About Mucinex DM

Mucinex DM is a two component, over the counter medicine that is effective in fighting cold symptoms. The product is marketed by Reckitt Benckiser and is one of three products that the company sells. Mucinex DM is designed to relate the production of phlegm along with cough symptoms. Guaifenesin is the component that relieves congestion from phlegm while the dextromethorphan present in the medicine losses off the cough.

The product is marketed in an extended release tablet form in strengths of 600mg and 1200mg. The product is available both online and at many local grocery stores and pharmacies. Both products are the only FDA approved 12 hour extended release products that contain dextromethorphan.

Although most people can take the medicine with no side effects, consumers should read the product label prior to purchasing. The product should be avoided by persons taking MAOI's. The product may be taken once persons have stopped taking MAOI's for at least two weeks. Also, pregnant women should talk to their physician before taking this product.

It is important for consumers to remember that this product will not cure colds, flu or other illnesses. Rather, the product is used to alleviate the symptoms of cough and phlegm production. Persons that are experiencing a persistent cough or other long lasting symptoms should see their doctor. Some illnesses require additional treatments that this product can not provide.

In summary, Mucinex DM is an effective over the counter product that can alleviate the symptoms of routine cough and drain associated with phlegm.