The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization and Share Moving Media Announce Joint Venture to Publish DSO-focused Dental Trade Magazine

The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (DEO) is committed to providing emerging dental group leaders access to the connections, education, and resources they need to grow. So, The DEO is excited to announce its joint venture with Share Moving Media to form DEO Media, LLC, publisher of Efficiency In Group Practice Magazine, a resource for dentist entrepreneurs and DSO leaders.

PORTLAND, Ore. (PRWEB) December 03, 2020

The Dentist Entrepreneur Organization (The DEO) of Portland, Oregon and Share Moving Media of Lawrenceville, Georgia announce the formation of a new entity called DEO Media, LLC, a joint venture between the two organizations to publish Efficiency in Group Practice, a bi-monthly dental trade magazine focused on DSOs (dental service organizations) and group dentistry.

“We’re extremely excited to give emerging dental group leaders even more access to the people, education, and resources they need to grow,” said Jacob Puhl, CEO of The DEO. “This partnership further enables us to continue our mission to help dentist entrepreneurs and their executives fulfill their visions. We hope to have a continued positive impact on the dental community.”

Efficiency In Group Practice provides an informational and educational link between manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and dental group practices. Each issue of Efficiency covers emerging trends in dentistry, and provides content to enable group practices to capitalize on their distinct strengths and differences to reach new heights of efficiency and become more profitable.

“This new partnership positions Efficiency in Group Practice with the leadership and direction so dearly needed for a publication to thrive in these dynamic times,” said Share Moving Media CEO John Pritchard. “Now more than ever, dental group practices need insight, understanding and community to grow their practices. We are excited to partner with Jacob Puhl and the entire DEO team to help provide just that!”

Under the partnership, The DEO and Share Moving Media will collaborate on editorial, sales, marketing and distribution of the industry-leading publication. Jacob Puhl, partner and CEO of the Dentist Entrepreneur Organization, will be Efficiency’s publisher.

The first issue from DEO Media, LLC will be the January-February 2021 edition of Efficiency In Group Practice.


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Crossroads Dental Arts Named The Best Dentist In Owings Mills – Press Release

Crossroads Dental Arts Named The Best Dentist In Owings Mills

Owings Mills, MD – A great smile can significantly boost the appearance and appeal. The team at Crossroads Dental Arts understands the importance of a great smile in boosting a person’s appeal. Therefore, the dental team offers a 5-star dental experience that helps patients to maintain the best oral health for the best smile. The dental team at Crossroads Dental Arts ensures that each client coming into the clinic is offered personalized dental care and treatment attention as well as a pain-free dental experience.

Operating from a comfortable and relaxing location, Crossroads Dental Arts and its dental team ensure that each patient that walks into its dental clinic will have access to the best dental experience possible in the area. By combining a team of experienced dentists with the use of the latest dental procedures and technologies, patients are guaranteed the best dental results at all times.

Rated the best Dentist near you for Owings Mills, Maryland residents, Dr. Joanne Block Rief of Crossroads Dental Arts said; “Our purpose as a dental team is to provide the best dental care for our patients. With care and understanding, Dr. Joanne Block Rief and her team strive to deliver this treatment as gently as possible. We believe in over-delivering, providing same day treatment, and on-time appointments. We want to help our patients achieve excellent oral and overall health and create the exceptional smile they deserve.”

As a team that is committed to the best interest of patients, Crossroads Dental Arts offers an initial appointment during which the patient’s concerns and cosmetic desires will be addressed. The dental team at Crossroads Dental Arts respects the time and schedule of each patient and will not double book. Patients will be seen by the dentist at their scheduled appointment time. The dentist also offers ample appointment time that allows each patient to feel comfortable while their dental concerns are discussed and addressed.

Once the dental problem has been discussed, the dentist carries out a thorough dental examination and necessary radiographs. The results and diagnosis will lead to the development of a treatment plan, if necessary.

Patients will also have access to written explanations of most procedures and problems. The dental team will offer patient education on the advantages and disadvantages of treatment, risks of treatment, options, and costs of treatment.

Crossroads Dental Arts remains the best dental clinic in the area. Patients can visit the clinic for all dental needs ranging from simple procedures like dental examination and cleaning to complex procedures like oral surgery, laser dentistry, and more.

Check our reviews on the website or visit the dental clinic at 10 Crossroads Dr Ste 203, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 US. To schedule an appointment, call (410) 363-2121 or send an email to [email protected]

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Phone: (410) 363-2121
Address:10 Crossroads Dr Ste 203
City: Owings Mills
State: MD
Country: United States

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A Dental Crowns Dentist in Ajax Reveals the Magic of Crowns

Dental crowns dentist in Ajax has revealed how this special procedure can change someone’s life.

