Zillennial entrepreneur: Sal Toner of FC Chaos Boxing & Fitness . . . and make sure you smile!

(Zillennials — part of Gen Z — exhibit independence and decisiveness, and are more likely to focus on solving problems and creating ideas, says Joseph Pidoriano, 23 and a businessman himself. The New Dorp resident is one of four young entrepreneurs who we’ll be highlighting who head up local businesses and are demonstrating insight and perspective into their professions during a challenging time.)

Today: Sal Toner of F.C. Chaos Boxing & Fitness

F.C. Chaos Boxing & Fitness is a training facility owned by Sal Toner, 24, and home to one of the most unique fitness communities on Staten Island. With a culture centered around creating healthy and happy customers, F.C. Chaos has two rules: you have to smile the entirety of your workout and you cannot quit.

F.C. Chaos started as Toner Boxing & Fitness after Toner worked 10 years in the fitness community.

“I was inspired to start Toner Boxing & Fitness after a realization that my training not only made people healthy but also played a crucial role in making people happy. Very often my clients would say how training was the highlight of their day. After I learned how much of an impact I had on people, I decided to leave my full-time job in the non-profit sector and partnered with two great people and created ‘Chaos,” said the Graniteville resident.

If you ask any of Toner’s clients what makes the gym unique, they’ll say the same thing: It’s a community when you walk into the gym. You immediately join a group of people with common goals and values. Everyone is there to help one another. It’s not unusual to find a complete stranger cheering for you as you finish that last push up or throw punches on the pads.

Sal says when he shut down in March, the business was only two-and-a-half months old and was steadily growing at the time. Historically, March through May is always busy in the fitness industry as people prepare for summer.

“We weathered the COVID storm well and quickly pivoted to virtual workouts and eventually park workouts. As we return back to the gym the community has never been stronger and we’re quickly growing to a membership larger than before COVID.”

Toner entered the fitness world at age 13 growing up in a boxing gym with a dream of one day opening his own.

Fast forward eight years after saving two paychecks from his job fundraising for a great veterans organization IAVA, and he opened a small boxing and fitness studio. A year later he quit his full-time job, opened a second location and followed his dream to create a company that could make an impact through health, fitness and wellness.

F.C. Chaos is located at 10 Brick Court in Charleston and 12 Bradley Ave. in Meiers Corners. On the web at and on Instagram @Fcchaosfitness and Facebook F.C Chaos Boxing & Fitness

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Try Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise For Free With New Switch eShop Demo

Fitness Boxing 2

A free demo has launched on the Switch eShop for Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise, an upcoming fitness title from Nintendo and developer Imagineer.

The demo will give players the chance to try out the Daily Exercise and Free Training modes available in the full game. You can play these alone or with a friend to see how you get on before the main course launches on 4th December.

Earlier today, we shared our early hands-on impressions with the full game, noting that it’s essentially a case of ‘more of the same’ after the original game’s release almost two years ago. If you’re interested in learning more about it, we’d urge you to check that out.

For now, though, we’ll leave you with this official description. You’ll find the demo available on the Switch eShop as we speak.

Jab, uppercut, and dodge along with the rhythm of three original songs to score as many points as possible. Players can start their daily boxing routine in Daily Exercise mode for a guided workout, or build their own session from scratch in Free Training mode. The six original instructors from the first Fitness Boxing game are back, and three new instructors are joining the ring: Karen, Hiro and Janice. These personal trainers will be here to support and encourage players during their workout sessions. Friends and family members can each use one Joy-Con for a two-player training session, working out together.

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Hands On: Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise – More Of The Same, And That Might Be Fine

Fitness Boxing 2

The first Fitness Boxing launched two years ago, when Nintendo and developer Imagineer presumably decided it was their duty to eradicate obesity around the world. Last time we checked, though, a load of us are still packing plenty in the podge department, so now the pair are back with a sequel to make sure they get the ruddy job done this time.

At its core, Fitness Boxing 2 doesn’t appear to be massively different from the first one. Although we’re still only scratching the surface at this stage, the general gist seems to be similar: choose a workout, swing your Joy-Cons to perform certain punches to the beat, get a score based on your accuracy, feel a bit sweaty, wake up the next day with sore arms and repeat. This was a formula that worked well enough in the first game, so if it ain’t broke and all that.

