My Computer is a Real Mess

Of course I let Shell use my laptop a lot, she is over to my place a lot and I like that a lot. I did not like that she ended up getting some really horrendous malware the other day. Apparently she was on the web looking for some cheap careprost, which is a real mystery to me to be honest. I had not a single clue what she meant, but that is apparently some substance which you put on your eyelashes to make them seem thicker or fuller or whatever. I looked at her eyelashes and tried to figure out if they looked different than usual. She got mad at me for not knowing, but I honestly had not ever really focused on that. I suppose that I look at the entire thing, although in truth I never really cared for women who wear excessive amounts of make up. It is just stuff that they have to wash off of their faces and that seems to be a poor way to advertise the stuff.

At any rate this malware was a real nightmare. It was some sort of thing that took over my browser and would take me to all sorts of weird sites when I looked for something. I realized at once that I had to get rid of the thing as quickly as I could. I tried all sorts of things, but at the end the only solution was to do a system restore. I wanted to avoid that, but there did not seem to be an option which could do that. I did not have a recent restore point and so that meant that I would lose a good deal of things that I had done in recent days. Since there was no choice that was the only way to get done.