Singer Dental’s Ajax dental office say that they feel like they are performing magic on someone’s smile when they are fitting them with dental crowns.

A spokesman said: “A crown is what covers a broken, damaged or decayed tooth. It not only transforms someone smile, but it will help to keep the shape of the patient’s jaw, improve their bite and chewing.

“They are a great solution for fixing the appearance of a damaged tooth. People can choose the material they would like their crown to be. They are usually porcelain or ceramic, but they could also be gold. The crown will sit over the damaged tooth and it will give a greater coverage than a veneer that only covers part of the tooth.

“Some people might need a whole tooth replaced, so a cap or crown can fit over an implant too,” he added.

A crown is usually fitted in two visits to the dental clinic. The first visit is when the dentist will examine the tooth and ensure that it can support a crown. They will assess the size and shape of it. If it is too big, then they will file down the tooth to allow the crown to fit. If it is too small or too damaged, then they will fill out the tooth to allow the cap to fit correctly.

The dentist will then take a plaster mould of the tooth so it can be sent to a lab for the crown to be made to the fit the tooth.  The dentist will often fit a temporary crown during the first visit so a patient can carry on with day to day life and eating until the crown is ready.

Two to three weeks later is when the patient will visit the clinic for a second time to have the crown fitted. It is secured in place with special dental grade adhesive.

The spokesman added: “Having a crown fitted should be relatively painless as the dentist will numb the mouth while the work is being carried out. Once fitted, a crown is expected to last between five and 15 years, it just depends on how well the person cleans it and also how they bite and chew. The more wear and tear the crown experiences then the less time it will last.”

The cost of a crown will depend upon the material used. A gold crown can cost between £600 and $2,500. A porcelain crown could cost between $800 and $3,000. Porcelain crowns that are fused to metal are probably one of the cheapest options – between $500 and $1,500.

About Singer Dental

Singer Dental is an Ajax based dental office that offers a full range of dental services and treatments. The clinic can offer general checkups and dental care, including periodontal maintenance and root canal through to advanced cosmetic dentistry like a full mouth restoration.

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Winnipeg Dental Practice Announces The Addition Of A New Dentist To The Company As They Continue To Grow & Expand – Press Release

Winnipeg Dental Practice Announces The Addition Of A New Dentist To The Company As They Continue To Grow & Expand

East Kildonan Dental Group, a fast-growing dental practice, is delighted to announce the addition of a new dentist to their ever-expanding team. The new dentist Dr. Ji Hun Han was born in Seoul, South Korea, and then moved to Winnipeg in 1998. He completed his D.M.D at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry in 2020 and his Bachelor of Science in Dentistry [B.Sc. (DENT)] with research on nanoparticles and their use in dentistry.

WINNIPEG, Canada East Kildonan Dental Group, a fast-growing dental practice, is delighted to announce the addition of a new dentist to their ever-expanding team. The new dentist Dr. Ji Hun Han was born in Seoul, South Korea, and then moved to Winnipeg in 1998. He completed his D.M.D at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry in 2020 and his Bachelor of Science in Dentistry [B.Sc. (DENT)] with research on nanoparticles and their use in dentistry.  

Although he enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, his driving passion is in the education of patients, with the aims of improving their oral health and preventing potential disease progression. He acknowledges that dental anxiety is a huge issue for many patients and has devised a range of strategies to help patients overcome their worries and concerns. He is interested in building a relationship with his patients so that they feel comfortable at their dental appointments, and is constantly working to improve his dental skills and knowledge through continuing education courses. Outside of his work, he enjoys rock climbing, playing soccer, and watching movies in his spare time. He is also fluent in English and Korean. 

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Han on our team, and we know that he will be a valuable asset to the business,” said dental colleague, Alex Serebnitski. “Dr. Han stood out from the crowd, has an excellent work ethic, and also demonstrates compassion and a nurturing attitude, which reflects our business ethos. We look forward to working with him for many years to come.” 

East Kildonan Dental is a locally owned and operated business in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The dental office was initially established in 1949, and over the years, has become a staple in East Kildonan. They take pride in the quality and variety of dental services they’ve offered to many friends and families over the years. 

With the addition of Dr. Han, East Kildonan Dental Group is extending its hours of operation. They can see more patients because of the new dentist. This business is continually working to serve the people of Winnipeg better, and their practice is now more accessible thanks to their growing team.

