Cure Toothache – 5 Effective Ways to Cure Tooth Pain

The best way to cure toothache and save your tooth is by consulting a dentist. But, still you have easy remedies to give relief to the annoying pain. Read the 5 effective ways through which you can get rid of toothache easily.

1] Toothaches are caused due to various reasons. Toothache occurs when the food we eat is sensitive to the teeth. When the enamel of your teeth weakens, your tooth may turn sensitive to hot or cold foods. So, in such cases you should avoid taking the foods/drinks that is sensitive to your tooth.

2] The second type is the viral and bacterial infection that gets collected in the tooth. This is caused due to the improper maintenance of teeth. The food particles we eat get stored in the gaps of the teeth. In due course, they convert into bacteria and spoil the root of the teeth giving severe pain in gums and tooth. Some times we cannot not even find the tooth or place from where the pain is coming. You will have swelling on your gums and as well as your cheek. This type of pain is intolerable and should be attended immediately by a professional.

3] Toothache may also occur due to nausea. You can use acupressure technique to get rid of toothache in such cases. Even improper posture can increase the toothache. Some time, your toothache may aggravate when you lie down. In such situation it is better to sit or stand to get rid of pain. When you lie down or sleep, your blood pressure increases causing more pain.

4] There are also some home remedies to your toothache. Bay leaf, pepper, cloves are some of the products that is readily available in our home to treat the toothache. Gargling with salt water solution, giving ice pack massage, keeping the tea pack on the affected area are some of the homely methods to get instant relief from toothache.

5] Even though self medication is done by many, it is not advisable to do so. Most of us use ibuprofen or acetaminophen to get relief from toothache. But, this is not good for the teeth as well as to the health. These painkillers only cause acidity and stomach ache. But, once you stop the pill, again the pain will start. Pain killers are not permanent solution to your toothache. So, it is better to consult a specialist avoiding these pain killers.