Kerala Govt Allows Covid-19 Outpatient Services Under Tele-medicine Platform

As coronavirus is yet to be contained completely, people can now avail themselves of COVID-19 outpatient services through a tele-medicine platform e-Sanjeevani. People, suffering from the virus infection, and those with post-COVID-19 syndrome can use the service, state Health Minister K K Shylaja said here on Monday.

It is essential to seek treatment either directly or through the e-sanjeevani if any related health problem is found in those recovered from the coronavirus. “The OP service is available daily between 9 am and 5 pm via e-sanjeevani outpatient department. Those suffering from any health issues even after getting rid of the infection should make maximum use of this platform and seek expert treatment,” she said.

It would be a great help not only for those suffering from the disease but also for those who are tested negative for the infection and those suspecting to have infected with the coronavirus, she said. Virtual screening, treatment and reference are possible through the platform.

Specially-trained doctors are conducting the OPs. Stating that post-COVID syndrome is one of the most important issues when it comes to the impact of the infection, the Minister said the state Health Department had already opened post-COVID-19 syndrome clinics in hospitals.

“However, many still find it difficult to go directly to the hospitals. That’s why the OP clinics are opened through the e-sanjeevani platform also,” Shylaja added. e-sanjeevani is a consultation platform that allows people to get treatment without having to go hospitals during the time of the pandemic.

It helps people to avoid unnecessary hospital visits during the COVID-19 pandemic and thereby ensure expert treatment at home. The state government hadbecome part of the e-Sanjeevani as asustainable solution for non-COVID-19 patient care while avoiding direct interface with doctors during the COVID-19 crisis.

Developed by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), the app, offering high-utility features, was launched on June 10.

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