From the dome to your home. Ramblings, mutterings, keen observations and things you ought to know out of Helena from the mind of Phil Drake.

BIG CHANGES: Elections are over and I feel like an anvil has been lifted off my chest.

The dozens, if not hundreds, of emails have stopped pouring in. The political flaks who constantly called and their emails are gone and now we gear up for the legislative session.

But we also prepare for new regimes at the state Capitol in nearly every top office, but most notably the governor’s seat.

I have gotten several emails from the office of newly elected Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte, announcing a website that folks can go to to apply for a government job as well as a few missives about how he will pick new department heads.

He has also set up advisory committees to help him find new department heads. I think everyone saw that coming, that with a new regime there will be new folks in charge.

I really have no yearning for or deep insight about who will get the jobs. There are some elected folk I know who would make me cringe if given a bigger taste of power and others who would make me kick back and say, “You know, that is a good choice.”

I wonder if heads of each and every department will be replaced or if some will stay.

Time will tell.

I am very much interested in how the governor-elect will handle the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems to be growing worse by the day in Montana.

I covered a “Stop the Steal” rally in Helena on Nov. 8., in which supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in front of the state Capitol to protest any alleged election wrongdoing.

Of the 150-200 people there, I would guess four or five were wearing a mask. One of those people was me. I recorded some of my interviews and noticed later as I was listening to them that I sounded like I had a sock stuffed in my mouth.

I guess I kind of did. As an aside, I want to say everyone was friendly and I didn’t have anyone screaming at me. I felt it was a nice, subdued event, even though no one was wearing a mask.

I haven’t shown any signs of COVID-19, but am fairly certain that if I do catch it that it will make short work of me.

During the campaign, I remember Gianforte said his plan for COVID-19 would in part rely on personal responsibility. That is not working in Montana so far. And I see he has created a COVID-19 task force.

I wish them well and hope they take an aggressive approach.

I did enjoy a recent Associated Press story in which the governor of Wyoming called the folks not helping to stop the slow of the virus “knuckleheads.”

Seems knuckleheads are