Delight in Diversity – A Many Splendid Rainbow of Cultures and People to Know or Discover

Diversity is a many splendid opportunity to expand your thought process and become part of the beautiful, global rainbow. Diversity comes in many forms: religious; customs; cultures; habits; ideas of judgment; laws; legal systems; and in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Diversify your knowledge, open your heart- seek diversity cultural knowledge, you'll learn about yourself through your knowledge of other lands, NATIONS, and cultures. When people, cultures and ideas come together: they make a perfect design; A united force of splendid beauty; defined and aligned to symbolize the end of difference, an opportunity to unify with others and gain a splendor that will render a new congruent design. A perfect design, with a global view, to be viewed as high as the brightest star in the sky. One that is symbolic and cultured, and can withstand the test of time. Like the different, beautiful, colorful hues in a rainbow, each individually remarkable, shining and collectively more visibly appealing, they become united when they work well with each other, listen to one another and show love and acceptance for their differences, once this is all completed-they all come together as ONE.

DELIGHT IN DIVERSITY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DAILY OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE WAITING TO BE ENJOYED BY ENGAGING A NEW PERSON, PLACE OR FOOD, try something different then what you would do on a regular basis. Taking small steps, weekly, or daily can help you appreciate the many opportunities that living in the, "GREAT AMERICAN MELTING POT," can bring to you! There are many markets and shops that are primed and ready to show you the tools, foods, vegetables and fruits that can be utilized by me and you once we learn how to utilize the valuable information that can be found in the customs and habits of other people from different cultures.

Remember, we all come in many different forms, classes, and colors. Engage yourself and join the masses that openly arrange to engage the diversity that abounds all around, wherever you go, notice the beautiful rainbow arrangement of different dressed people, distinctly different languages ​​and ask questions to find similarities and amiable ways to communicate with excitation, genuine interest and sincere concern.

Be quick to appreciate diversity and facilitate the experience with your own smiling countenance, let your own uniqueness and your cultural distinction be shown with pride. Share your own diversity brilliance with others; maybe a co-worker; your doctor; your dentist, or another beautiful soul.

Always remember the privilege that diversity brings to you and to me and especially be cognizant for the importance of others, show you can bring clarity or assistance to others that are new to your environment. Welcome another person from a different state, or a different nation to your current location, or in a new situation, and remember- We've all been there before …

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!