Black Friday Vitamin Sales Worth Shopping, From a Doctor

The supplements aisle contains a dizzying amount of products. (Valerian root? Horny goat weed?) Come Black Friday, you’ll be able to shop plenty of these dietary supplements at a major price cut. To help you sort through what’s worth your dollars—and what simply is not—I consulted Matthew Kohler, MD, and Rajivan Maniam, MD, functional medicine doctors and co-founders of Ospina Medical in New York City.

Despite the countless options on the shelf, Dr. Kohler and Dr. Maniam say the average person really only needs to consider five supplements. As always, you should consult your own doctor before adding new supplements to your diet.

The vitamins and supplements to buy on Black Friday

1. Vitamin D

black friday vitamin sales
Photo: Swanson Vitamins

“Vitamin D, the ‘sunshine vitamin,’ has long been pinned as one of the most common vitamin deficiencies that many of us suffer from,” says Dr. Maniam. “While seemingly benign, deficiency in Vitamin D may in fact be propagating pain. To date, there are several observational studies showing an association between vitamin D deficiency and different pain conditions including low back pain, menstrual cramps, and chronic pain.” Dr. Maniam adds that taking vitamin D supplements has the possibility of offering many positives with no known negative side effects, so hey, it’s worth a shot!

Shop Black Friday sale: Vitamin D, $10 (originally $12)

2. Vitamin B12

Photo: HUM

Vitamin B12 is like catnip for the brain—and Dr. Kohler recommends it for anyone who wants some extra cognitive sharpness. “Vitamin B12 is essential for many biological functions and offers numerous known benefits including energy production and assisting in more efficient cellular reproduction,” he says.  B12 is also credited with improving your mood, supporting fetal development, and improving memory—so yeah, it’s worth adding to your medicine cabinet with your doc’s okay.

Shop Black Friday sale: Vitamin B12, up to 50 percent off $10

3. Vitamin C

black friday vitamin sales
Photo: Ancient Nutrition

Vitamin C may be best known for its immune system-boosting abilities, but Dr. Kohler recommends it for another reason. “Vitamin C is a critical nutrient for patients with pain or recent injuries—not only for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain-relieving abilities but also for its role in tissue repair and regeneration,” says Dr. Kohler. “Vitamin C helps accelerate the healing process and protects the body from free radical damage. This becomes especially important in patients who have sports injuries such as tendonitis or ligament sprains.” Athletes, this supplement’s for you.

Shop Black Friday sale: Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C + Probiotics, $14 (originally $19)

4. Vitamin K

Photo: Swanson

“Vitamin K works as an enzyme cofactor that has been implicated in inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and osteoarthritis,” says Dr. Maniam. “Inflammation is recognized as a crucial component of many chronic aging diseases and evidence suggests vitamin K has an anti-inflammatory action.”

Shop Black Friday sale: Swanson K-2, Buy one at $10 and get one free

4. Vitamin E

black friday vitamin sales
Photo: HUM

Dr. Maniam says vitamin C is another one that’s essential for anyone who takes their workout

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Healthsmart M.D. Offers Family Medicine Services In Boca Raton – Press Release

Healthsmart M.D. Offers Family Medicine Services In Boca Raton

Boca Raton, FL – HealthSmart M.D. is a leading medical practice in Boca Raton, FL. The medical practice is focused on delivering leading-edge medical solutions to patients who are faced with medical conditions that threaten their health and wellness. Having been in practice for years, HealthSmart M.D. has been able to address a countless number of conditions by offering a range of treatment solutions to patients.

Patients at the clinic can rest assured that they will have access to a 5-star medical experience from a team of healthcare providers. They are committed to working with patients to restore them to the highest health and wellness standards.

As a private medical practice in Boca Raton, Florida, HealthSmart M.D. guarantees an unparalleled medical treatment experience by offering personalized attention to each patient irrespective of their health challenges. The medical practice boasts of providing a range of services including Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Health – Wellness – Nutrition Programs, Preventative Medicine, IV Therapy, Female and Male Hormone Replacement, Botox Cosmetics, Lip Fillers, and Weight Loss Management.

Describing the approach to treating patients at the clinic, the senior Doctor, Dr. Stephen Silver, said: “By integrating Traditional and Holistic Medicine, we are able to address a wider range of conditions presented by patients. Our programs are based on a trusting “old fashioned” doctor-patient relationship and focus on preventing disease while treating you for acute medical problems that may arise. Stephen Silver, M.D. is a Florida Licensed Medical Doctor who practices Traditional Medicine and may integrate the following Holistic Therapies in his treatment plans: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Nutritional Counseling, Medical Astrology, Detoxification, Energy Medicine.”