The new hours are Monday to Thursday, from 8 AM – 8 PM, and Friday to Saturday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

For more information about the company and the various dental services that they provide, visit their website at


Media Contact
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Contact Person: Alex Serebnitski
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Phone: 204-661-2614
Address:807 Henderson

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Local Dentist forms California Institute for Dental Implants

A local dentist develops new dental implant surgery and placement to give more people a chance at a healthy smile.

After years of using multiple systems to perform dental implant surgery and implant placement, Dr. Sean Mohtashami of All Bright Dental created his own and called it the 4M Dental Implant Solution. The 4M Dental Implant Solution gives patients with unhealthy or missing teeth an opportunity to get dental implants, even if they have been told they do not have enough bone.

“I developed my system after many years of using several other world-renowned dental implant systems,” says Dr. Sean. “I have always felt there must be a better way, and so I addressed every step of the procedure. My team and I developed a solution that is easier, faster, and more comfortable for the patient. We still use the All-On-4® procedure for full-mouth restorations, but we’ve also designed and developed some incredibly durable and natural-looking implants for single tooth and full-arch replacements.”

Dr. Sean, as his patients like to call him, wanted to expand, and he began traveling to Southern California to place implants for other dentists in their offices. He opened his first 4M Dental Implant Center in Newport Beach, California in 2017. Since then, he has opened two more offices, in Anaheim Hills and Long Beach, California.

To complete the circle of helping as many people as possible, Dr. Sean opened the 4M Institute, to teach dentists the advanced art and science of dental implants. “I am humbled by the excitement other dentists have shown to learn the 4M procedures and techniques,” says Dr. Sean. “It has been my hope to help as many people as possible with dental implants. I never dreamed that I would be able to help so many. I genuinely believe that 4M is the simplest and most comfortable solution to missing teeth, especially for those needing a full arch of teeth.”

Dentistry is ever changing, with stronger and more natural looking materials. Complex procedures are becoming mainstream, and faster and less painful techniques are giving patients better results quicker and more comfortably than ever before. Teaching dentists advanced skills and improving their practices enables Dr. Sean and his team at All Bright Dental and 4M Dental Implant Center to positively impact the lives of patients around the world.

See before and after photos and videos of actual patients, and learn more about our full arch All-on-4®, 4M dental implant system at

Members of the editorial and news staff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal were not involved in the creation of this content.

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Local dentist leads resurgence of Pocatello Free Clinic dental program | Local

Brandon Call ran the Pocatello Free Clinic’s dental department for two years as his college job while he earned his undergraduate degree at Idaho State University.

Call was tasked with ordering supplies, scheduling patients — and mostly recruiting local dental professionals willing to volunteer their time.

He’s now known as Dr. Call, and he hasn’t forgotten the Pocatello Free Clinic. For the past year, the 32-year-old dentist has volunteered at the clinic on a monthly basis, providing free care for locals who can’t afford it. He’s been a central figure in the resurgence of the clinic’s dental program, which was greatly diminished when he made his return.

“It was kind of full circle to come back and participate in the program I’d spent a few years getting other dentists to volunteer for,” said Call, who graduated from dental school at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2019.

A few weeks ago, ISU dental residents started donating time at the clinic. Furthermore, Meg Long, a dental hygienist who serves on the clinic’s board of directors, recently retired from teaching dental hygiene at ISU and plans to start volunteering regularly at the clinic after the first of the year. Long, who still works in private practice, also hopes to recruit some recently retired colleagues to help with cleanings at the clinic. 

“If we could get one hygienist in there an afternoon or a morning a week that would be great,” Long said. 

Students with ISU’s dental hygiene program have provided care for the clinic as part of their clinical rotations for several years. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, however, they’re offering the free service on campus instead. Long said there are also some dentists in town who have agreed to see a patient or two from the clinic for free at their own facilities. 

“We have to rely on volunteers and sometimes that’s just the holdup,” Long said.

The clinic is now outfitted with modern dental equipment procured with grant funding from the Portneuf Health Trust. 

 Long said most local dentists don’t accept Medicaid due to the poor reimbursement rate. She said there’s a huge need for free dental care in the community.

“Oral health is the start of general health and we have so many people who just can’t afford private practice dental care,” Long said. 

During Call’s Nov. 19 session at the Pocatello Free Clinic, Long witnessed him extracting seven teeth from a patient who had been to the hospital emergency room twice due to the infection caused by his tooth decay. She explained the emergency room could only give him antibiotics to treat his symptoms. 

“(Dr. Call) has always had a heart for it and he said, ‘Someday I’ll come and I’ll  give back,’ and he’s doing that,” Long said. 

