Saving My Head from Baldness

One thing that I hoped would never happen to me suddenly did. I noticed after getting out of the shower one day that the top of my head was looking a little thin. I was afraid that my hair was starting to fall out and looked at different ways to counter act it, outside of getting hair plugs or some kind of hair transplant. I found out that Propecia Finasteride is a great product for preventing hair loss, so I got my hands on some as soon as I could.

Most people my age shift into the bald phase when they start to lose their hair. They figure that they won’t look good at all with thinning or lost hair, so they just shave it all off and go completely bald. While the bald look works for some, I don’t think it’s for me. I would look like some kind of super villain in a comic book, rather than some kind of suave and sexy man. I can’t even grow facial hair completely like most of the bald people, so I wouldn’t be able to complete the look. I’d rather just keep what hair I have and let it continue to grow.

After taking the product, my hair looked much better, and there were no signs of any more falling out. I’m going to keep using the product for as long as I feel like having hair. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the idea of going bald, so I’ll just keep my hair and let it gray in color like it normally does when people turn old. I think a head of gray hair is a better look because there’s something more sophisticated about it. It reminds me of college professors and scientists, while bald heads remind me of bikers.