Agra dentist murdered at her home, children left injured

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A 38-year-old dentist was on Friday murdered at her home in Agra, and her two children left injured, by a man who entered the house on the pretext of repairing a TV set-top box, the police said.

While the children escaped with minor injuries, Dr Nisha Singhal died during treatment at a local hospital.

The accused, identified as Shubham Pathak, 26, was arrested past Friday midnight and a bag of cash and jewelry, which he had allegedly robbed from the Singhal residence after the murder, was recovered from him, the police said on Saturday.

Dr Nisha ran a dental home clinic and was a private practitioner. Her husband, Dr Ajay Singhal, a plastic surgeon specialising in burns and transplant, was not home at the time of the crime, the police said.

SP (City), Agra, Botre Rohan Pramod said: “We received information that a man had murdered a doctor in her home in Kaveri Kunj, Kamla Nagar. We formed teams and carried out surveillance. We received information on his (accused) whereabouts and traced his bike. Late Friday night, he was arrested after a brief encounter in which he received an injury.”

Pramod said police suspect the accused, Shubham, had planned to rob the house, and “it appears a resistance to the robbery led to the crime”.

According to police, Shubham comes from Sitanagar in Agra and was known to the victim’s family for the last more than a year. He ran an electronics shop in the locality, and the Singhals often called him to recharge their TV sets, the police said.

Around 3.30 pm on Friday, when Shubham came to their house, as Ajay had asked for some repair in the set-top box, Nisha did not have any reason for suspicion since he had come there on multiple occasions earlier, police said. Their two children — aged 4 and 8 — were in another bedroom, they said.

“During investigation, we found Shubham had taken a loan recently and was finding it difficult to repay. It appears he planned to rob the house (to repay the loan). The accused does not have a prior criminal history,” SP Pramod said.

Shubham allegedly had an argument with Nisha, as she objected to giving him money, after which he attacked her with a knife, police said. He got the kife from the house itself and stabbed at Nisha’s throat, leading to excessive bleeding. As the children had seen it, Subham attacked them, too, banging their heads against the wall, the police said.

“The children showed presence of mind. When the accused tried to hurt them, they lay on the ground, pretending to be injured or dead. The accused spared them thinking they had been incapacitated,” Pramod said.

Shubham subsequently emptied the cupboards for cash and valuables and left in about an hour, the police said.

According to the police, Shubham was identified through CCTV cameras installed on the staircase and opposite the Singhals’ house. CCTV images showed him purportedly

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Man who stabbed Agra dentist held after encounter

a group of people walking down a street: The accused allegedly stabbed the dentist with a knife multiple times while her children were in another room. (ANI)

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The accused allegedly stabbed the dentist with a knife multiple times while her children were in another room. (ANI)

A 38-year-old dental surgeon was stabbed to death at her home in Agra and her two children were injured by a robber who entered the house on the pretext of recharging the family’s set-top-box on Friday afternoon, police officials said on Saturday, adding that the suspect has been arrested.

According to police, the accused, identified as Shubham Pathak, entered the house of the deceased, Dr Nisha Singhal, with the intention of robbing the family.

“Dr Nisha Singhal was at home along with her two children when the accused reached the house. He was a known face for the doctor’s family as he used to come for television re-charging,” inspector general (Agra Range) A Satish Ganesh said.

The accused allegedly stabbed the dentist with a knife multiple times while her children were in another room, Ganesh said. Her husband, Dr Ajay Singhal, was not at the house at the time of the incident, he added.

The accused was arrested on Saturday following a brief gunfight. “Police teams were constituted and the accused was seen driving a motorcycle in trans-Yamuna area the following day (Saturday). Police vigil was enhanced and a barrier was placed at 100 feet road where the accused reached but he saw the police and tried to escape. He then fired at police and was injured in counter firing and arrested,” Ganesh said, adding that Pathak has been hospitalised with a bullet injury in his legs.

“During interrogation, the accused confessed to the crime. He also attacked the son and daughter of the doctor,” the IG said. The children, four and eight, are being treated at a hospital, he said.

The police have recovered the jewellery and cash that Pathak stole from Singhal’s house. “Police recovered ₹24,000 cash, jewellery, Singhal’s Aadhaar card and Pathak’s driving license from his bag,” the IG said.

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Woman dentist’s throat, children attacked slit in Agra

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A 38-year-old woman dentist was brutally murdered at her home in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra on Friday afternoon by a man who gained entry to the house on the pretext of recharging the family’s set-top box, reports have said, prompting the opposition to attack the government on rising crime graph in the state.

Reports said Agra Police have caught the attacker, who was identified from CCTV footage, after a brief exchange of fire on Saturday. “Teams were assigned to probe. We traced his bike and caught him. The suspect opened fire on police and was injured in the shooting. He has been admitted to the district hospital,” A Satish Ganesh, inspector general of Agra range, was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

The man attacked Dr Nisha Singhal with a knife and slit her throat even as her children were in another room, according to reports. Her two children, who witnessed the crime, were also attacked by the man. The children received knife wounds and are being treated in a hospital, reports said.

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav and the Congress’ women’s wing tweeted about the crime as they questioned the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government’s stance on crime in the state.

“The state is stunned by the incident in Agra where the throat of a woman doctor slit inside her house in a busy residential area. The BJP government is busy protecting corrupt officials and trapping opposition leaders in false cases. The government should focus on crime in UP instead of campaigning on TV,” Yadav tweeted in Hindi.

“A 38-year old woman dentist stabbed to death in her house in Agra, U.P. There is ZERO safety for women in BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh. Law and Order is at its pits. While the Ajay Bisht ji claims that “Crime is at a Minimum in UP,” All India Mahila Congress posted on Twitter referring to chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

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