Energy Medicine – The Latest Gimmick Or is There Something to It?

It seems everywhere one turns lately, one is being told that one has complete control over oneself and the results one achieves in life, right down to being able to reprogram ourselves at the DNA level.

All this sounds a lot more like a gimmick or a science fiction novel than something we are able to achieve in reality. And yet, there are countless cases of proof that the principles and methods behind Energy Medicine are extremely powerful, and they work.

The basic promise behind Energy Medicine is that we and everything around us are simply made up of different energy frequencies. Our concept of static or solid matter is simply based on the fact that whatever we believe to be solid, is only solid in comparison to something else; that something mostly being us. For example, a tree feet solid to us, but that is only in comparison to the fact that the frequency it vibrates at is different to that of our skin and therefore when we touch it, it appears to be solid to us.

Because there is now so much more scientific proof of these concepts than there have been at any other time in history, it is much easier to be able to forgive and accept these concepts as being true.

The possibility to heal ourselves on so many different levels is now an absolute reality through using Energy Medicine methods.

The wonderful thing about becoming aware of the possibilities of energy medicine to heal oneself on any and all levels is that there are many mentors, teachers and methods available to help one on the way.