Healthy Aging – A Lifelong Guide to Your Physical and Spiritual Well-Being -Book Review

Healthy Aging is a book that gives vital scientific information to anyone at any age. It has become an indispensable guide for me especially for one thing: most of the advice in it coincides with the advice of my medical doctor. I have always been a supporter of the medical profession's healing and prevention procedures, regarding them as the best people have at this given moment in medical history, even if today's medicine can not cure everything and sometimes makes horrible mistakes.

What is so remarkable about this book is that, in it, Dr. Weil accepts ending of life and aging without any wild claims of immortality or life extension. Dr. Weil also keeps that people could age more healthily if they would combine the traditional medicine with a few tried and true natural products plus some extra care for their well-being.

He recommends eating well by consuming organic produce together with a few herbs and spices and doing regular mild to moderate exercise mostly by walking. The anti-inflammatory diet, stress management, mental, physical, and emotional endurance, and the importance of social contact are also addressed.

The book is divided into two parts: 1.The Science and Philosophy of Healthy Aging; 2. How to Age Gracefully. What I found most remarkable in the first part is the information that the only possibly immortal cells are the cancer cells. This finding is based upon the data determined in Johns Hopkins laboratory where the cells of a cancer patient Helen Lacks were used. It was discovered that these cells, called Hela cells for their original carrier, could go on dividing and growing forever, should conditions permit.

The second part of the book concentrates on prevention, diet, supplements, the importance of exercise, rest, sleep, sex, and avoiding bad foods. This part also attests to the questions of mental, psychological, and spiritual well-being of an aging person.

At the end of the book are two appendices: one concentrates on the anti-inflammatory diet; the other has a list of suggested readings, resources, and supplies.

The book is in hardcover with 304 pages and ISBN-10: 0375407553 and ISBN-13: 978-0375407550.

The author, Dr. Andrew Weil, was born in 1942 in Philadelphia. He received an AB in biology (botany) from Harvard in 1964 and an MD from Harvard Medical School in 1968. He completed his medical internship at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco and worked with the National Institute of Mental Health. At this time, he wrote his first book "The Natural Mind." He is now the director of Integrative Medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Arizona.
His books are: The Natural Mind; The Marriage of the Sun and Moon; From Chocolate to Morphine (with Winifred Rosen); Health and Healing; Natural Health, Natural Medicine; Spontaneous Healing; and Eight Weeks to Optimum Health. Dr. Weil has a website and he publishes a monthly newsletter.

In my opinion, owing to his insight and foresight and the depth of his experience and knowledge, Dr. Weil should have considered the leading medical man of our time. I recommend this book to people of all ages who want to grow old as healthily as they can.