New Technologies Bring More Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

It was not all that long ago that effective cosmetic dentistry procedures were financially out of reach for far to many people who had to end smiles that they were unhappy with. Now however, recent developments in this line of dentistry mean that these same people can now afford to look their personal best.

Newer procedures make it possible to brighten, align, shade and even replace teeth far more easily and effectively then ever before and you do not have to drain your bank account to go them either. Treatments for tooth discoloration is one area that has undergone dramatic developments and now they are less expensive and more effective then they have ever been before.

Adjustments in the contour of gum tissue can now be done in one visit and only requires local anesthetic. The shape of the gums surrounding the teeth can have a dramatic effect on a person, particularly if the person has a smile that shows a lot of their gums.

Micro-abrasion technology has been perfected to the point where many tooth discoloration issues can also be remedied in one visit to your dentist and these treatments are also perfectly painless as well.

While tooth whitening products for home use are now readily available on the market you are going to achieve the best results by having this procedure done in a dentist office.

This is due to the fact that prescription teeth whitening compounds are far stronger and more effective then over the counter products. Also, gum irritation resulting from this type of treatment is far less when the treatment is performed in a dentist office. This is because, a dentist will custom fit the treys that hold the whitening substance, greatly reducing the chances of it coming into contact with gum tissue.