Patients who visit the Boca Raton family medicine practice can rest assured that they are at a renowned medical practice that is known for the treatment of patients through a holistic approach with a traditional structure.

HealthSmart M.D. delivers compassionate care services while also addressing common male and female health and wellness challenges. Under the male and female health and wellness programs, patients will be attended to using holistic therapies that have been designed to address common issues associated with age and hormonal declines.

The medical practice also offers a range of injectable solutions to deal with the effects of age on the skin. Some of the injectables offered at the clinic include Botox for treating horizontal forehead lines, crows feet, bunny lines on the nose, drooping brows, and frown lines between the eyebrows. Patients can also enjoy other procedures like Juvederm and Kybella,

HealthSmart M.D. offers IV therapy for the treatment of common signs and symptoms of a weak immune system; medical weight loss solutions for those struggling with an excess fat deposit in the body, as well as other solutions.

The medical practice is located at 98 S Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL, 33432, and can be reached on phone for appointment scheduling at 561-368-0777. For more information, send an email to [email protected] or visit their website.

Media Contact
Company Name: HealthSmart M.D.
Contact Person: Dr. Stephen Silver
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Regenerative Medicine Market 2020 Global Trends Evaluation, Geographical Segmentation, and Investment Opportunities till 2026

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Nov 25, 2020 (AmericaNewsHour) —
The Regenerative Medicine Market report provides an in-depth analysis of the Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals during the forecast period 2017-2026 which consists of the industry overview including the market size, volume, growth rate and recent trends and developments in the market based on historical and current data. The report covers detailed information about the key players, market segments, growth drivers and restraints in the industry. The report delivers an insight into the Regenerative Medicine Market which allows our clients to make informed decisions regarding the growth of their businesses.

The Regenerative Medicine Market is anticipated to reach over USD 79.23 billion by 2026 according to a new research published by Polaris Market Research. In 2017, the cell therapy dominated the global Regenerative Medicine market, in terms of revenue. North America is expected to be the leading contributor to the global market revenue in 2017.
Regenerative medicine is a branch of medicine that regrows, and repairs the damaged cells in the human body. These medicines include the use of stem cells, tissue engineering, that further helps in developing new organ that function smoothly. These medicines have the caliber of developing an entire organ as these cells are multipotent. The cells are majorly isolated from bone marrow, and umbilical cord blood.

Download free Sample of This Strategic Report:-

The regenerative medicine market is primarily driven by the increasing number of individuals suffering from cancer, rising need to monitor and treating these chronic diseases in the limited time. Furthermore, stringent government policies, proper reimbursement policies, and increasing government healthcare expenditure for developing healthcare infrastructure to also boost the market growth in coming years. Also, rising number of organ transplantation, and increasing number of products in pipeline that are waiting for approval create major opportunity for the regenerative medicines in the coming years. However, some of the ethical and religious concerns for the use of stem cells, and lack of proper regulatory for the approval of various drugs would impede the market growth during the forecast period.

North America generated the highest revenue in the Regenerative Medicine market in 2017, and is expected to be the leading region globally during the forecast period. Increasing number of patients suffering from chronic diseases, improved healthcare infrastructure and health facilities, accessibility of healthcare facilities, are the primary factors driving the market growth in this region. While, Asia Pacific to be the fastest growing region in the coming years. The growth in this region is majorly attributed to the developing healthcare infrastructure of the countries like India, & China, and rising awareness for the use of regenerative medicines as an effective treatment option for chronic diseases.

The key players operating in the Regenerative Medicine market include Organogenesis Inc., Vericel Corporation, Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., Stryker Corporation, and NuVasive, Inc., Medtronic Plc., Acelity, Cook Biotech Inc., Integra LifeSciences, and C.R. Bard. These companies launch new products and collaborate with other market leaders

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Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Increased Demand for Cosmetic Dentistry

Reality TV shows, celebrity culture and magazine have skyrocketed the demand for cosmetic dentistry – but for many it is more than just aesthetics, according to a Fort Lauderdale Cosmetic Dentist.

The Advanced Dental Wellness Center in Fort Lauderdale has seen a huge growth in requests for procedures like veneers and whitening to help improve appearances.

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 86% of people request cosmetic dentistry for physical attractiveness and self-esteem and 46% are for health reasons.