Call had his first experience with helping people in need improve their oral health when he was just 12 years old. His Eagle Scout project involved collecting dental supplies. He took them to Peru, where

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Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County Has The Best Dentist For All Dental Care and Treatment Procedures

Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County Has The Best Dentist For All Dental Care and Treatment Procedures

Dover, NJ – Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County has a reputation that precedes it. The dental clinic is known for its 5-star dental care and treatment services. Members of the Dover, New Jersey community who have in the past had negative dental care and treatment experiences have found that the dental team at Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County pays attention to the last detail while delivering a pain-free dental experience.

With hundreds of patients attended to, the team at Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County remains committed to delivering a 5-star dental care experience that begins when the patient steps foot into the clinic.

The administrative staff is helpful, friendly, and professional in the discharge of their duties. New patients will find the team helpful throughout and after the registration process. The administrative staff will provide all of the help needed by the new patient during the registration process and with the paperwork. The team also offers information on financing plans, dental services offered, and more.

The dental clinic boasts of a relaxing and comfortable waiting area where patients can wait ahead of their dental appointment. Boasting a spacious dental office and consultation room, patients will enjoy the highest level of privacy as they discuss their dental problems with the attending dentist. The dentist at Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County ensures that patients are provided the personalized service they need towards getting to the root of their dental problems.

By using the latest and most sophisticated dental equipment and tools, patients are guaranteed accurate diagnosis. The Dover Dentist understands the importance of accurate diagnosis as the first step to the proper treatment of dental problems. Patients will be educated on their dental condition and also offered all of the information they need to know regarding the available treatment options.

The dental team at Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County offers a wide range of dental care and treatment solutions. Procedures offered at the clinic include general dentistry procedures like oral cancer screening, tooth decay services, regular dental cleanings, dental fillings, teeth whitening treatment, and more.

The dental team also offers comprehensive cosmetic dental solutions aimed at improving the quality of the patient’s smile. Some of the cosmetic dental procedures offered include dental implants for patients who have lost one or more teeth, teeth bleaching, porcelain veneers, as well as Invisalign aligners to correct orthodontic problems and for straighter teeth.

Patients in need of oral surgery intervention can also rely on the dental surgeons at Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County to handle their needs. The team offers wisdom teeth extractions, tooth extractions, and extraction aftercare services.

Visit Aesthetic Dental Center of Morris County at 600 Mt. Pleasant Ave Suite E, Dover, NJ, 07801, or call (973) 361-6200. For more information, send an email to [email protected] or visit their website.

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Contact Person: Vladmir Meskin DDS
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Phone: (973) 361-6200
Address:600 Mt. Pleasant Ave Suite

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Sleep apnea and your dentist: A dental visit is a proactive approach to overall health

Article content continued

“MDs don’t spend any time in the mouth and their practice is often symptomatic driven,” he says. “They take into account signs and symptoms a patient brings up. An oral exam is a proactive rather than reactive approach to health because we do a full look-around at the teeth and all the soft issue as well as checking lymph nodes and taking X-rays to check bone levels.”

While sleep apnea may show up as dissolved enamel alongside issues such as gingivitis or periodontal disease, nutritional issues, for example, can be seen in gum inflammation, tongue health, plaque buildup on and in between the teeth as well as in bone health.

Diabetes, meanwhile, may present through bone loss, inflamed and sore soft tissue around the teeth, impaired and/or delayed wound healing and dry mouth. However, because these symptoms can also be indicators of much lesser issues, Dr. McCullough warns against self-diagnosing.

“Google MD can be your worst nightmare because for every symptom you can find a gloom and doom scenario,” he says. “Plaque buildup, for example, could be something as simple as needing to floss more. Even if you’re in for a cleaning, dental hygienists are also trained to spot issues, so you are covered from various angles.”

Patients who experience an issue in between appointments, Dr. McCullough suggests, should first ensure it wasn’t caused by something within their control, such as biting into a too-hot slice of pizza, which can take time to heal.

“If you’re losing sleep because you’re in pain or something is beyond normal and you don’t have a reason why it happened, make an appointment with your dentist,” he says. “But, generally, going to a dentist regularly is a great way to monitor your overall heath and correct any issues quickly.”

For more information, visit

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San Luis Obispo Dentist Reports the Top Dental Concerns for Teens

Daily brushing and flossing and limiting sugary food and beverages are always at the top of good dental practices regardless of age. The tween and teen years do highlight some special concerns and Dr. Douglas Ng, a dentist in San Luis Obispo, CA is pleased to bring these concerns to the attention of parents and teens.

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (PRWEB) November 11, 2020

Daily brushing and flossing and limiting sugary food and beverages are always at the top of good dental practices regardless of age. The tween and teen years do highlight some special concerns and Dr. Douglas Ng, a dentist in San Luis Obispo, CA is pleased to bring these concerns to the attention of parents and teens.

