Is Gum Disease Causing Your Heartburn And Allergies?

A few nights ago I was eating foods that don’t agree with me.

For me, that means the usual suspects such as coffee. And also tomatoes and peppers which are in the nightshade family and contain high amounts of lectins that cause problems for people like me and maybe for you.

I woke at 2:30 in the morning with the warning signs of heartburn. I started doing reduced breathing exercises, drank a glass of water, and went back to sleep. No heartburn. Everything was fine now.

I have proven time and again, using my own body, the heartburn and GERD are caused by ultra low carbon dioxide levels in the body. There are numerous studies that I will get into in future articles that bear this out. Meantime if you have my book or have learned Buteyko exercises already can verify this for yourself.

When I started my reduced breathing regimen, I cured lifelong asthma and my heartburn went away. I stopped taking medication except for an inhaled nasal corticosteroid spray.

But I have not made much progress in my breathing over the past year.

And there are three suspects here. If you have made decent progress but hit a brick wall, if you still have symptoms of one kind or another, then you will want to read on. Because you need to check out possibilities that you have infection in your teeth, your gut, or your tonsils. I will explore by far the most common infections that affect your overall health in this article, those in your gums.

You probably have a gum infection that is affecting your health

Most of us have gum infections to one degree or another. Your gums may look a bit puffy. Or you may have some bleeding when yu brush your teeth. Or you may have none of these symptoms.

If you go to the dentist regularly, over the years your periodontal pockets may be growing in depth. Or you may be experiencing bone loss that shows up on x-rays over the years.

This is all caused by gum disease. And…

Gum disease causes overall health problems

Gum disease is caused by anerobic bacteria that live in the gum pockets and create toxins. The bacteria toxins migrate into the body, and the bacteria themselves can enter the body through the gums.

The body must mount an ongoing defense against this invasion of bacteria and toxins.

It is well-known that people with heart disease often have serious gum infections and that the toxins and bacteria sometimes migrate to the heart. This is just the start of what gum disease does to us.

For these reasons, it is essential to your health that you get rid of gum infection. I prefer non-surgical, non-invasive methods. And fortunately I have tested one and can recommend it.

Using the Albrite system to combat gum disease

I have been a great fan of treating gum disease with the Albrite system. This is a simple syringe-like device that comes with a book. You mix up a solution of, say, salt water and dilute hydrogen peroxide, and you inject this right into your gum pockets.

I did this for awhile and it really helped.

Then I stopped.

I went to the dentist recently and he said my gums looked puffy. I just got out of the habit of doing my gum treatments.

The hygienist said they have a new gum therapy. It is non-surgical. They do one quarter of the mouth at a time, say the lower right. They do a very deep cleaning with ultrasound to blast away the films of bacteria that are causing infection. They do each quarter of the mouth at a time and use various guidelines to determine when enough is enough.

The result has been a dramatic increase in health for people who have gone through this.

Chronic heartburn has disappeared.

Skin problems that were bothering the patient went away.

All sorts of higher energy levels and better feeling of health.

I may go and get this done. Meanwhile I am doing the Albrite treatment again and will see if I can’t get this infection under control.

Once you get rid of the infection, you can use a good quality colloidal silver solution to blast into your gums using Albrite. This is kinder to your gums than the hydrogen peroxide salt water. And it is very effective as silver is quite bacteriocidal.

Some people will need to use antibiotics with Albrite. He explains in the book how you can open a tetracycline capsule and dissolve it in water and use this. I have not done this as I do not have severe infections, just chronic low level infections.

I am hoping that my gum problems will respond to consistent treatment at home, and that my breathing progress will start to improve once again.

And that I no longer ever wake up with heartburn.