Best Tooth Whitener – The Many Options That Are Available Today

Many times the terms teeth bleaching and teeth whitening are interchanged as a way to refer to making your teeth more white and clean. However, whitening is used to actually restore the teeth to their natural color, while bleaching is done to make your teeth whiter than their actual natural color. However, you do have several choices when trying to decide which would be the best tooth whitener for you.

Depending on your available amount of time and your budget you can easily have your teeth whitened in one sitting by having your dentist perform the treatment. This treatment uses hydrogen peroxide that is applied at high levels through your dentist or a dental technician and is very effective and it is also much faster than its counterpart, carbamide peroxide. For really stubborn stains it may take additional visits, or you may be given the opportunity to finish it up by using a kit that you can do at home.

Or, if you prefer you can just start with one of the at home teeth whitening kits, some of them are done with the use of bleaching trays, where the gel is placed in the tray and then you insert the tray into your mouth. They typically have a lower concentration of bleaching substance making them safer to use at home. Or, some people opt to use the whitening strips that have become somewhat popular, you place them on your teeth for a certain length of time and normally you apply them about twice a day. Others include a type of paint on application or they also have ones that contain a micro-abrasive substance that literally scrubs the stains from your teeth.

Whatever you decide is the best tooth whitener for you, just be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully and check with your dentist if you are unsure about anything.