A spokesman for the dental clinic said: “There is no doubt that the demand for cosmetic dentistry has increased as the popularity of celebrity culture and reality TV shows has taken off. People are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way and they are prepared to spend money to achieve that look.

“But not everyone has superficial reasons for wanting dental work to improve their smile.  We have a large percentage of people coming to us for help because the way their teeth look is impacting romantic relationships, affecting their self esteem and preventing them from progressing at work.

“If someone has severely crooked teeth, discolored teeth, gaps between their teeth and this is stopping them from smiling properly or talking clearly to someone, then something needs to be done. Many people become shy or introverted, because they are so self-conscious of people looking at their teeth and judging them, it can hold them back in every aspect of their lives.

“This is where cosmetic dental procedures are wonderful. Teeth whitening, veneers and bridges can all help to rectify these imperfections and transform someone’s smile. Of course, it will depend on every individual and their own issues as to the best treatment approach for someone, and their budget restrictions will impact on what we can do. But, we will try to provide the very best advice and find the best and most economical solution for anyone who comes to us for help.

“Our advice would always be for our patients to book in and come and see us and we can discuss all of the potential options with them and set out a treatment plan.

Advanced Dental Wellness Center was set up by Dr Boris Lipovetskiy, who has nearly 30 years of experience. He performs state of the art and general dentistry in his dental clinic. The clinic has a huge focus on combining the latest in dentistry technology with natural medicine to help people achieve good overall health as well as oral health.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures at the Advanced Dental Wellness Center include, dental bonding, Invisalign, crown lengthening, gum contouring, gum grafting, dental crowns, dental implants, smile makeover and a Snap-On Smile.

About Advanced Dental Wellness Center

The Advanced Dental Wellness Center was opened by dentist Dr Boris Lipovetskiy in Fort Lauderdale. Dr Lipovestkiy aims to combine modern dentistry techniques with ancient natural medicine to help his patients achieve the very best oral and overall health.

Media Contact
Company Name: Advanced Dental Wellness Center

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Winnipeg Dental Practice Announces The Addition Of A New Dentist To The Company As They Continue To Grow & Expand – Press Release

Winnipeg Dental Practice Announces The Addition Of A New Dentist To The Company As They Continue To Grow & Expand

East Kildonan Dental Group, a fast-growing dental practice, is delighted to announce the addition of a new dentist to their ever-expanding team. The new dentist Dr. Ji Hun Han was born in Seoul, South Korea, and then moved to Winnipeg in 1998. He completed his D.M.D at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry in 2020 and his Bachelor of Science in Dentistry [B.Sc. (DENT)] with research on nanoparticles and their use in dentistry.

WINNIPEG, Canada East Kildonan Dental Group, a fast-growing dental practice, is delighted to announce the addition of a new dentist to their ever-expanding team. The new dentist Dr. Ji Hun Han was born in Seoul, South Korea, and then moved to Winnipeg in 1998. He completed his D.M.D at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry in 2020 and his Bachelor of Science in Dentistry [B.Sc. (DENT)] with research on nanoparticles and their use in dentistry.  

Although he enjoys all aspects of general dentistry, his driving passion is in the education of patients, with the aims of improving their oral health and preventing potential disease progression. He acknowledges that dental anxiety is a huge issue for many patients and has devised a range of strategies to help patients overcome their worries and concerns. He is interested in building a relationship with his patients so that they feel comfortable at their dental appointments, and is constantly working to improve his dental skills and knowledge through continuing education courses. Outside of his work, he enjoys rock climbing, playing soccer, and watching movies in his spare time. He is also fluent in English and Korean. 

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Han on our team, and we know that he will be a valuable asset to the business,” said dental colleague, Alex Serebnitski. “Dr. Han stood out from the crowd, has an excellent work ethic, and also demonstrates compassion and a nurturing attitude, which reflects our business ethos. We look forward to working with him for many years to come.” 

East Kildonan Dental is a locally owned and operated business in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The dental office was initially established in 1949, and over the years, has become a staple in East Kildonan. They take pride in the quality and variety of dental services they’ve offered to many friends and families over the years. 

With the addition of Dr. Han, East Kildonan Dental Group is extending its hours of operation. They can see more patients because of the new dentist. This business is continually working to serve the people of Winnipeg better, and their practice is now more accessible thanks to their growing team.

