National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month – Show Support

We All Get Lost Sometimes

We all get emotional ups and downs once in a while. However, mental health conditions go beyond temporary emotional reactions and often become something that is here to stay. Such a condition affects the way we conceive ourselves, the way we love or hate, the way we behave, and the way we perceive others. There is a variety of complex contributing factors to the cause of this state, such as:

  • heredity
  • stress
  • childhood abuse
  • neglect
  • brain injury
  • loneliness

These can affect people of any age, gender, educational level, and cultural background. Sad enough, minority groups’ representatives are less likely to have any access to proper treatment. Understanding the issue in its various forms is the best way to get involved, educate, and create awareness.

Why Counseling Awareness is Important?

Mental health issues of minority populations are a major concern for health experts in the United States. While each year millions of racial and ethnic groups face this problem, they continue living with the condition and are less likely to go for treatment because of the countless barriers in terms of access to healthcare. Instead of getting help from medical specialists, they approach priests, for example. Another factor is the fear that they are going to be treated wrong, stereotyped, and discriminated against. This stigma is further aggravated by social oppression. Language barriers can also decrease their motivation to look for help. Poverty not only intensifies existing health conditions, like depression, but also prevents people to look for any kind of help. And above all, due to poor education, they are unaware of how this condition can affect their lives.

Counselling for awareness among priests and pastors is quite needed as most minorities will be more likely to contact a clinician only if advised by a clergy member.

The Purpose of National Minority Mental Health Month:

To highlight the need to promote public awareness and improve access to treatment among culturally and socially sidelined communities, each July we observe National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Minority populations have less access to any kind of resources, even if there are available. This month is the perfect opportunity for all types of organizations to create awareness in diverse communities, by hosting a variety of events and activities across the country each year.

Increase Awareness:

Help the minorities receive diagnosis and treatment for their issues. Awareness brings attention to the inequalities and needs of various communities.

Write your own blog post on the subject with up-to-date statistics and facts, including information on where minority representatives can find counseling and help.

Volunteer and help someone out by sharing their story, listening to their feelings, and encouraging them to manage stress.

There are organizations out there that work to create awareness among minority communities. Join any of them and learn how to become an advocate for yourself and your community. Isn’t that what a “community” is all about?

Host a local screening event. Arrange counseling on treatment options and how to get access to support. Surprise your guests with memorable customized giveaways. Among the literally thousands of promotional items available out there, going with silicone wristbands printed with your own unique message is one of the best choices in view of the stylish and easy customizable nature these products have. These not-only-fashion accessories are ideal for everyday wear and easily available online.

This awareness month, we all work together and build awareness about the importance of mental wellness and effective healthcare. Spread the word!