ADHD Natural Medicine – Is It Better Than Prescription Medications?

If your child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, then sometimes you know how frustrating it is when the symptoms of this disorder start working on the child. Many parents are having this dilemma over their children. Often, when children are brought to the doctor and are diagnosed with ADHD, they are given prescription drugs. These prescription drugs have been used broadly in the treatment of ADHD and have been demonstrated many times to be effective in addressing the symptoms of the disorder. However, as much as they are effective, they also bring along with them a number of potential side effects that not only add to the discomfort of these children but can also pose a great risk to their health. For this reason, more parents are looking for alternative medications for ADHD. Fortunately, there are many kinds of alternative treatments for this condition that parents can choose from, one of which is the ADHD natural medicine.

Perhaps the first thing that will come to your mind when you hear the words ADHD natural medicine is this question "Is it better than prescription medications?" Alternative treatments such as natural medicines for ADHD have already been used by many parents in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in their children. Most parents have confirmed that these alternative treatments are indeed helpful in addressing the symptoms of ADHD in their children. There is not much study, though, that can back the claims of these natural alternatives. The reason is the lack of funding for such studies to take place. Herbal supplement companies can not compete with pharmaceutical agents in terms of huge funding budgets for clinical studies. Nonetheless, based on the experiences of many patients who have taken these kinds of treatment, or from parents who have chosen these kinds of treatments for their children, ADHD natural medicine does help in treating the disorder.

It can not be argued with that ADHD medications can pose a great risk to the health of children, teenagers, and adults with ADHD. Their potential side effects are too great in number to be ignored. In addition, they do not only add discomfort to the already uncomfortable situation of patients suffering from this condition, they can even lead to death in some extreme situations. For this reason, parents can not be blamed if they shun medications from their treatment plan for ADHD.

On the other hand, ADHD natural medicine does not have the side effects that can pose great danger to the ADHD patients. Because it is made from natural ingredients, parents can be sure of the safety of their children while taking this kind of treatment for this disorder. However, parents should be aware that not all natural medicines for ADHD can be effective in treating the disorder. Recent reviews for this kind of treatment have revealed that there are natural medicines which do not help ease the symptoms nor lead to improvements in some ADHD children. For this reason, parents are advised to be wary and smart in choosing the right natural medicine for their children.

Some natural medicines that have been proven to indeed show some improvements in children with ADHD are those which contain ingredients such as arsen iod, tuberculinum, verta alb, and hyoscyamus. Natural supplements with these ingredients have shown great effects in reducing restlessness, outbursts, and temper tantrums in ADHD children.

ADHD natural medicine can have many benefits that may not be present in some ADHD drugs. However, parents should be prepared for a process of trial and error to choose the right natural medicine, and to research the supplements that plan to use before trying them.