The new hours are Monday to Thursday, from 8 AM – 8 PM, and Friday to Saturday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

For more information about the company and the various dental services that they provide, visit their website at


Media Contact
Company Name: East Kildonan Dental Group
Contact Person: Alex Serebnitski
Email: Send Email
Phone: 204-661-2614
Address:807 Henderson

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Meet Your Neighbor profile of Palm Beach dentist Dr. Mitchell Josephs

Faran Fagen
 |  Special to The Palm Beach Post

Dr. Mitchell Josephs wants you to know that dentists can be funny and have other interests in addition to teeth.

“Movies and TV have portrayed dentists as weirdo nerds or psychos like Steve Martin in ‘Little Shop of Horrors,’” Josephs said. “Some of us are quite cool. I know dentist body builders, pilots, surfers, musicians and actors.”

A new book by Josephs, a longtime Palm Beach Implant and Reconstructive Dentist, is getting plenty of bites across the country.

Titled “More Tooth Talk! What Educated Patients Need to Know About 21st Century Dental Treatment,” the book is a sequel to his first book, “Tooth Talk!” 

It’s a compilation of 16 years of writing his weekly “Ask the Dentist” column in the Palm Beach Post Accent section. Josephs is the first and only Implant, Cosmetic and General dentist on Staff at JFK medical center since the hospital was built. He once took a tooth out of a patient in the operating room while the patient was getting a rectal biopsy.

Josephs, 57, has lived in West Palm Beach since 1992, and has practiced on the island of Palm Beach since then. He grew up in Long Island, N.Y., and Manhattan.

Josephs has been practicing dentistry for three decades and has found that people are intrigued by all the things that go on inside their mouths day-to-day, during a toothache and especially in the dental chair. “More Tooth Talk!” is a literal oral history of the most interesting cases he has seen in Palm Beach, each with insight that will aid oral health as well.

 “A smile is the best thing you can wear, so it’s important to take proper care of your teeth,” said Josephs. “We all know that seeing your dentist regularly, brushing and flossing your teeth daily will keep your teeth healthy, and ‘More Tooth Talk!’ offers real-life stories plus tips and tricks to keeping a fresh, clean and healthy smile.”

Josephs’ local charitable work includes Jewish Family Services of Palm Beach County, the Palm Beach Synagogue, and donations to Casa Shalom, an underprivileged school in Guatemala.

His wife of 29 years, Aileen, an immigration attorney, heads this last effort. Their son, Dr. Jonathan Josephs, is 26 and doing his dental residency program at Columbia Presbyterian.

“More Tooth Talk!” is available for purchase on Amazon and other book retailers. To learn more about Dr. Mitchell Josephs , visit


Who is your hero? Several. Music: Neil Young. Sports: the late Ayerton Senna, Formula 1 driver who was killed in 1994 at Imola Italy. Actor: Sasha Baron Cohen. Author: Malcom Gladwell.

What is your favorite movie? “Apocalypse Now.”

What are your hobbies? Car collector, racer in training at PBIR (Moroso Racetrack), and stand-up comedy. I play my guitars, mostly heavy metal instrumentals (I admit, I am stuck in the 80s; God bless and RIP Eddie Van Halen).

What do you do to get away or take a break? I play my

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Precision medicine key to preventing disease developing later in life, Singapore News & Top Stories

SINGAPORE – An individual’s genes can determine the amount of risk he has of developing life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and in turn allows for early intervention.

This is central to the precision medicine programme here, said Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, the chief health scientist from the Ministry of Health and executive director at the Healthcare Transformation Office.

Prof Tan told a webinar on Wednesday (Nov 25) that the programme looks at the genome sequences of participants to help determine the cumulative risks of different diseases based on their genes.

This can be particularly useful for some complaints like premature heart disease, added Prof Tan, who was joined on the webinar panel by Prudential chief executive Dennis Tan and Health Promotion Board (HPB) CEO Zee Yoong Kang.

The event, which covered a broad range of health topics from diabetes and vaccines to strategies on how to stay healthy, is part of The Straits Times Reset 2021 webinar series. It was sponsored by Prudential and moderated by ST senior health correspondent Salma Khalik.

Prof Tan told the webinar that a condition known as familial hypercholesterolemia is caused when a person has a gene that results in high cholesterol levels at a much younger age. If that gene is present, the individual will have up to 20 times higher risk of heart disease – and at an earlier age.

“And then if we identify somebody, we can also test the family. So these preventive strategies will be part of precision health,” he added.

