8 Fitness Gift Cards For Your Virtual Workout Crew

The new year is so close we can taste it. Only thing is, we’re not so sure how 2021 is going to satiate our annual wellness-resolution cravings. If you’re also missing good-old-fashioned group fitness classes (you know, the overpriced ones awash in dim lighting and bumpin’ tunes), then we’ve got a sweaty stand-in for you and your workout crew — one that also happens to make A+ holiday material: the virtual-fitness gift card.

Since 2020 has shifted life as we know it, we’ve swapped cramped studio rooms and nearly-impossible-to-book classes for streaming computer screens and down-dogging it in our living rooms. And, you know what? We are actually feeling our new in-house workout clubs where the classes are never overcrowded and the subway never stops us from making it on time. So, in celebration of continuing to get physical come 2021, we’ve rounded up every awesome virtual-fitness gift we could dig up ahead — including everything from Classpass to trendy resistance-based training and beyond. Grab your sculpting leggings and tell Alexa to put on Olivia Newton-John.

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New law on medicine regulation on the cards

Used blister packets that contained medicines, tablets and pills are seen, in this picture illustration taken on June 30, 2018 Reuters

Life term for drug malpractice likely

The government has been working on introducing a fresh law soon with tougher punishments, including life-term imprisonment to prevent malpractice by producing, storing and selling counterfeit or adulterated medicines.

The new draft “Drug Act 2019” is now undergoing some last minute corrections at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare following consultations with government organizations and stakeholders, sources said.

The bill, written in Bangla, is being prepared by merging and updating the Drug Act 1940 and Drug (control) Ordinance, 1982.

The 1940 act and the 1982 ordinance focus on drug quality. The 1940 act does not say anything about drug adulteration.

The National Drug Policy 2016 had suggested the fresh law as existing policies, laws, and relevant rules had become insufficient and unable to control and monitor different systems of medicine manufacturing, quality-control, sale, distribution, storage, import, and export.

The maximum punishment under the Drug (control) Ordinance, 1982 is currently 10 years of imprisonment.

The envisaged law will have revised and increased punishment for some other offences to make it more stringent than the existing law.

Very few instances of punishment

Surprisingly, examples of awarding 10-year rigorous jail terms by the court for drug adulteration in Bangladesh are very few so far.

The first one was awarded in July, 2014 to an owner and two officials of Adflame Pharmaceuticals in a case filed over the deaths of 76 children from adulterated drugs in the 1990’s. In the next year six BCI Pharmaceuticals officials faced the same punishment.

However, an official of Polychem Laboratories Limited was jailed for only one year in 2019 following a prolonged legal battle for 26 years.

The BCI, Adflame Pharmaceuticals, Polychem Laboratories, and Rex Pharma reportedly used industrial toxic chemical Di-Ethylene Glycol in their respective brands of paracetamol.

In November 2016, the court acquitted all five officials of Rid Pharmaceuticals Ltd in a case filed for manufacturing toxic paracetamol syrup that killed 28 children across Bangladesh in 2009.

What the authorities say

The government earlier asked the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) to come up with a draft. It prepared the draft copy with proposals and sent it to the ministry. Dhaka Tribune has acquired a copy of the draft.

Responding to Dhaka Tribune’s query, DGDA Director Major General Md Mahbubur Rahman confirmed that the directorate general had sent the draft copy to the Health Ministry to be placed before the cabinet for approval.

“This law is very important for the drug sector. We have merged contents from the existing ordinance, the act, and added some new sections to make this law up-to-date. Before drafting this law we got opinions from all of our stakeholders. Now we are waiting for its approval,” he said.

The Secretary of the Health Services Division of the Health Ministry, Md Abdul Mannan, said: “This law is badly needed to make our drug

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Phoenix-area dentist’s office delivers 100+ greetings cards to WWII veteran

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – This Veterans Day looks a lot different than years past. Because of the pandemic, so many veterans are celebrating alone. A Phoenix-area dental office went above and beyond for one of their patients.

The cards kept pouring in, and on Wednesday, they delivered 101 of them to Robert Larson.

© (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

The cards kept pouring in, and on Wednesday, they delivered 101 of them to Robert Larson.

Robert Larson is 101 years young. He spent 22 years in the Air Force and is a proud WWII veteran.

“I loved to fly. My job during the war was teaching, teaching people how to fly, to the point where I felt like I was part of the airplane,” said Larson.

This year has been tough for Larson. He lost his wife of nearly 70 years and now he’s living through a pandemic.

a man wearing a hat: Mark Larson hasn't seen his dad much.

© (Source: 3TV/CBS 5)

Mark Larson hasn’t seen his dad much.

“It’s been really difficult,” said Robert Larson’s son Mark Larson.

Mark Larson hasn’t seen his dad much.

“We’re just hoping things will get better and we can get back to seeing our dad the way we used to be able to,” said Mark Larson.

But he was there for Veterans Day, along with a surprise of more than 100 strangers thanks to Robert Larson’s dentist’s office.

“We wanted to do something fun so we reached out to patients in an email asking if they could send a card addressed to Mr. Larson,” said Carey Meyer with Valley Dental Group. “These kids put so much time and effort, people dropping off the cards that they bought on Amazon for other people to fill out.”

Phoenix-area dental office gives 100+ greeting cards to WWII veteran



The cards kept pouring in, and on Wednesday, they delivered 101 of them to Robert Larson.

“To see people who saw the email, stopped what they were doing to get a card and send it to someone they don’t even know, it’s just phenomenal,” said Mark Larson.

“I really appreciate everything that people have done for me,” said Robert Larson.

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