Best Steroid Rating in UK Sports

In this article, based on the analysis of recent data, for our clients were selected comparisons of all possible substances of anabolic steroids, the main factors on which the rating of the best steroids include efficiency and safety!

As you know, almost all AAS, were developed during the XIX-XX centuries. Recently, no new substances of anabolic steroids have been synthesized, with the exception of a single discharge of SARMs (selective modulators andro-receptors), whose properties are still in the process of study. It is important to understand that there are not many active substances of the AAS class at all. It is another thing that each manufacturer gives its derivative an individual name, i.e. a trade mark. For example, the famous “Methane” (methandrostenolone), has about 50 different trade names.

As we already know, mainly anabolics are divided into two types: for muscle mass and for relief. Depending on the purpose, the user can combine both types.

The best steroids for gaining muscle mass…

Best steroids for muscle mass gain      

Testosterone enanthate and cypionate:

Testosterone, the basis of all anabolic steroids. Almost every mass course has in its arsenal of this strongest steroid, capable of showing good results in both solo and in combination with other AAS. Depending on the etheric bond, it can be used both in the masonry period and during drying. For recruitment of large numbers of muscles, the esters enanthate and cypionate perform well.

The hormone Testosterone, is prone to aromatization and does not belong to safe steroids, as it can significantly show side effects of different nature. For this reason, caution should be exercised when taking testosterone.

Metandrostenolone (Dianabol):

The most famous anabolic in the world is as popular as Metandrostenolone. This steroid is known for its effectiveness, affordability and price. It is used as the most effective tool for both beginners and the most experienced athletes. It is a basic ingredient in the knowledge of the masses. Despite repeated negative statements towards Dianabol, the drug is still the most effective steroid to date. “Methane is able to increase muscle mass and strength in the shortest possible time, but due to physiological factors of action, has a pronounced phenomenon of rollback of the resulting properties of steroid, can be converted into estrogen and has hepatotoxicity.


An oral steroid with a chemical structure similar to methane, but with some changes. These changes, put an end to flavorization, and therefore most side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention, fall away. Turinabol is able to gain a cleaner mass, often used in power courses, as well as excellent increases strength and endurance. Due to the high cost of the drug, there are many fakes.

Nandrolon deanoat (Deca-durabolin):

It’s widely known in the bodybuilding world as “Deca.” One of the leaders among AAS. In the Metandrostenolone series, it is considered the best steroid for muscle mass gain. It is characterized by rather high efficiency, relative safety, low androgenic activity, minimal phenomenon of kickback, lack of conversion to estrogen and low toxicity, but is able to increase progestin activity and significantly reduce the production of natural test. It is very important to use in conjunction with testosterone stimulants.

Oxymetolone (Anapolon):

The most powerful oral steroid for mass gain, but in addition to its high efficiency, is also the most dangerous. You should not disregard the rules of admission, any deviation from the instructions can leave a negative mark on your health. With Anapolon you can gain 15 kg in 3 weeks, and the phenomenon of kickback in the drug is the most pronounced relative to other anabolics.

Sustanan (Omnadren):

Has the same effects as testosterone, the difference is its versatility in terms of the period of action and suction in the blood. Thus, Soustanan is activated a couple of hours after injection and works for several weeks. Due to its composition, a mix of 4 different testosterone esters, it acts weaker than the same testosterone enantate, but is more practical to use.


One of the safest steroids. It is incapable of aromatizing into estrogens and dihydrotestosterone. However, it has strong androgenic activity. “Tren” is about four times more powerful than Nandrolon. It is able to effectively gain muscle mass and strength, and the mass is relatively clean and embossed. Trenbolone is able to increase the level of IGF, which also promotes anabolic activity.

Boldenon (Equipoise):

A strong steroid with powerful anabolic properties and weak androgens. It is compared to Nandrolon in action and enhances protein synthesis and absorption. It contributes to a tangible increase in muscle mass, increases the number of red blood cells. Equipoise significantly increases appetite. The phenomenon of kickback is minimal, the mass is dry.

Best Lean Muscles Steroids for UK market


Dostalon (Masteron):

A professional drug. It has diuretic properties, has strong androgenic effect but is not able to flavor. Improves the relief, density and other competitive muscle qualities. Used in the frequency before the competition. Can burn fat deposits well and increase athlete’s power and strength. It is considered a good anti-catabolic.

Oxandrolon (Anavar):

It is considered the safest anabolic steroid possible. It has a mild anabolic effect. It is able to build strength and small amounts of mass, gives muscles dryness and relief. Does not require the use of PCT. Oxymetholone for sale in UK

Stanazolol (Winstrol):

The most popular anabolic, used exclusively during the drying period. Stanazolol is not able to increase muscle mass, although it does accelerate protein synthesis. The drug is used to improve the quality of muscles, with the intake of the drug, the manifestation of venousity, burning fat, increased relief, increased strength and endurance. It is toxic to the liver.

Trenbolone Acetate:

Well gaining dry mass, in the shortest possible time, promotes the burning of fat and water, increases volume and strength.

Testosterone propionate:

This ether of testosterone, good for the drying period. The main disadvantage is that it requires frequent injections, which are painful.

So, we have described the best steroids one by one – this is the rating, according to experts, each of them deserves its place in the list.