Health Insurance: What Does, And Doesn’t Make Sense?

For nearly all of this decade, Congress has discussed, argued, complained, blamed, criticized, voted to repeal, and politicized the important issue of health care, and insurance! Rather than focusing on the very real issues, including the high costs of prescription medicines (the U.S. has higher pharmaceutical prices, than nearly every other country), making the system more effective, efficient, and cost – conscious, deductibles (too high), and costs of health insurance (premiums), as well as guaranteeing coverage to the largest possible population, there has been constant focus on politics, blaming, complaining, etc, rather than doing anything concrete to address the issue. The reality, unfortunately, is the refusal to look at an issue, as important as this, in a bipartisan manner, rather than playing politics, with the lives of American citizens. If we observe what has gone on, in the past six months, there has been little to no cooperation, and excessive bickering! Which is more important, party politics, or serving the nation, and its citizens?

1. Doesn’t: What our politicians are primarily doing, makes little sense, nor provides service, as it should! They have spent most of their time, effort, and excessive public expense, considering either repealing, repeal – and = replace, or letting the A.C.A. implode!

a) Repeal: Those advocating for this approach, are using revisionist history, because the reason the Affordable Care Act, was originally introduced, is medical costs were getting put – of – hand. While this act certainly had flaws, wouldn’t it make more sense to repair and address those flaws?

b) Repeal, and replace: The effort to repeal, and simultaneously, replace the existing act, did little, to nothing, to achieve the supposed objectives and fix the flaws, but included unrelated tax benefits (to the wealthiest), and would have taken tens of millions of American’s medical insurance away. The proposal to make it voluntary contribution, was political gesturing, at its worst, because, removing the healthiest from the pool, would have made health insurance, far more costly! What do you believe the actual reasons for this approach and proposal, may have been?

c) Trump’s “let it implode”: President Trump demonstrated how emotional, immature reasoning and leadership, is both dangerous and irresponsible, as well as possibly, being illegal (and certainly improper). How would Trump’s letting the system implode, benefit the American taxpayer, he was elected to serve and represent?

2. Does: Isn’t it about time, service to nation came above party politics?

a) Bipartisan: If politicians would have bipartisan discussions, and consider compromising, for the best interests of their constituents, they could address what needs fixing, and improve the health care, in the U.S.

b) Solve the challenges: The flaws in the system include costs, coverage, drug prices, deductibles, and the burden on the budget. Demand your elected officials solve these challenges, in a constructive, focused way!

c) Focus on people: Isn’t it about time, elected officials focused on people, rather than their political careers?

d) Negotiate and lower drug prices: Nearly everyone would agree, the U.S. should not be paying more to purchase the same drugs, others, in most other nations, are paying! Shouldn’t that be an essential focus of fixing the system?

We keep having discussions about health care, which seem to be going nowhere! Hopefully, this article has enhanced the discussion, about what does and doesn’t make sense!