Properties of the Colloidal Silver Water

The last decades have been marked by the urge to create a healthy environment populated by people who appreciate nature and the ecological products that it offers. The medical system has developed new strategies that involve the use of the real, natural elements that are to be found in nature. One of these substances is the colloidal silver. This is an ecological product that is dissolved in water in order to be administrated to those who wish to prevent the illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.

The colloidal silver has a strong antibiotic effect thus allowing the quick removal of the effects that the viruses have on the immune system. The water with colloidal silver is no different from the normal water, because it has the exact same taste with a greenish color. The great thing of the treated water is that it is absorbed by the organism as soon as it is found in the mouth. The effects of this drink, at the level of the mouth, consist in the whitening of the teeth, in the improvement of the dental cavities, bad breath and depositions on the teeth.

The colloidal silver makes possible the cleaning of the organism by the removal of the bacteria and of the viruses that threaten the well-being and the health of the body. The body will lack the micro-organisms that affect the well-functioning of the internal medical system, thus determining the consolidation of the metabolism and the regulation of the body weight.

Even if the colloidal silver is an aseptic solution used for the stopping of the pathogen organisms in their developing process inside the body, it can also be used for the eye infections, or for the inflammations that appear at the level of the nose or ears. These conditions include chronic sinusitis, rhinitis or otitis; by spraying some treated water in the ears, the colloidal silver is reducing both the symptoms and the causes.

The colloidal silver water is ideal for the prevention of the diseases by the removal of the toxins that are inside the body; in order to do that, it is advisable to drink the colloidal silver water, but also as many liquids as possible, to permit the elimination of the destroyed toxins.