Penis Enlargement – Modern Miracle Or Ancient Wisdom?

Penis enlargement is getting plenty of publicity these days. Plenty of pills, contraptions, patches, and a myriad of surgical methods are all widely available to men.

The question is, are such ideas new? No, they are not. Penis enlargement and enhancement has been around since the dawn of mankind.

To fully understand this concept, most Westerners need to, for a moment, disassociate themselves from "Western" thinking. We have been brought up, from the cradle to the coffin, to believe that such things are abnormal, not natural, not warranted, and not politically correct. However, history proves otherwise.

For thousands of years people on the continent of Africa have been utilizing jelqing (jelquing) techniques to enlarge the size of the human male penis. There have been religions and gods based around the phallus and sexuality on every continent on this Earth. Did you realize that "orgies" were originally performed as tributes to the gods? Look at early architecture and culture … A great deal of it was related to sexuality in one way or another. Never mind if it came from South America or from ancient Greece – The basis for most of it was sexual.

But in this day of the "modern age" and "politically correct" thinking, people want to pretend such things never existed. Yet, such history is the basic foundation of humanity and civilization. Earth today.

Although it's not as prevalent these days, but is still quite common in Eastern Europe, the nurse or mother would yank on a male child's penis after birth. Why is this? Because they believe it will help him grow up "bigger." You see, this is a culture that embracted and still expresses the size of a man; Understanding that it will help his self-esteem and abilities later in life.

The fact is, the concept of penis enlargement is not new; Not by any stretch of the imagination. You can seek out the old and natural "techniques" that people have been using for thousands of years … Or you can take some magic-chemical pill, patch, or some surgical new-wave method. But just like herbology and acupuncture, which have been around for thousands of years, and are just now beginning to be embroidered and accepted by "conventional" "Western" medicine; People are beginning to realize that such old-school methods are not really "alternative," any longer. People are beginning to realize that the new "conventional" techniques are really what "alternative" and the old-school techniques, that have been for thousands of years, are what really works. That's why these ancient techniques have survived and are still being used thousands of years later …