I Never Thought I’d Have Full Eyelashes

I have never had thick and full eyelashes. It was something I always wanted, but I found that it was something that I would probably not get. At least, that used to be my attitude. I am not the only one in my family with this problem, so I was really surprised to see my cousin with nice thick lashes not long ago. They did not look fake at all, but I knew they had to be. That is why I was surprised when she told me that she had been using Careprost, an eye drop product that was recommended to her by a friend she knows.

I was mostly impressed because they looked so natural on her, which is why I was surprised to find out that they were. They were not attached in any way at all. All she does is use eye drops, and those thick luscious lashes are the result. I wanted as much information as I could get on them, and I found a website that provided all the info I needed. It was nice reading about the origins of the product and also reading about how safe it is to use.

My cousin did tell me that the only way it does work is by using it every day. She had thick lashes within a couple of months, and then she stopped using it. She started losing the fullness of her eyelashes when she did that, but it came back right away again when she started reusing the product. I had no problem using something every day if it meant having lashes like she has, and I went ahead and ordered some of the Careprost for myself. All I can say is I feel so much better having nice, thick and full eyelashes. It is something I never thought would happen.