Lifestyle changes cancer survivors should go through: Oncologist shares tips | Health

Cancer is the disease in which abnormal cell growth happens with the strength of spreading to other parts of the body. This is opposed to that of benign tumours which do not spread and are constrained to one place. Cancer treatment involves a range of procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, bone marrow transplant and cryoablation among others. Even after surviving cancer, the fear and anxiety of the cancer reappearing in the body often cloud the minds of the survivors.

However, after undergoing cancer treatment and beating the disease, the doctors recommend shifting to a healthy lifestyle in order to boost the immunity of the body and provide it with the strength to fight diseases. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Dr. Dhanya KS, Radiation Oncologist, American Oncology Institute, Calicut, said, “Post-cancer care is an essential part of the entire journey, right from the diagnosis to treatment and adoption of a healthy lifestyle after survival. The lifestyle changes that a cancer survivor is recommended are similar to that of the person who wants to switch to a healthy lifestyle. However, the following measures have helped the cancer survivor patients with an added benefit.”

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Dr Dhanya KS further noted down the lifestyle changes that a cancer survivor must go through in order to lead a healthy life. They are as follows:

Healthy weight: Incorporating essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, and water in the diet is mandatory. Dr Dhanya KS further added that leading a healthy life by eating healthy food, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep helps people to feel recharged and mentally and physically strong.

Unhealthy habits: Smoking and overuse of alcohol can affect the body adversely. It is recommended to avoid unhealthy habits to have more control over the health.

Activity: “Take a daily walk. If you sit or sleep too much, you may lose muscle mass and increase your body fat, even if you are not gaining weight,” said the doctor.

Stress: It is important to work on reducing stress by diverting the mind.