Supporters Celebrate Veterans Day with Functional Fitness Workout

Participants will complete 11 rounds of five exercises representing the branches of service and the rich history of Veterans Day virtually or in their local communities. More than 100 gyms have registered to host a WOD for Warriors, following local health guidance.

“WOD for Warriors is a great opportunity to support veterans through functional fitness,” said Mike Erwin, Executive Director of Team RWB. “We’re thrilled that The Vitamin Shoppe, our partners, and hundreds of participants across the nation are joining us this year.”

All proceeds support Team RWB’s mission while enabling community members to do more than say “Thank You” this Veterans Day.

“The Vitamin Shoppe and all of our Health Enthusiasts associates are honored to join this year’s WOD for Warriors in support of Team RWB, and help power its health and wellness mission that so closely aligns to our own. I know our incredible partners at BPI Sports, MuscleTech, Outright, ProSupps, and RedCon1 join me in a heartfelt salute to all the veterans who have served our nation and communities. There has never been a more meaningful time to recognize their spirit of honor, commitment and drive, and for us all to learn from that example,” said Sharon Leite, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe.

To prepare for the workout, veterans and supporters have been participating in a Team RWB training plan by Army officer and 2x CrossFit Games athlete Chandler Smith, which began on October 16. Partner exercises, modifications, and an adaptive WOD (workout of the day) developed by the Wounded Warrior Project are available to offer athletes of all abilities the opportunity to sweat their support.

Participants are invited to join a live stream WOD for Warriors event at 5:30 p.m. (Eastern) hosted in Tampa, FL, by Yuengling Beer at Cigar City CrossFit. The live stream will be made available through the Team RWB App on November 11.

Learn more or register for WOD for Warriors at 

About Team Red, White & Blue
Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB), a nonprofit organization founded in 2010, is forging America’s leading health and wellness community for military veterans, families, and their supporters. With Team RWB, all veterans have the opportunity to reclaim what was most precious about their military service: an unwavering sense of belonging born of challenges that show us what we are capable of. For more information, visit

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[email protected]

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Functional Medicine is Making Waves in the Medical Field – Press Release

Functional Medicine is Making Waves in the Medical Field

All medicine is created equal, correct? It may surprise patients to learn that not every treatment is right for every person. For decades, patients in Atlanta, GA, have relied on conventional medicine to diagnose and treat their ailments. However, it may not be the best choice for everyone. Here’s why functional medicine is becoming more popular for patients of all ages.

A Better Way to Treat Illness

When a patient visits a conventional doctor, they describe their symptoms and wait for a diagnosis. The doctor uses this information to develop a treatment plan. In most instances, these appointments only last a few minutes, and the doctor doesn’t push the patient for more information.

While it’s possible to correctly diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses in this manner, it’s not always the best option. Patients often fail to tell their physician about other factors that may play a role in their health, and some people only continue to get worse after diagnosis. Functional medicine bridges this gap.

What is functional medicine? It’s a comprehensive way to determine and treat the root cause of a patient’s illness. According to, functional medicine is a patient-focused approach. It goes beyond symptoms to create a personalized treatment plan.

How Functional Medicine Works

Functional medicine is a collaborative approach to health care. Instead of relying on a single physician for treatment, patients also receive advice from other medical professionals. According to, naturopathic doctors and dietitians are some of the most common. Combining the knowledge of several medical experts provides patients with a more comprehensive diagnosis and more advanced treatment options.

For example, if a physician discovers a patient has high cholesterol after running a series of tests, they may prescribe a medication to lower it. However, without also addressing the patient’s lifestyle and dietary habits, the medicine will only mask the problem. Functional medicine lets doctors work together to find and treat the root cause of an illness or disorder.

Is Functional Medicine Right for Everyone? 

Patients often hit a brick wall when it comes to treating illnesses. Why aren’t they getting better? Are there other treatments out there? Since functional medicine looks past symptoms to figure out what’s really going on, patients can often reach their health goals faster than before.

Functional medicine isn’t a new approach to medicine; it’s just a better approach. Patients still have access to highly-skilled doctors, but they’ll also be able to meet with other medical experts to obtain different opinions. Appointments are more thorough, and doctors ask questions to learn as much about the patient as possible. Getting to know the entire person instead of just the symptoms makes this approach better for most people.

A Functional Approach to Better Health

Progressive Medical Center is an integrative medical center, providing functional medicine to patients since 1998. Using a whole-person approach, the doctors offer advanced diagnostics and comprehensive solutions to every patient. It’s their goal to help people regain their health through customized therapies and proven remedies.

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