One new addition, however, is three new trainers to accompany the six that were already in the first game. You’re introduced to the first of these, Janice, in the tutorial that appears when you play the game for the first time and she’s frankly terrifying. Whoever recorded the English voiceover for her was probably told to sound energetic, but it comes across as frantic, intense and downright intimidating. She often talks extremely quickly (presumably so her lines fit over whatever the original Japanese lines were), meaning she’ll regularly yell “OKAYTHAT’SGOOD” at you, which can be somewhat jarring during what’s supposed to be a relaxing cooldown exercise.

Fitness Boxing 2Fitness Boxing 2
Fitness Boxing 2

As before, you can unlock new costumes for your trainers, but this time the process appears to be a bit less repetitive. Before you unlocked specific outfits when you hit certain milestones, some of which required some serious long-term effort on your part. This time you unlock clothing items with tickets, which are given to you when you complete various achievements. Although it’s too early to look into the achievement system in any real depth it looks like there’s a load of them, and the game was throwing tickets at us like confetti in the first couple of hours we’ve spent with it. We even got an achievement for dressing up our trainer in clothes they don’t like, as if it was Style Savvy or something.

The actual workout sections themselves seem to have changed the least: though again, we should stress, we’re still very early in the game and for all we know, there’ll be a bunch of new punch styles introduced later on. At the moment we’re still performing the same jabs, straights, hooks and uppercuts we were doing in the previous game. The only noticeable change at this stage is a new gauge that fills up as you perform perfect hits. When this fills to the top, you’ll trigger a score multiplier and the background will go all psychedelic to denote that you’re in ‘the zone’ or some such nonsense.

Fitness Boxing 2Fitness Boxing 2
Fitness Boxing 2

If you weren’t a fan of the instrumental, karaoke versions of

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9Round Fitness and Sunny Days Entertainment Partner to Debut New Line of Boxing Equipment in Walmart Stores Nationwide

Fitness equipment sales grow amid coronavirus pandemic

GREENVILLE, S.C., Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – The world’s largest kickboxing fitness franchise, 9Round Fitness is partnering with one of South Carolina’s fastest growing companies, Sunny Days Entertainment, to bring at home workouts to the next level with a new line of boxing equipment. Currently available at and over 600 Walmart locations nationwide, buyers can now kick, jab and cross in confidence with 9Round branded gloves, mitts, wraps and a reflex bag.

The rollout of 9Round Equipment comes at a time when fitness equipment purchases have skyrocketed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a Yelp report, consumer interest in fitness and exercise equipment is up by 437 percent since March 10th.

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with 9Round, bringing a quality product to consumers at a time when we know they are looking for it most,” says Rick Mershon, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Sunny Days Entertainment. “9Round Fitness has built an outstanding reputation nationwide not only as a fitness company but also as a brand, and that is very apparent through the initial consumer response to the products.”

Each item includes a pass for one free workout at a local 9Round studio of choice.

For more information visit

About Sunny Days Entertainment

Established in 2012, Sunny Days Entertainment, LLC comprises a core group of toy industry veterans with the mission of solving issues for retailers while providing ultra-fun, value added products to consumers.

Sunny Days Ent. focus is to enhance the experience for consumers with affordable products. The Sunny Days line includes: Maxx Action Vehicles, Maxx Bubbles, Pop-n-Play Tents, Ravel Tales and more!

About 9Round

Founded in 2008 by professional kickboxer Shannon Hudson and his wife, Heather, 9Round is a specialized fitness center that brings kickboxing fitness training to the average person in a 30-minute, trainer-guided, full-body circuit format. The program is developed around a proprietary and copyrighted system of nine challenging workout stations created by Shannon himself. Since the workouts occur on a continuous circuit throughout the day, there are no scheduled class times. Members utilize 9ROUND PULSE, the brand’s wearable heart rate technology, to track effort, heart rate, calories burned and workout time during each 9Round session. Today, there are nearly 750 9Round locations open and operating throughout 41 states and in 19 countries including Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, Argentina, Guatemala, India, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Ecuador, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. For more information, please visit

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