Local Dentist forms California Institute for Dental Implants

A local dentist develops new dental implant surgery and placement to give more people a chance at a healthy smile.

After years of using multiple systems to perform dental implant surgery and implant placement, Dr. Sean Mohtashami of All Bright Dental created his own and called it the 4M Dental Implant Solution. The 4M Dental Implant Solution gives patients with unhealthy or missing teeth an opportunity to get dental implants, even if they have been told they do not have enough bone.

“I developed my system after many years of using several other world-renowned dental implant systems,” says Dr. Sean. “I have always felt there must be a better way, and so I addressed every step of the procedure. My team and I developed a solution that is easier, faster, and more comfortable for the patient. We still use the All-On-4® procedure for full-mouth restorations, but we’ve also designed and developed some incredibly durable and natural-looking implants for single tooth and full-arch replacements.”

Dr. Sean, as his patients like to call him, wanted to expand, and he began traveling to Southern California to place implants for other dentists in their offices. He opened his first 4M Dental Implant Center in Newport Beach, California in 2017. Since then, he has opened two more offices, in Anaheim Hills and Long Beach, California.

To complete the circle of helping as many people as possible, Dr. Sean opened the 4M Institute, to teach dentists the advanced art and science of dental implants. “I am humbled by the excitement other dentists have shown to learn the 4M procedures and techniques,” says Dr. Sean. “It has been my hope to help as many people as possible with dental implants. I never dreamed that I would be able to help so many. I genuinely believe that 4M is the simplest and most comfortable solution to missing teeth, especially for those needing a full arch of teeth.”

Dentistry is ever changing, with stronger and more natural looking materials. Complex procedures are becoming mainstream, and faster and less painful techniques are giving patients better results quicker and more comfortably than ever before. Teaching dentists advanced skills and improving their practices enables Dr. Sean and his team at All Bright Dental and 4M Dental Implant Center to positively impact the lives of patients around the world.

See before and after photos and videos of actual patients, and learn more about our full arch All-on-4®, 4M dental implant system at

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Kessler Dental Associates Has the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenixville, PA, Offering Patients Dental Implants and More – Press Release

Kessler Dental Associates Has the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenixville, PA, Offering Patients Dental Implants and More

Phoenixville, PA – Everyone deserves to be attended to by the best professional and that is why Kessler Dental Associates is proud to offer the best cosmetic dentist in Phoenixville, PA to the members of the community. Members of the community who wish to improve their appearance, appeal, as well as the quality of their smile can now rely on proven and effective dental solutions offered by the dental team at Kessler Dental Associates.

Having treated hundreds of patients in the past, the dental team at Kessler Dental Associates focuses on delivering personalized and interactive cosmetic dental solutions to patients. Each patient visiting the facility will have access to a state-of-the-art facility, as well as cutting-edge dental solutions to address their dental needs.

The dental team at Kessler Dental Associates gives each patient a chance to lodge their complaint, ask questions regarding the symptoms, and proceed to carry out detailed and comprehensive examinations aimed at accurately diagnosing the condition. Following diagnosis, the dental team proceeds to put together treatment options on which the patient will be educated to allow them to make informed treatment decisions.

Patients who have lost one or more of their teeth, thus, destroying their smile, can visit the clinic to enjoy the advantages of Dental Implants.

Describing the permanent teeth replacement procedure, the spokesperson for the dental team, Dr. Lon R. Kessler said, “Dental implants can last for a lifetime. These prosthetics support the entire oral health system – especially adjacent teeth/prosthetics and the jawbones. Other tooth replacement methods don’t address the loss of the roots of teeth and instead focus solely on replacing visible tooth structure. Implants keep adjacent teeth from collapsing into empty tooth sockets. They also keep the jawbone healthy and active so that bone deterioration post-tooth loss is less of a concern. Patients with dental implants enjoy well-balanced diets that can include tough and chewy items. Oral function with stabilized dental implants is comfortable, too.”

Patients who have undergone the dental implant procedure will be able to manage the implant as if they were their natural teeth. Cleaning and caring for implants are not cumbersome or difficult. The prosthetics, the same as the natural teeth, are brushed and flossed the same way.

Added to the dental implant procedure offered at the clinic, the top rated dentist in Phoenixville, PA also provides family dentistry services aimed at ensuring that patients continue to enjoy the advantages of strong and healthy teeth.

Patients visiting the clinic can also enjoy Invisalign aligners for straightening their teeth and correcting common orthodontic problems; periodontal therapy aimed at addressing infections affecting the gum, and more.

Kessler Dental Associates is located at 1150 Valley Forge Road, Suite 101, Phoenixville, PA 19460, US. For dental implants and more, contact their team by calling 610-933-3342 to schedule an appointment. For additional information regarding their services, send an email to [email protected] or visit the dental clinic’s website.

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