An Invisalign Dentist – Do not Choose Braces

For many adults with teeth that are out of alignment, braces were not an option growing up. Families that struggled to make the bills and home mortgage simply did not have the luxury to have braces on their children's teeth and most adults in their thirties or forties had the luxury of having one parent work and one parent at home full-time so there was no second income to pay for braces. Most adults simply adapted to their crooked bites without even thinking about it and learned to compensate for their overbite or underbite in the process. The problem of doing this over the course of a lifetime may now present itself with dental pain and discomfort. Your less than perfect bite has worn down your other teeth or is causing you to have more discomfort and jaw pain as a result of compensating your bite pattern.

Your options at this point have at least extended beyond braces to adjust your teeth alignment. If you want Invisalign, a dentist can tell you more about a product that has been on the dental market since 1997 that has many of the same benefits of braces with none of the disadvantages of braces. The most important advantage to Invisalign is, as the name suggests, they are not visible when you smile, talk or open your mouth. If you specifically want removable teeth aligners, a dentist can help.

Braces are hard to hide and if you're a teenager you may even enjoy having braces with the ability to have different colored bands every few months, but few adults relish this high visibility of their teeth. Removable teeth aligners are put in place by your Invisalign dentist who is specially trained in their use and they work similar to braces to apply a controlled force on certain parts of your jaw and teeth at a time to move them gently into alignment. Every few months the dentist will adjust the controlled pressure so your whole mouth will eventually be worked on to get a straight and perfect smile.

Another advantage to Invisalign is that unlike braces that you can not remove when you eat or drink, you are invited to take Invisalign out when you eat or drink. This allows you to have the same unheampered diet you enjoyed before without having to sacrifice corn on the cob for perfect teeth.

And one final advantage to using removable teeth aligners is the fact that they generally work in about a year instead of the longer period of time braces require to adjust your bite. And when your teeth have been properly aligned, you simply take out the removable teeth aligners yourself unlike brace wearers who must have an orthodontist remove the braces for them. And since removable teeth aligners are so pain-free and easy it will probably make you happy that you did not have to suffer through braces as a kid after all. Ask your dentist to guide you in the right direction.