The HPB is working to make use of the clinical, behavioural and digital data as well as genetic data – with patient consent – to identify those at higher risk to allow for early intervention.

Prudential’s Mr Tan said Singaporeans need not be worried about being part of the programme or be concerned if they find out their genome sequences. Having “bad” genes will not make it harder for them to secure insurance policies, he assured.

Privacy is really important, Mr Tan said, adding that “we (Prudential) are very, very careful about such things”.

He said individuals ultimately have to take charge of their own health and should find out more. He said: “Preventive healthcare is all about them being in the driver’s seat, and going through the whole process of early detection, health screening and all.

“So I think as insurers, we will definitely support them.”

Ms Khalik noted that if a person learns that he is at a high risk of getting a certain disease, it will give him the time and opportunity to act before the ailment takes hold.

Source Article

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Harley St dentist to Towie stars who ‘romped with patient’ after boozing at posh Savoy hotel faces being struck off

A HARLEY STREET dentist at a clinic that treats Towie stars who romped with a patient after boozing at London’s posh Savoy hotel faces being struck off.

Dr Sahil Patel had sex with the woman hours after treating her, a disciplinary hearing heard.

Harley Street dentist Dr Sahil Patel faces being struck off after romping with a patient hours after he treated her


Harley Street dentist Dr Sahil Patel faces being struck off after romping with a patient hours after he treated herCredit: Rights reserved
He had sex with the woman after boozing with her at London's five-star Savoy hotel


He had sex with the woman after boozing with her at London’s five-star Savoy hotel

He had taken her for dinner at the five-star Savoy after completing her veneer treatment in November last year.

They carried on drinking until after midnight, when the dentist said he couldn’t get home ‘as there are no underground trains,’ the General Dental Council (GDC) heard.

Dr Patel went to the patient’s hotel room across the street and had sex with her, the tribunal heard.

He is said to have referred to her as a ‘Jewish princess’, but he denies using the phrase.


Dr Patel is an associate dentist at The Harley Street Smile Clinic, which lists TOWIE stars Lauren Pope, James Lock, Frankie Essex and Kirk Norcross among its clients.

The clinic’s website said Dr Patel had created “the smiles of several reality TV personalities, Members of Parliament, professional athletes, and social media influencers”.

Dr Patel emailed ‘patient A’ his mobile number on September 27 last year and they went for a drink.

He met her again on October 3 and kissed her and the Savoy date was arranged, it is claimed.

Sam Thomas, for the GDC, said: “She had travelled from the south coast where she lived to London to make an appointment with the registrant on 1 November.

Frankie Essex is one of the Towie stars who has been treated at the Harley Street Smile Clinic


Frankie Essex is one of the Towie stars who has been treated at the Harley Street Smile ClinicCredit: Rex Features
Towie's Lauren Pope is also listed as a client at Dt Patel's clinic


Towie’s Lauren Pope is also listed as a client at Dt Patel’s clinic

“This was the third of three appointments in order to have veneers placed on her teeth.

“The appointment on 1 November finished at approximately 3pm and at 7.15pm on that same day the registrant and patient A met at the Savoy Hotel.

“They are at the restaurant and they moved to an adjacent bar where they drank until after midnight.

“The pair then went across the road to a hotel opposite the Savoy and had sexual intercourse.”

The misconduct panel heard the dentist’s lawyer has raised the issue as to whether patient A was a current patient of Dr Patel.

The pair then went across the road to a hotel opposite the Savoy and had sexual intercourse.

Mr Thomas added: “The council say that patient A was due to be seen in 12 months time following the third of the three appointments.

“So we accept that on 1 November 2019 the treatment had finished but there was due to be a review in November 2020.

“Further the council say that there was a five-year guarantee with regard to

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Waltham Dentist Ordered to Stop False Advertising …

Waltham Dentist Ordered to Stop False Advertising

Yesterday, on Monday, November 23, 2020, Waltham dentist Dr. Jeffrey S. Cummings, doing business at 520 Main Street in Waltham, was ordered to stop falsely advertising he is currently affiliated with and a member of a national organization, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (the “AACD”). It is unknown when the false advertising began, but Dr. Cummings had a large sign outside his building for years, shown here in a photo of his office building address from the site, advertising he does “Cosmetic” and “Implant” Dentistry.

AACD was contacted by a former patient of Dr. Cummings, who in turn immediately contacted Dr. Cummings. The former patient had checked the AACD online directory at to find out if Dr. Cummings is actually listed at AACD as an AACD member, since he advertises such an affiliation on his website bio page and on his stationary. But he was not listed as a member on the AACD website.

