Cooking With CBD- Know The Kitchen Secrets Of CBD Infusion

CBD needs no introductions, right? Ever since the 2014 Farm Bill was passed, you must be living under a rock if you don’t know what CBD is. But anyway, we wouldn’t want our readers to get confused which is why here it is!

What Is CBD?

CBD is a non-psychotic compound, technically a cannabinoid, of the cannabis genus. It means that every species of the cannabis genus might have CBD as a component in it. There are more than hundreds of cannabinoids but each of them has unique characteristics making them indispensable. There are various distinctive properties of CBD which has made it the sensation of this decade. Let’s see what are those properties:

  1. The scientific researchers have found results that point towards the medical benefits of CBD, just like THC, the psychotic cannabinoid has. Although the intensity of its efficacy is lower than THC, it’s there!

  1. Now, the reason CBD is considered unique is that unlike THC, it does not induce psychotic behavior. So it benefits our health without manipulating our thinking capacity. Yes, it’s a win-win and that’s precisely why CBD has surpassed the bounds of acclamations.

  1. The most important fact that has made CBD and THC the most famous cannabinoids is that they resemble the properties and structure of our endocannabinoids- the cannabinoids produced by our own body.

So, are we on the same page about what is CBD? Now, CBD is hailed as that source of health booster which is being advised for a daily intake. Obviously, there are brands which offer various ways of CBD consumption including CBD edibles such as candies, jellies, and CBD gummies but what if you want to adopt a lifestyle with CBD?

Cooking with CBD is the answer! Undoubtedly, you can always buy CBD edibles to have a quick indulgence, but if you sincerely want to include CBD in your lifestyle, having CBD oil in your kitchen for cooking is a perfectly healthy way to do it.

You Ask, Why Should You Consider Cooking With CBD?

There are so many ways of consuming CBD, some of which are so easy and delightful that it could raise such a question that why should I bother with any other method apart from edibles or oils or tinctures or teas for CBD consumption!

Well, you are right! But do you like that aftertaste of CBD oils? Do you think you can indulge in expensive edibles on a daily basis? Is vaping CBD oil an efficient way of consuming CBD?

The answers to the above questions are the reason why considering cooking with CBD is not a bad idea.

  1. Firstly, it will not have a bad aftertaste like the tinctures have. The mingling of aromatic spices with CBD will encapsulate that odor and feeling.

  1. Coming to the economic part, using CBD oils in cooking will definitely be cheaper than the edibles available in the market.

  1. The most important factor is the way CBD is processed by the body when consumed orally. Vaping is undoubtedly good for immediate effects but when it comes to longer efficacy, nothing beats oral consumption. CBD-infused food is digested by the liver and is then supplied to the entire body via blood making it stay longer in the system.

However, above all of these answers comes the possibility of tasteful, healthy food. Thus it shouldn’t be why but why not cook with CBD! And imagine the amazing benefits and effects if you are living in a liberal state that allows recreational marijuana!

Next Question Comes- Which CBD Product Could Be Ideal For Cooking?

I recently made a strawberry smoothie using Green Roads strawberry infused terpene in it! I couldn’t even sense the presence of any other ingredient apart from the smoothie regulars. Then today, I am going to make peanut butter using CBD oil. You too can use any of the products to create your own dish, but for your ease, I’m going to discuss the hits and misses of using certain products!

  • CBD Oil- This is by far the most common CBD infused product and all the CBD users must have tried it at least once. For me, it was not a great experience until I started adding it to my salad dressings. Now, using CBD oil tinctures for cooking means including a full-spectrum CBD oil which is rich in all the elements of hemp. Full spectrum CBD oil consists of terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids as well which increases the efficacy of CBD by entourage effect. Thus, if you truly want the goodness of cannabis to be in your food, you must go with a full-spectrum tincture.

  • Isolated CBD- Waxes, dabs, shatters are the isolated forms of CBD. You might know this if you are a fan of vaping. Isolated products offer 99.99% pure CBD which means that these products will not have any of the other cannabinoids or flavonoids or terpenes, and therefore no entourage effect. Although they are crystalline CBD products, they might not have the same health-enhancing effect as full-spectrum CBD. If you are using CBD just for the sake of it, you can surely choose isolates but if not, think it through and weigh your options before picking them.

  • CBD Terpenes- Just like CBD, terpenes are organic compounds present in the cannabis plants. The fun fact is that unlike CBD and THC, terpenes are not only found in the cannabis plants, they can be availed from all plants. Basically, terpenes are the compounds responsible for the smell and taste of any plant and fruit. For instance, limonene is a common terpene found in hemp but the more common source of this terpene is citrus fruits.

Yes, the orange peels have limonene in them! Now, including terpenes have various health benefits and because these tinctures also have full-spectrum CBD oil with terpenes, these could actually be a great product to add to your dishes. The ideal use of CBD terpenes is in smoothies (like I did), cakes, juices, etc., anything that has a fruity flavor to it.

There are numerous ways in which you could use CBD products in your kitchen. If you are into cooking regularly, you can also make CBD-infused cooking oil and use it in every dish for a daily inclusion of CBD. I am yet to try that but I’m soon going to make it and add to my kitchen shelf! Besides, for a quick bite, we always have our CBD edibles!