The late teen years are the time that wisdom teeth begin to erupt through the gums, often causing pain and complications. Wisdom teeth come in between 17 and 21 years and they often do not have enough room to completely grow in. Problems can include pain, infection, tooth decay, gum disease and damage to adjacent teeth. The dentist may recommend removing them to prevent more problems, or when removal is part of getting braces.

Along with problematic wisdom teeth, the teen years are often the time kids get braces, start smoking, getting mouth jewelry, and participating more assertively in sports.

  • The tween and teen years are often the time of life when kids get braces and extra attention is required to maintain a healthy mouth. Follow the dentist and hygienist’s instructions to the letter and keep all of your appointments. The dentist may recommend avoiding foods that might break or bend the wires, such as nuts, popcorn, or sticky foods.
  • Smoking is a very unhealthy habit for all of the body, not just the mouth. Along with causing bad breath, and ultimately contributing to heart and lung disease, smoking contributes to gum disease, tooth loss and oral cancer. Tobacco stains teeth and even the tongue, dulls the sense of taste and smell, and contributes to slow healing after dental procedures.
  • Oral piercings and tongue splitting don’t really look that cool, and might be dangerous to health. The mouth contains millions of bacteria and piercings and tongue splitting can easily become infected, resulting in serious complications such as hepatitis or endocaritis. Jewelry inside the mouth damages tooth enamel and can chip and even break teeth.
  • Wear a mouth guard during any sport including skateboarding or snowboarding. Mouth guards help protect your teeth from being broken or knocked out and cushion blows that could damage the lips, face, and jaw. Ask your San Luis Obispo dentist for the best mouth guard.

Other issues that can surface with teens include eating disorders and drug addictions. Early signs of certain eating disorders or substance addictions can also show up in the mouth.

  • The stomach acids from repeated vomiting erode tooth enamel, especially on the inside of the teeth.
  • “Meth Mouth,” a term describing the stained, rotting and crumbling teeth associated with methamphetamine use, happens
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University of Otago Exemplary Dentist Returns Home To Open a Cosmetic Dental Practice in Mairangi Bay – Press Release

University of Otago Exemplary Dentist Returns Home To Open a Cosmetic Dental Practice in Mairangi Bay

Doctor AJ Salman BDS, FICCDE, owner and founder of Northmed Dental, is delighted to announce the opening of his second dental clinic, which is due to open on the 17th of November at 512 East Coast Road, Windsor Park, Auckland 0630, New Zealand.

New Zealand Doctor AJ Salman BDS, FICCDE, owner and founder of Northmed Dental, is delighted to announce the opening of his second dental clinic, which is due to open on the 17th of November at 512 East Coast Road, Windsor Park, Auckland 0630, New Zealand. 

Doctor Salman grew up in Auckland’s East Coast Bays, and fell in love with the area and its residents. His plan was always to return there one day to open a dental clinic, and today marks the fulfillment of that dream. 

Doctor Salman knew that he wanted to be a dentist from the age of ten and worked hard to achieve his goals. He applied to study dentistry at the University of Otago, which at the time was the number 9 ranked university in the world. Despite extremely tough competition, he was accepted and eventually asked to represent the students as the President of the New Zealand Dental Student Association. Having successfully completed his qualifications and winning two awards along the way, Doctor Salman opened a dental clinic in Auckland, Northcote. However, his ambition and dream was always to return to the bays and open a dental clinic in this location. 

The second clinic will offer general and cosmetic dental services including Invisalign orthodontics, teeth whitening services and the fitting of porcelain veneers. The clinic will offer services to anyone from the age of 13 up, with a strong focus on the treatment of teenagers’ teeth and jaw structure development. Dr Salman is determined to become the number one provider of quality general and cosmetic dentistry around Auckland. 

“I am really excited to be returning to the Mairangi Bay area and fulfilling my dream of opening a dental clinic there,” said Doctor Salman of Northmed Dental. “I feel both honoured and blessed to have achieved this, and I am now focused on building the practice and serving the local community, that means so much to me. One of the best parts of my job is taking on difficult makeover cases, which other professionals have refused. Being able to witness the transformation in my patients’ looks and confidence is the most rewarding aspect of my job. I can’t wait to get started and look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones as the practice grows.” 

Northmed Dental is a locally owned and operated business based in Mairangi Bay Auckland. The company has invested in the latest technical equipment, and advanced dental technology, to ensure that they provide the best possible experience and results for their clients. As residents of Auckland’s North Shore, and having grown up in the local community, Dr Salman and his team are committed to excellent customer service and providing first-class dental treatment.

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