick-or-treating, according to police in Waterford, Conn.

THC is the main active ingredient linked to the psychedelic effects of cannabis – the plant from which marijuana is derived; and its affects could have a negative impact on children, according to The Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics.


The journal’s “Cannabinoids in Pediatrics” study found that although there are some clinical uses for THC and CBD for certain medical conditions, children have been increasingly ingesting these compounds by accident in recent years. Researchers who worked on the limited study took into account pediatric hospitalizations and poison control calls made between 2005 and 2011, and suggested the incidents could be connected to the decriminalization of marijuana.


Patients of accidental ingestions experienced symptoms such as lethargy, ataxia and respiratory insufficiency. Only two instances required admission into pediatric intensive care units in that six-year span.

Aside from marijuana-related edibles and any other potential candy tampering, parents and children will have to deal with the coronavirus pandemic this Halloween.


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage virtual celebrations over in-person gatherings.

However, for those

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Andhra police rescue kidnapped Hyderabad dentist, 3 kidnappers escape – india news

Police in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district rescued a Hyderabad-based dentist from kidnappers while they were taking him to Karnataka in a vehicle in the early hours of Wednesday.

Anantapur’s superintendent of police Dr Satya Yesubabu said when the kidnappers’ vehicle was intercepted at Rapthadu village the driver tried to divert the vehicle towards Kanaganapalli.

“But the police surrounded it from all sides. While they overpowered Sanjay, who was driving the vehicle, three others managed to escape into the fields. They could rescue the doctor – B Hussain (57), who was lying in the back seat with his hands and legs tied,” the SP said.

Hussain was kidnapped by five burqa-clad men from his clinic at Bandlaguda Jagir under Rajendranagar police station limits on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Tuesday afternoon when he was getting ready to go home for lunch.

The kidnappers, who were conversing in Marathi, beat up Hussain’s assistant Syed Salman and dumped him in the washroom. They later dragged the doctor into his Toyota Innova vehicle and proceeded towards Shankarpalli.

The SP said the kidnappers first detained Hussain in an undisclosed place till evening. Later, the gang leader handed him to four members of the gang and asked them to take him to Shimoga or Bengaluru in a Mahindra Bolero vehicle.

Meanwhile, Salman, who managed to escape from the clinic, informed Hussain’s family. The dentist’s wife then complained to Rajendranagar police.

“Since Hussain is also into real estate business and made big money, the kidnappers targeted him. They reportedly demanded a ransom of Rs 10 crore through Bitcoins,” Yesubabu said.

Based on the evidence collected, the Rajendranagar police came to the conclusion that the kidnappers had taken Hussain towards Bengaluru. They immediately alerted Anantapur police.

“We deployed special police teams on the national highway and kept a watch on the movements of vehicles coming from Hyderabad. In the early hours, Rapthadu police managed to intercept the vehicle and take it into their possession,” the SP said.

He said Hussain was rescued and was safe. “We have seized the vehicle and a pistol from the accused. We have launched a manhunt for other kidnappers. Investigation is on,” he said.

Andhra Pradesh Director General of Police Gautam Sawang complimented the Anantapur police for their quick action in rescuing the dentist from the kidnappers.

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Kidnapped Hyderabad dentist rescued by Anantapur police

A ransom of ₹10 crore was demanded in bitcoins.

A doctor of Hyderabad-based Kismatpur Dental Hospital, Hussain, who was kidnapped from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon at 1 p.m. was rescued by the Anantapur police near Rapthadu in the early hours of Wednesday.

The alleged motive behind the kidnap was a ransom of ₹10 crore, demanded in bitcoins as the doctor was also a real-estate dealer.

The doctor had injuries on his fingers, face and head. He was handed over to the Hyderabad police.

In all, nine persons were involved in the planned kidnapping of the doctor. A vehicle, with a Maharashtra registration number was used by them.

Rapthadu Sub-Inspector of police P.T. Anjaneyulu, along with his team, intercepted the vehicle at Marur Toll Plaza at 2 a.m. The kidnappers veered the Bolero van towards Bukkacherla village near Kanaganapalli to avoid the checking. The doctor was hidden under clothes and dumped in the rear seat of the van.

After a chase that lasted an hour, the vehicle and one of the kidnappers were located by tracking the mobile location, and the injured doctor was rescued, the Sub-Inspector told The Hindu.

Three of the four involved in the crime fled the scene. Only one of them, identified as Sanjay, was arrested. Hunt is on for the others, who fled into the fields in the dark near Bukkacherla.

According to the victim, he was kidnapped by five unknown persons who had come in burquas to his hospital. He said he was confined in a room in an undisclosed place in Hyderabad till 5 p.m. All spoke the Marathi language, he said. The doctor was handed over to four other persons, who were asked to go to Bengaluru or Shimoga in Karnataka. They began driving from Hyderabad past midnight.

Hyderabad police had alerted the District Superintendent of Police B. Satya Yesu Babu at 5 p.m. on Tuesday about the possible movement of the kidnappers on National Highway No. 44 based on their cell phone locations.

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AP police rescue Hyderabad dentist from kidnappers | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh police on Wednesday rescued a dentist at Anantapur from kidnappers after a hot pursuit.
Following the alert by the Telangana police regarding the movement of kidnappers’ vehicle with the victim dentist, Behjaat Hussain, who was abducted from his house in Rajendra Nagar police station limits of Telangana, was rescued. The Ananthapuram police intercepted the kidnappers’ vehicle, saved the victim and took two kidnappers into custody, whereas the other two kidnappers managed to escape.
According to Anantapur police, Dr Behjaat Hussain, a resident of Kismatpur, was kidnapped from his hospital at Kismatpur on Tuesday at 1pm by five unknown persons who were burqa clad.
Initially, the kidnappers confined him in an unidentified location in Hyderabad. The kidnappers spoke in Marathi.
However, after kidnapping Hussain, who was a faculty at a Dental college in Hyderabad and also runs a small clinic from his home at Prestige Royal Villas in Kismatpur of Rajendranagar, the offenders called his family and demanded Rs 10 crore ransom in Bitcoins.
“Hussain has inherited properties and the offenders knew it. One of the accused is a relative of Hussain,” Cyberabad police said.
“The dentist was selected as a target as he is financially sound. Kidnappers demanded 10 crore through Bitcoins. Upon intimation from Hyderabad police, while we tried to intercept them at Anantpur, they escaped towards Kanaganapalli. After surrounding from all sides, the vehicle alongwith one accused, by name Sanjay, was caught on hot pursuit, while other three ran towards nearby fields. The victim’s hands and legs were tied. He was kept in car and later rescued,” said Anantapur SP Yesubabu.
Dr Hussain said, “I resisted kidnappers at my clinic and they inflicted injuries on my hand. They took my Innova. Later, they took me to a hideout. They asked me to cooperate. They gave me water and bed to sleep. Around 2am they put me in Bolera car and tied me up.”

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