D1 Training introduces its athletic-based fitness concept to the Fox Valley Area

D1 Training, a leading fitness concept utilizing the five core tenets of athletic-based training, has opened a location serving the Fox Valley area. The group fitness facility employs a sports-science backed training regimen led by certified trainers to help people of all ages achieve their sport and fitness goals. The training center located in Aurora at 403 S. Route 59 hosted its grand opening Sept. 12.

The first D1 Training center in the Chicago area is owned and operated by longtime friends and business partners, Jeffrey Cantieri and Paul Bullard, both of whom wanted to make an impact in their community and help change lives by inspiring and motivating people to reach their fitness and sports goals.



“It’s always been a dream of mine to own a business like D1, because it can have such a positive impact in people’s lives,” said Bullard. “Our facility caters to everyone, whether you’re looking to get or stay fit or you’re working toward sports-specific goals. We have trainers, known as coaches at D1, that can help people of any age and fitness level — making sure everyone feels welcome is our top priority.”

With safety at a premium, D1 Fox Valley has equipment and procedures in place to ensure all members and employees are protected. D1 Fox Valley has installed brand new HVAC equipment with an ionization system that helps kill germs and they will conduct temperature checks for everyone entering the facility. Equipment will be cleaned every hour and class size will be limited with members being spaced 6 feet apart.

D1 Training Fox Valley offers five age-based fitness programs including Rookie (ages 7-11), Developmental (ages 12-14), Prep (ages 15-18), Boot Camp (adults) and Strength Training (adults). They also offer personal, small group and team training. Each fitness program is based on D1’s 5-Star Training philosophy incorporating: dynamic warm-up, performance, strength, core and conditioning, and cool down.

Plus, every workout is expertly-designed by D1’s National Training Panel, led by a certified trainer, and built around the concept of periodization which builds week-upon-week to create a well-rounded program targeted to reach specific goals. Some additional benefits of D1’s 5-Star Training include utilization of the latest science in training and physiology, 1on1 goal setting and tracking of results, adaptable and personalized workouts, and more.

“Jeffrey and Paul are a passionate and knowledgeable pair making them perfect to bring the D1 Training experience to the Chicagoland area,” said the brand’s Chief Operating Officer, Dan Murphy. “We’re thrilled to welcome them to the D1 family and are confident in their ability to show the Chicago area what they’ve been missing out on. D1 is a one-of-a-kind fitness experience that’s built to help people efficiently reach their fitness goals. Our strong network of franchisees embodies our core values to bring the D1 Training vision to life, and we know Jeffrey and Paul will do just that in Aurora and its surrounding communities.”

For more information on D1 Training Fox Valley in Aurora, visit or call (630)

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Trump mocks Fox News host Laura Ingraham for wearing mask at rally

The president has often been critical of his opponents for wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic

President Donald Trump has been critical of his opponents for wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, he turned that criticism on to one of his biggest supporters: Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham was attending Trump’s campaign rally in Waterford Township, Michigan when Trump spotted the conservative TV personality and pointed her out in the crowd. Noticing that she was wearing a protective mask, he went off-script and began drawing attention to her.

“I can’t recognize you. Is that a mask? No way,” Trump said. “Are you wearing a mask? I’ve never seen her in a mask. Look at you. Oh, she’s being very politically correct. Whoa. Whoa.”

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Trump previously mocked Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for wearing a mask at their first debate earlier this month. At that same debate, his inner circle who attended opted not to wear masks while in the audience.

The president repeatedly said publicly that wearing masks shouldn’t be mandatory, despite several doctors and experts, including the nation’s top infectious disease official, Dr. Anthony Fauci, stating that wearing protective masks can decrease the risk of contracting coronavirus.

Fauci wants a national mandate for wearing masks but concedes that Trump would keep that from happening, reported Forbes.

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Trump’s mocking of Ingraham stands out as she is one of his biggest sympathizers in the media. Ingraham gave an emotional statement of support to Trump on Fox News following his diagnosis of COVID-19. “We’ll take up the slack. Because you fought for us,” Ingraham said. “Do not fear for a moment. Because now we’re going to fight for you.”

Ingraham is the same Fox News host who famously coined the phrase “shut up and dribble,” after criticizing NBA superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant for condemning the president on social media. This prompted a backlash from NBA players, including the late Kobe Bryant, who addressed it in his Oscar acceptance speech in 2018.

In 2019, James would go on to executive produce a Showtime documentary series called Shut Up and Dribble, which chronicled the history of NBA players speaking out against social and political injustice.

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Fitness Diary: Fox White House Correspondent John Roberts

Fox News White House Correspondent John Roberts. Photograph courtesy of Fox News.

Welcome to Busy Bodies, where we ask busy Washingtonians how they balance health and fitness while working crazy hours, raising a family, and meeting the demands of the daily hustle. Know someone who’s killing the fitness game while getting it done (maybe it’s you)? Email [email protected]

John Roberts is the chief White House correspondent for Fox News, which, under normal circumstances, is a busy job. It’s a very busy job during the pandemic: The 63-year-old McLean resident often finds himself working 12-hour days, which leaves little time for hobbies or exercise during the week.

But, with three stents in his heart due to blocked arteries Roberts attributes to years of smoking, the journalist makes it a priority to eat well and sweat when he can. He bikes, plays golf, and wake boards with his family on the weekends. Sadly, it seems like his glory days as an athlete are behind him, though: “Winning the hockey championship when I was 11 years-old was the pinnacle of my athletic career,” he says. “It’s been all downhill from there.”

Roberts golfing. Photograph courtesy of John Roberts.

Here’s how Roberts gets it done:

“I typically get up at about 6 AM and leave for work at about 7 AM. I’ll bring a couple of low-sugar yogurt cups with me and a healthy lunch (typically leftovers from dinner the night before). I’ll usually stop in at the Starbucks next to my garage on Pennsylvania Avenue and grab a breakfast item. The spinach-feta wrap is my go-to choice. It fills me up–though with fewer than 300 calories. For dinner, we eat a lot of chicken or fish. As I have three stents in my heart, we try to eat low-fat meals and go easy on the salt.

“I usually get in [to work] at about 7:30 AM and stay until 7 PM. I joke that in my business, a half-day is 12 hours long. I try as often as possible to work five days a week so I can spend the weekends with the family. We have 9-year-old twins who were only 4 years-old last week. Time goes so fast, there is not a minute to lose.

“My particular business puts a premium on looks, so keeping fit and trim is almost part of the job. I also don’t like how I feel if I put on a few pounds. My ‘accountability buddy’ is my wife Kyra [Phillips, an ABC News correspondent], who is only too happy to shame me about my ‘pot’ if I get a little out of control. She bought me a Peloton a couple of years ago, but I have to be honest in saying that it hasn’t been getting as much use as it should.

“I have always been a sports enthusiast and like staying in relatively decent shape. I still enjoy things I did as a kid—cycling, tennis, golf (I like to walk), hiking, water-

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