Getting Out of Jury Duty – What Excuse is Acceptable?

Everybody hates to get that notice to serve in the mail. The first question that goes through your mind is how do I get out of this one? Well there are excuses that will allow you to get out of this service. Do you really want to miss work and have to sit waiting to see if they are going to put you on that jury, all those questions going through your mind, what are they looking for? Can I just act like a crazy person? No, there is an actual list of viable excuses that can be used to get out of showing.

The first thing you need to do is write your excuse down and send it to the proper court. Remember that you need to use their questionnaire and be specific about your reason for being exempt. This is important because if it is incomplete or not on the list, you may be required to be there for that specific case. Do not wait too long, there is a time limit when you must send in the form to serve, if you wait beyond the time you will be required to be present on the date of the case.

There are several excuses that work, the first would be that your age is over 70. It is easy because they only require proof of age. Another reason for getting out of serving is if you have children or an elderly person in your care. In this situation you will have to explain this situation but usually more often than not it will be no problem with getting out of serving. If you are a member of a volunteer ambulance or firefighter unit you are immediately excused.

If your job importance is so great that the business could fail if you were not there you can be excused. Usually this is a person who is a business owner and they are the one in charge. Dentist, Nurses, Lawyers and Doctors professions will be excused because they are important to society and will have no problem. If you are disabled and can not reach the courthouse because of your disability you will be exempt as well.

If you have an excuse that needs an in depth explanation you need to be present at the courthouse when it is your time to be selected so you can explain the situation.

Just remember not to disregard any jury duty summons, it is important to contact them and honor your legal obligation or submit the reason you can not.