By yesterday evening, the false advertising on his website bio page was removed, following the demand from AACD to Dr. Cummings to remove it.

On the AACD website, this national organization describes itself as follows:

“The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® (AACD) is dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry and encouraging the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible patient care.”

AACD has different levels of membership for dentists, some of which require a substantial amount of work for a dentist to claim an affiliation. As to their policy on dentists advertising an affiliation when no such affiliation exists with AACD, their membership director, Dana J. Murn, had this to say in an email:

“…we contact those who are using our logo and claiming to be a member.”

According to Ms. Murn, a complaint of a dentist falsely advertising an affiliation with AACD goes “to our Ethics department.”

It is unclear whether Dr. Cummings had malpractice insurance during the time he was falsely advertising an affiliation with AACD.

According to the MA Board of Dentistry, Massachusetts is a state that does NOT require evidence of malpractice insurance for a dentist. When contacted about this, Barbara A. Young, RDH, Executive Director, Mass. Board of Registration in Dentistry, stated in an email:

“The Board does not require a dentist to carry malpractice insurance …. Since this policy is not required by the Board, we do not track whether a dentist does or does not carry malpractice coverage.”

The name of the former patient of Dr. Cummings who contacted AACD and the MA Board of Dentistry is not being disclosed in this article because the patient has a right to privacy of records.

False advertising is illegal in Massachusetts and is recognized as a deceptive business practice. Dentists are supposed to be truthful in their communications as required by the American Dental Association Code of Ethics, which is part of the licensing test for dentists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It is

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ZYUS Life Sciences Strengthens Leadership in Evidence-Based Medicine with Appointment of Clinical Advisory Committee

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZYUS Life Sciences Inc. (“ZYUS”), a Canadian life sciences company leading scientific research and development in phyto-therapeutics, is pleased to announce the formation of a Clinical Advisory Committee to provide strategic advice and guidance on ZYUS’ clinical trial programs. Five committee members have been appointed to the Clinical Advisory Committee, adding additional medical, scientific, and clinical expertise to its experienced leadership team. This announcement is an important step in ZYUS’ integrated clinical development program and supports the company’s ambitions to pioneer the next generation of life sciences through an evidence-based approach.

Chaired by ZYUS’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lionel Marks de Chabris, a leading expert in chronic pain management and addictions medicine, the ZYUS Clinical Advisory Committee includes four initial committee members including Dr. Mary Lynch, Dr. David J. Shulkin, Dr. Cedric Francois and Dr. Alice Zwerling. As ZYUS scales its clinical trial programs, the Clinical Advisory Committee will work closely with the research team to provide input and guidance on clinical development strategies and evaluate the clinical trial progress.

Each of the named Clinical Advisory Committee members bring remarkable medical leadership and expertise to their advisory roles. Dr. Mary Lynch ranks among North America’s leading experts in pain management. She is a Professor in the Departments of Anesthesiology, Pain Management and Perioperative Medicine, Psychiatry and Pharmacology in the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University. In addition to being the founding director of the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids, Dr. Lynch co-chairs the Canadian Pain Strategy and is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Working Group on Pain Management. Her expertise in pain management is directly aligned with ZYUS’ research into the potential of phyto-therapeutics to manage chronic and neuropathic pain, and Dr. Lynch’s scientific research and thought-leadership in this space will provide valuable guidance to ZYUS’ clinical approach.

Providing cross-border expertise and widely respected medical leadership, Dr. David J. Shulkin will bring his decades of experience leading some of North America’s largest and most sophisticated medical networks to the ZYUS Clinical Advisory Committee. Dr. Shulkin previously served as the ninth Secretary of the US Department of Veterans Affairs and prior to holding that role, was appointed Under Secretary for Health by President Obama and confirmed unanimously by the U.S. Senate. In his role as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, he represented 21 million American veterans and was responsible for the country’s largest integrated health care system with over 1,200 sites of care. In addition to his roles in the public sector, Dr. Shulkin has served as the chief executive of multiple hospitals and health systems, and has been named as one of the “One Hundred Most Influential People in American Healthcare” by Modern Healthcare. Dr. Shulkin’s experience as a physician, hospital CEO and Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs provides unique insights into the medical, societal and political implications of ZYUS’ clinical trial programs.

The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer and President of Apellis Pharmaceuticals,

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