I Know This Interesting Girl

I have been talking to this girl for quite a good while. I see her in the library all of the time, and over time I got to know her a little bit. I never thought too much about the size of her breasts, but then one day she was reading this naturaful review at breastenlargementresource.com. In fact she asked me what I thought about her breasts, which was a shock to me. I wondered if this was the sort of thing you would ask a guy unless you think that they are gay or something, so it set me back on my heels and she laughed at me. That made me wonder if she were just having fun at my expense, because it is not as though guys do not notice breasts on a very regular basis. I stared at them just for the heck of it and told her that they seemed to be about perfect, but that I would have to see them without the sweater and the bra to be sure.

This made her laugh and I got the idea that she was teasing me. It was funny in an odd way I suppose, but she was serious about trying this stuff. In fact when you look around you see that there are a couple of different things that are supposed to do the same thing. Some of them are creams and some of them are pills. It is not as though it is not possible for this to work, because I have heard about things which have the side effect of enlarging breasts. Of course the drug is supposed to keep you from going crazy and it does this to young men and boys. Most likely they are not going to want the bigger breasts that result.