Twitter Reacts To Melania Trump Voting With No Mask After Contracting COVID-19: ‘Disrespectful’


  • Melania Trump did not wear a face mask when she voted in person in Palm Beach, Florida
  • Twitter users criticized Trump for stepping out without a mask despite having contracted COVID-19
  • Some netizens came to Trump’s defense and said the first lady was no longer contagious

Melania Trump has been criticized on Twitter after ditching her face mask when she went to the polls to cast her ballot on Tuesday.

Trump voted in person in Palm Beach, Florida, sporting an outfit that reportedly cost $22,000 but didn’t include a face covering. This didn’t sit well with some netizens, who said that the 50-year-old first lady didn’t learn her lesson after testing positive for COVID-19 last month.

“She doesn’t really care. Especially since she has already had C-19.  No one else matters to her,” one wrote.

“Irresponsible leadership – she needs a good fine.  Take back some of the tax payer money she spends,” another  Twitter user posted.

“Did not even learn one bit on what happened to his husband catching the CCP virus,” a third netizen commented.

Others, however, came to Trump’s defense, claiming that there was no need for her to wear a mask because she is no longer contagious. Some said they had no problem with her ditching a face covering since she is unlikely to come in contact with people.

“She’s surrounded by secret service and won’t get within hundreds of feet from anyone!! She’s the First Lady, no one can go near her. She doesn’t need a mask!” a Twitter user wrote.

“Why would someone who just had the virus, has antibodies, and is no longer contagious wear a mask?” another tweeted.

“Well she did have COVID, so currently unlikely to get infected or be infectious…” a third netizen wrote.

Some pointed out that Trump could be susceptible to getting infected again even after testing negative for the coronavirus.

“Having COVID already doesn’t stop you from being infectious again. If she came in contact with the virus again, is asymptomatic, or simply carrying it, she could infect others,” one Twitter user argued.

President Donald Trump announced via Twitter on Oct. 2 that he and Melania had tested positive for COVID-19 and would be going into quarantine.

Two weeks later, Melania penned an essay for the White House website about her battle with coronavirus, revealing that their 14-year-old son, Barron, also tested positive. Unlike the president and Barron, however, Melania said she exhibited symptoms of COVID-19, including body aches, fatigue, a cough and headaches.

All three have since tested negative for COVID-19.

In a rare public statement, US first lady Melania Trump said the allegations about her husband published by The Atlantic magazine -- that he called fallen US Marines "losers" and "suckers" -- were false In a rare public statement, US first lady Melania Trump said the allegations about her husband published by The Atlantic magazine — that he called fallen US Marines “losers” and “suckers” — were false Photo: AFP / SAUL LOEB

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As voters head to the polls on Election Day, one American is contracting the coronavirus every second

Then, apparently spooked by a projection showing that 2.2 million people could be dead by late summer if no action were taken, Trump listened to the government’s infectious-disease experts, such as Anthony S. Fauci and Deborah Birx. He endorsed a broad shutdown of businesses and personal interactions in an effort to halt the person-to-person spread of the virus, a move that slammed the economy but also slowed the rate of infections.

In short order, though, Trump’s concern shifted from the number of infections to the economic damage being done. This was an election year after all, so his rhetoric again shifted. The country could get back to normal in short order, he insisted, perhaps even by Easter! When that obviously impossible deadline came and went, he and the government’s experts unveiled a set of benchmarks that states could use to scale back containment efforts. But Trump promptly ignored those benchmarks, encouraging states to simply roll back measures aimed at slowing the virus’s spread in favor of a resumption of normal activity.

“The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself,” he would say repeatedly — but the cure was never even close to being as bad as the virus’s toll in illness, the economic harm of uncontrolled spread and deaths.

We’ve been in this third phase of Trump’s since April. His approach to dismissing the virus has at times shifted, but the rhetoric has been consistent. The virus is just this thing that will crop up at times and that we have to deal with. He would often claim that there would simply be “flare-ups” of the virus, which his administration was ready to quickly stamp out. It wasn’t. He would say that his administration was focused on protecting those most at risk, like the residents of nursing homes. It didn’t.

