List of Sinus Infection Symptoms – Nurse’s Guide

If you’re having sinus infection symptoms or what you think are you may want to take a look at this list of symptoms and see if you have acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, a sinus infection or a more serious infection or complication.

Sinus symptoms or sinusitis symptoms don’t always lead to sinus infections. They can become inflamed and swollen and never develop into a full blown sinus infection. Knowing the difference will help tell you what kind of treatment and particularly home natural treatment you should use to get rid of it.

Acute sinusitis can be triggered by the common cold, bacteria, allergies and most likely fungal infections. Acute sinusitis is also called acute rhinosinusitis.

List of Sinusitis and Sinus Infection Symptoms

Thick drainage that is more often yellow but sometimes green. This drainage goes down the back of your throat or down your nasal passages and nose. This will often indicate you have developed a sinus infection. This is the one that when reported to me I can be pretty sure the patient has a sinus infection.

Nasal obstruction or a lot of congestion in your nose. Even making it difficult to breathe properly through your nasal passages.

Swelling, pressure and or pain around your eyes, nose, cheeks or forehead.

An ache in your upper jaw and even your teeth. Many people have gone to the dentist thinking they have a toothache and it has been a sinus problem.

Your taste or even smell is not normal.

You have a cough. It can be a slight cough or more hearty depending on the severity of the sinusitis or infection.

You may have ear pain. That is pain in the middle ear not inner ear. Or even have developed an ear infection from sinus drainage.

You may have a slight sore throat. You can get rid of it with a salt water gargle. It’s usually caused by irritation from sinus drainage.

Bad breath or halitosis. You may be able to tell that you have bad breath or others around you may notice a change and tell you.

You may suffer from fatigue or feel extremely tired and not be able to put your finger on why.

Or you could be irritable.

You may develop a fever or temperature over 100.5 F.

Some people may feel nauseated.

You may have a sinus headache depending on which set of sinus cavities are involved.

These are the main symptoms of acute sinusitis. If your sinus infection symptoms last more than two months then you have chronic sinusitis. In either case to get sinus relief or relieve sinus pressure and pain you want to start some home sinus busters that are home remedies or treatment– natural home treatment to cure yourself of sinusitis and/or a sinus infection. Avoid antibiotics. That likely won’t work and decongestants.