Past Life Hypnosis – Going Back in Time – Age Regression

In spite of what you may have been told or heard, (most probably by someone who know nothing about hypnosis and has never actually experienced it) to successful experience a hypnotherapy session you do not have to undergo past life hypnosis, go back in time or be age regressed. It is not mandatory; to have to recall or visit and experience past life events just to allow you to get over your symptom.

Regression is yet another tool in the hypnotherapist’s toolkit which can be extremely effective, when used by a professional hypnotherapist as a means of therapeutic intervention, at the correct time and in the right manner.

So what is, regression, basically it is a technique in which a hypnotherapist takes the client back in time, in their subconscious mind, to a time or place, an event or occurrence that actually took place or that transpired in their imagination.

Reasons why you might consider regression

Why would a hypnotherapist think about using regression? There are several reasons, which might include:

Finding the origin of a symptom. You may have had these symptom for a long while, but can’t recall when, where, how or why they started, but you’d certainly like to know. A number of (at the time) seemingly small trivial events may have occurred simultaneously to give you the symptom you now experience. Your therapist might recommend that in order to eliminate your symptom, you need to identify and work through each of the small trivial events, the individual components that together represent your symptoms.

Changing the way you recall an event from your past. You may have previously experienced a traumatic event, as you recall it in the present, you find it upsetting, distressing or stressful. You may perhaps experience feelings of anxiety, a loss of self confidence, or the emotion of disempowerment. The hypnotherapist could regress you back to that time, allowing you the chance to change how you recall that particular event, and how you reacted to it.

An example might be you remember being scared as a youngster by a visit to the dreaded dentist. That sense of helplessness you felt then, contributes to a great extent to your phobia and fear of the dental treatment you experience in the present. Being regressed back to that time, only now, you’ll be given instructions to remember it differently, you can be empowered to feel safe and not have that overwhelming sense of helplessness. Gaining self empowerment in the past, allows you to bring that power back into the present and conquer that major element of your phobia.

Recalling an event from your past. You’ve hidden a valuable piece of jewellery in (what at the time seemed) a very safe, secure and memorable place, unfortunately, with the passage of time that safe, secure place has turned out to be not so memorable, in fact, now you can’t remember where the heck you’ve hidden it! Through regression you can be taken step by step back to that precise time and place re-experiencing the moment and vividly re-tracing your steps back to that safe, secure hiding place to reclaim your treasure.

Suppression of a past traumatic event. Have you prevented yourself from experience emotions associated with a particularly traumatic event from your past, a bereavement, a relationship break up, loss of a long loved pet? Regrettably, those emotions got locked away deep down inside, intensifying your symptom at the present time. The therapist can use a regression technique allowing you re-experience that time and event, only now you can display those pent up emotion in a safe, secure environment. Now, as those pent up emotions are no longer locked away, the symptom should runs out of fuel and fade away.

Accessing good feelings from your past. You notice that until quite recently you have always been ultra focused when playing squash. But, of late, your game has become sloppy, you lack that edge, your once clinical finish appears to have deserted you, you’re now playing a very poor game by your own high standards.

By returning you back to the time when you had those indispensable feelings of concentration and ultra focus through the use of regression techniques the hypnotherapist can, once again, let you regain those feelings of invincibility, experience those emotions of victory, and bring them back to the present and allow you to reclaim your game.

Through regression, experiencing past life hypnosis and allowing yourself to go back in time you are able to gain an invaluable insight into what has gone before. Furthermore, with said insight, you are given a level of self control over your symptom. Once you take control, it’s quite a simple step to progress forward to finally ridding yourself of your symptom.