From the get-go, Trump seems to have been betting on the emergence of a silver bullet. Maybe warm weather would stamp out the virus, as he said Chinese President Xi Jinping told him. Maybe scientists would develop an effective, inexpensive treatment such as hydroxychloroquine or convalescent plasma or regeneron, which could be touted as a cure. Maybe his push for the rapid development of a vaccine for the virus would allow — as he and his team predicted — for a broad inoculation program to go into effect this year. No such luck.

Eventually, he seems to have given up. While some experts, notably Fauci and Birx and Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, offered warnings about what was to come (100,000 cases a day; a bleak fall and winter), Trump dismissed such grim tidings. He preferred what Scott Atlas was saying in interviews on Fox News, so he added Atlas to his coronavirus response team, where the neuroradiologist pushed for letting the pandemic burn.

So it has. On Monday, the country hit a new high in the seven-day average of new cases, nearing 85,000. To put it in a grim context: There is

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A Ukrainian fitness influencer who told his followers COVID-19 didn’t exist dies after contracting the virus

  • Dmitriy Stuzhuk, a fitness influencer from Ukraine, died at age 33 after suffering complications from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, according to Sky News.
  • His ex-wife, Sofia Stuzhuk, confirmed his death in an Instagram post on Saturday.
  • Stuzhuk had previously told his followers that he didn’t think COVID-19 existed until he was diagnosed with it.
  • The influencer shared an Instagram post on Thursday, writing in Russian (translated to English): “I want to share how I got sick and to strongly warn everyone. I was one who thought that COVID does not exist…until I got sick.”

Dmitriy Stuzhuk, a fitness influencer from Ukraine, died at age 33 due to complications from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, his ex-wife, Sofia Stuzhuk, confirmed in an Instagram post on Saturday.

Sofia wrote in Russian, which has been translated to English: “Only warm memories remain, three beautiful kids and valuable experience.”

Я пришла к тебе маленькой 19летней Сонечкой, а ушла взрослой и независимой Софией Стужук. ⠀ Да, у нас не сложились отношения. Да, было много проблем. Но эти отношения дали так много нам Мы столько всего с тобой прожили и пережили. Ты был рядом и в горе и в радости. Ты научил меня столькому многому. Я на всю жизнь останусь тебе благодарна за наших троих прекрасных детей За весь бесценный опыт И за то, кем я с тобой стала Ты встретил меня совсем юной. Обычной 19летней девчонкой, студенткой 2го курса. Полюбил меня, как умел. Забрал к себе и заботился так, как умел. Ты дал так много мне уроков. Я с тобой выросла. Я с тобой стала мамой троих прекрасных деток и даже одного небесного. Я с тобой научилась принимать важные решения. Я с тобой научилась быть взрослой и независимой. Я с тобой стала самодостаточной. Я с тобой нашла свои травмы и боли. Я нашла над чем работать. Я нашла точки роста. Я трансформировалась сумасшедше. Я стала Софией Стужук. Я постоянно придумывала что-то новое и меняла мнение по миллион раз, а ты всё принимал. На любой мой движ ты соглашался в основном с энтузиазмом. Всегда поддерживал любые мои идеи, всегда выслушивал, прислушивался и старался понять. Ты был со мной в самые сложные и самые прекрасные моменты моей жизни. Мы с тобой прожили самый прекрасный опыт на свете рождения наших детей. И твоя поддержка была бесценна. Да, ты никогда не дружил с камерой и сам мне об этом говорил. Но в жизни ты всегда направлял меня и часто давал мне нужные и мудрые советы За нашими плечами остались 6 лет полных событий. Десятки путешествий, куча эмоций. Господи, как же мне горько, что ты не прислушивался ко мне по поводу здоровья Но мы всегда уважали выборы друг друга❤️ Мы уже больше не были вместе, но от этого мне больно не меньше. Мне так жаль Мне очень жаль Благодарю тебе за всё, важный мой человек, мой главный учитель, мой проводник, отец моих деток❤️ Ты наш ангел-хранитель и твоя любовь всегда будет оберегать наших ангелочков❤️ Как же больно осознавать Светлая тебе память, Дима Стужук

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